Sunday, February 7, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #369

Do come in. You're just in time for another mind-expanding discussion. Two weeks ago we reminisced about spankings that had been disappointing. Now let's consider the reverse.

Recall a time when your desire or need for a spanking was far exceeded, perhaps beyond your comfort zone.  How did you deal with the excess effects?  We’re you able to come to grips with what your spanker delivered and ultimately accept, perhaps with pride, the results?

Please leave your response as a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


QBuzz said...

After we took delivery of our strap and tawse, and my girlfriend was able to use the 'Holy Tetralogy' (cane, strap, tawse, paddle) on me for the first time. It was the first time I felt truly 'complete' after a spanking, like I had been taken right to my limit.
I certainly accepted the results, and have done many times since :D

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I can't quite recall a particular incident but there have been times I received more than I bargained on. I always used to love any after effects and did almost feel a sense of pride at what I had taken and at pleasing Rick also in doing so. There were also other occasions I didn't cope so well of course.


Anonymous said...

When I got caught by a older lady I was seeing, masturbating in my bathroom, looking at spanking magazines, and did not hear her come in. I just looked up and she was standing there. She took the magazine, looked at it, told me to stand up, I was naked, and with a couple of hard spanks to my bare bottom was soon over her lap in the front room. She really warmed my bottom good, and when I stood up, she said been wanting to do this for sometime. Any more magazines, I said yes, get them she said, I returned, magazines, the DVD's, and said you best get use to being spanked if you wish to continue to see me. Her spankings did hurt, but for me I needed a sound spanking. My wife I was introduced by her, she is a year older, told of the spankings. My wife uses a bath brush, does not matter if her mother is present, best friend, spankings happen on the spot. Jack

Barrel said...

I’m not sure I have ever been to the point where one of our sessions far exceeded my need or expectation, but I know I have been close. It was a birthday session with lots of warm up spankings with many implements, followed with being restrained over the end of the bed. I don’t remember how many strokes of which whip I got, but I distinctly recall the finale with our thin delrin cane. It must have been 20 or 25 strokes as hard as she could swing in rapid fire. When it was over, I recall being totally at peace and thoroughly content. I proudly wore the welts, weals and blisters from that cane for a couple of weeks. I even showed them to a friend who works at an adult store who’s has helped me over the year accept being a submissive and a bit more open with our lifestyle.

Hmmm...this has me thinking about asking for another one.


Anonymous said...

"...a time when your desire or need for a spanking was far exceeded, perhaps beyond your comfort zone. How did you deal with the excess effects?

I'm only a fun spanker/spankee, have never been caned or even had a bath-brush used on me, or by me.

But my MOST memorable was a switch session to fulfill a long-time fantasy: TWO women.

Both of these two BEAUTIFUL women put me otk and spanked me. Then, they spanked each other with me watching! And then I got to spank both of them. After that it was laughs and stories and just a hell-of-a great time.

As our time together came to a close, I asked if they would each take me otk again for a farewell spanking. Sure!

Then I asked that they make it a bit harder. Give me what I called the "bad-boyfriend" spanking and (Gulp...) you can use a paddle, brush or belt on me. Each of them to give me 50 hard spanks or swats.

By this time, and knowing me better and what I liked: "You sure? You really want that?"

I told them I wanted to at least try it, and I wanted something to remind me of our fun time together on my 4-hour drive home.

They did! I got PADDLED and BELTED!!! Not full-force by any means, but I sure felt it. I then asked if I should get another 50 each, just in case, and THEY SAID no, "You've have enough." They were probably right.

So how did I deal with the excess effects?

For all four+ hours of my drive back I felt the tingling and could think of nothing else but my time with them, and what fun it was. 10-hours later I go to bed, the aftereffects too-quickly wearing off, and I was still thinking fondly of them.

Does that count?


Bonnie said...

I haven't a specific example in mind, but I think an ideal spanking is one that goes just a bit beyond what I expect or desire in terms of duration or intensity. In such cases, there is a magical moment where I am forced to choose - Do I continue to struggle to maintain my composure amid a posterior onslaught or embrace the painful punishment that is my fate? Do I try to get him to stop? Do I try to escape? Do I just hang on and try to ride it out? While my husband is in control, I ultimately get to decide.

Afterward, I almost always feel satisfied with the results and grateful to Randy for taking me back to that special place. The good feeling generally outlasts the soreness. It keeps me feeling energized and upbeat.


I like to be caned with bamboo rods but it takes me a long time to build up enough trust in someone to allow them to use bamboo on my rear end. The reason for this is that bamboo splits easily and can cut badly and so needs to be inspected after every single stroke. Some years ago now I knew a professional disciplinarian who was not only trustworthy but specialized in bamboo correction. After a short warm up with a strap, she caned me with bamboo for a little more than an hour. After it was over I could hardly walk. Not because of the many welts on by bottom and legs (there where a lot of those) but because she got me so high on my body's own chemicals that it was hard to get the messages from my brain to my legs to attain simple perambulation. I have never been so high before or since in my life. All of this was obtained with a high level of severity but not one break in my skin.


Anonymous said...

There have been times when Irene has spanked (I.e. whipped or paddled) me very hardcore without any kind of warm up. I don’t think she understands that a cold bottom feels pain much more intensely that it does when warmed up. But usually if I thrash or cry out, she’ll let up a bit. I’ve never asked her to slow down or stop.

It’s been awhile but she used to get my far hipbone when whipping me. After seeing the scars and welts a few times she’s figured it out.

Sometimes, my bottom feels hot for days and it can be uncomfortable when I’m sitting. Not so much the next day but 2-3 days later.

The real injuries have been when she ties me up. It’s a turn on for me (and her), and I’ve not always realized when it’s straining my back, shoulder or neck.

Irene is pretty rough with my balls sometimes, but there have never been after effects.