Monday, May 11, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 10

Where in the world would you like to engage in spanking, assuming no one else was around?

Bonnie: If we could guarantee that no one could possibly see or hear us, we might do it in the front yard. Randy has threatened me with this punishment for years, but it's just not realistic, at least until now! :)

Alan: Thanks for offering the chance to fantasize out loud. Probably my number one choice. would be to be imperiously removed from a dinner party or restaurant for inappropriate behavior and spanked in our car. A former girlfriend did carry out a version of this from a restaurant making me ride home with pants down, but the punishment happened at her house, not in the car and she didn’t take me back into the restaurant so I didn’t have to face that embarrassment. Another fantasy was to have my wife show up at my office and discipline me there (retired now, so that won’t happen but she did threaten several times). Probably my most romantic would be to be paddled otk on an ocean beach with her paddle keeping rhythm with the crashing waves and my frantic please to stop lost in the sounds of the ocean. We have talked about that and it might happen but the timing would have to be right and my wife only spanks for cause, so the stars would need to be in alignment for it to happen.

Fred Bloggs: We do indulge in some outdoor spanking on a quiet footpath by the river. There is a slight risk of being seen, but that adds to excitement. However a huge fantasy of mine is be part of a spanking event at one of the big London theaters, The Palladium with it’s 2000 plus seats perhaps. The excitement of being spanked in front of a huge audience of people. The anticipation! The thrill! Private is nice but public could be a huge rush.

Wendel: I would love to spank the Misses on the balcony of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. She would be dressed as Cinderella. I would put across my lap, bare her bottom and spank her for the whole empty kingdom to see. For me it would be in the Swiss Family Tree House also in the Magic Kingdom. The Misses would interrupt dinner to take me outside the hut where she would whip me bare bottom with the strap.

QBuzz: I think my biggest secret fantasy would be to be spanked somewhere where someone could see or hear us. It wouldn't matter if it was in the garden, at a party, in front of her friends or at a fetish club, being spanked in front of an audience by my partner would be such a thrill.

Roz: Oh goodness, I'm really not sure, but outside somewhere. Maybe an amusement park?

Prefectdt: One of the things that I miss about the UK, that you cannot eat or drink, are the small canals and navigable rivers. I often fantasize about having my own narrowboat and cruising around the peaceful countryside. Narrowboats are a bit too small on the inside for a full swing implement spanking, so my fantasy concerns being flogged and then caned on the back of a cruiser stern narrowboat (trad and semi trad sterns would be too confined). It would be in an isolated but beautiful part of the English countryside, with no one about for miles around to eavesdrop on the proceedings. I would be bent almost double over a rail at the back of the boat, with my trousers and underwear around my ankles staring at the water. With perhaps only some ducks and a curios swan to witness my predicament, as I am thrashed red and raw then caned hard enough to make me yelp and leave well raised welts across my buttocks. I think that this is a fantasy that will never come true but I love having it.

Simon: Well I've been lucky enough to have been punished outdoors and in public (on a stage in a caning demonstration) so those fantasies have been fulfilled. I live near HMS Victory and I've always had a fantasy about being the naval punishment "kissing the gunners daughter" which involves being tied over a cannon and caned or beaten with a rope;s end. It would differ from the old punishment because instead of a burly Petty Officer it would be a lovely young lady handing out the thrashing.

Ronnie: I've always wanted to be spanked on a beach but we've never been able to find an empty one.

Hermione: I would like to appear in a play in the Royal Alexandra theatre in Toronto, and be spanked on stage. Like Fred, the presence of an audience would be highly appealing.

May all your wishes come true!
From Hermione's Heart

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