Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #371

Welcome one and all to our weekly discussion. Depending on where you live, you might be basking in the warmth of summer, shivering in the depths of winter, or somewhere in between. Nevertheless, cookies are a delight no matter what the weather.

Spanking seems to be as popular as ever in the online world. Have you ever wondered whether your friends and neighbours are also spankos? I investigated this interesting topic (on Google, not in my neighbourhood!) and while the actual numbers varied, it seems that roughly half the population enjoys some sort of spanking activity. According to one survey, the numbers were 75% women and 66% men, while an earlier one found it to be 47% women and 60% men. What do you think?

Did the numbers seem high, low, or about right to you? What about the difference between men and women? Which gender do you think is really more interested?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the number is as high as it is for women and surprised the number is not higher for men.
I hope you're having, wonderful and warm weekend, Hermione!


Anonymous said...

Having brought up the subject while dating, only when asked about fantasy I found women would be interested in spanking the male, I said interested. I dated older women for a time, at least ten years older and found that the subject of spanking came up, not for sex, but for punishment. Older women tend to like to be in charge, really know the male better than they know themselves. A few of the older women did give me a spanking, I had a choice to stop the relationship or take a spanking. I will say this, they truly gave a very sound spanking, no sex involved. Two seeing my erection had me masturbate prior to the spanking. I did marry a woman my age, it was her Mother who told her that a spanking would do me good. I went along, not anymore, her spankings truly hurt, and I also learned do not tell others of what has happened before. I told my wife of masturbating prior to a spanking, she said that would not be the case, it would be her stroking my erection, scolding me, and then a sound over the knee spanking with the bath brush. So if any male or even female wants a sound spanking look for an older woman, trust me, the spanking dance you do afterwards will please her. Jack

QBuzz said...

Assuming 'any kind of spanking activity' includes a smack on the butt during doggystyle or similar, it makes sense that the numbers are quite high as that seems to be a standard move in the bedroom these days anytime it's not simple vanilla sex :D
Maybe there should be a survey that distinguishes between the occasional spank and full-on OTK spanking or with implements?

Joe said...

It seems like the numbers vary depending on who you are talking to. I talked to a counselor once who about a third of the population enjoys spanking. We are split here my wife spanks me only because I ask her to and was shocked when I first asked. It took a while before she first tried and a while longer before my spankings became effective but now very effective.

Bonnie said...

I think QB is on the right track. Survey responses vary considerably based upon factors such as the composition of the survey population, how the question is worded, the medium used for data collection (in person, telephone, online, etc.), and respondents' perception of anonymity. Responses related to personal topics such as sexuality are particularly challenging to measure accurately. Some people conceal what they believe are abnormal interests while others may exaggerate their experience in order to seem cool.

In my previous my career a journalist, I used to develop and analyze polls.

With that said, these numbers feel high to me. Even if we count everyone who ever had a passing curiosity about consensual adult spanking, I can't imagine that number would approach 75% for women or even 65% for men. My guess is that around half of those percentages would be more a realistic ceiling. Even so, we could be living in a world with hundreds of millions of spankos!

Why then have so many of our friends found this to be a solitary journey? Where I wonder are the all of those missing "dark matter" spankos? What, if anything, would encourage them to explore their kink? Or are they doing so already, just very clandestinely? Perhaps this could be a future brunch topic?

Roz said...

Interesting results Hermione, I'm a little surprised it's as high as that. I too think survey results can vary quite a bit depending on the makeup of those surveyed and the phrasing of survey questions. We all interpret questions differently.


WendelJones said...

Sounds like a good Family Feud question.

Simon said...

Like all polls these are meaningless without context. What group or groups did they ask and how did they choose them. The figures seem high to me and I know a lot of spankers/spankees but it took the internet to be invented for me to meet most of them.

Barrel said...

The numbers seem high to me, too. Can you share the group or where you found the survey? Despite the fact it takes two to tango, I suspect there are way more men with this predilection. But I am grateful for the females at brunch every weekend.

Anonymous said...

I really have no idea, but I doubt large numbers are into it with the intensity and frequency that Irene and I are or, for that matter, most of the folks who comment on this blog.

At some point, wouldn’t you hear a lot more slapping noises when you’re walking your dog in the neighborhood.


Baxter said...

I have no idea about the numbers. But I will say that everyone in this country, especially all the politicians, should submit to regular spankings. I think this country would be a lot better off if everyone's bare bottom was turned red and sore on a regular basis. As to my neighbors and friends, there have been more than a few women who I would love to spank as well as have them spank me.

Anonymous said...

There are no generally accepted surveys on erotic adult spanking. But one often cited sponsored by a sex toy company found that just over one in four people either engaged in "impact play" or wanted to do so. A subject like this is notoriously hard to study because many people apparently conceal their interest or involvement in kinky sex. So the one in four who do admit to spanking play may understate the true numbers. To complicate it even more, the internet seems to have exposed people to spanking who discover it and became interested that way. So interest and participation may be increasing. It is pretty well established tha most people keep private any sexual interests they have that they consider out of the mainstream and while spanking may not actually be out of the mainstream , many still do think of it that way.Experience with gays may give us an idea of how many hidden spankos are out there. Most estimates today put the gay ( including lesbian and bi-sexual) population at almost 5 percent. Most studies before gay liberation and marriage estimated the population at about half of that.

Windy said...

In 2016, all the surveys said Hillary Clinton was going to win. I'll never believe another poll again. LOL

As I was reading Bonnie's answer, I was thinking this gal knows her statistics.....and then she verified that. So interesting. She makes a lot of sense.

I am wondering what "dark matter" is though.

Great topic here. Hugs, Windy


I'm with QBuzz and Bonnie on this one. I think that the numbers are reasonable if you include all those that have a passing curiosity or indulge in the odd slap on the but during foreplay and the act of sex itself but for actual lifelong spankos that have been fantasizing since before they even knew what sex was, these figures seem unreal, although it would be nice to be wrong and find out there are a lot more of us out there, I think that would just be wishful thinking.


Bonnie said...

Windy - Dark matter is a concept invented by cosmologists to explain the apparent absence of sufficient visible matter to explain the expansion rate of the universe. I was making a very geeky allusion to invisible spankos. Sorry to be so obscure at brunch.

Fondles said...

I'm pretty sure any of my ex-es who had given my tush a cursory smack while doggie styling would have answered YES to a survey asking if they participated in spanking. NONE of them were what I would consider part of the spanking community tho.

I'm with QB and Bon and Pref. I think the numbers might be a tad bit inflated.