Monday, February 1, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 31

What have you always wanted to say to your spanking partner?

Bonnie: You stumped me this time. I can't imagine what spanking-related thought I could share with Randy that we haven't already explored in triplicate.

Wendel: Same here. We talk about everything spanking related that comes to mind. 

Roz: Me too Hermione,I can't think of anything I haven't shared.

Barrel: As others have said, there isn’t anything we have not shared. And the more we have communicated, the spankings have improved for both of us. 

Ronnie: Can't think of anything spanking related that I haven't shared with P.

A.J.: I think once you get past "I want to spank you/I want you to spank me," phase - and they agree - there isn't much left. If anything. How can you be shy about anything after that?

Just like everyone above T and I have shared all our thoughts, desires and fantasies. There really is nothing we can't talk about. 

Hermione: Oh dear. I guess I'm the odd one out this time. I wish I could tell Ron to speak the phrases that press all my buttons. You know the ones, like "You're a naughty girl and you need a good spanking". But he's not a talker and he just wouldn't feel comfortable saying things like that.

I'll try to come up with a more popular topic next time!

From Hermione's Heart


Rich Person said...

Perhaps you could post some signs in your room where he would be looking at them while he spanks you that say things like: "You're a bad girl!" and "You deserve a good spanking!" Then you'll know what he's thinking when he spanks you!

Anonymous said...

I realize it's too late for this topic, but I wanted you to know that you are by no means alone! I have the same issue as you. It would thrill me if my wife used more phrases that really excite me. However, given that I get most of what I need, I've given up on this aspect.

All the best.