Sunday, November 27, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #463

Hello again, dear friends. The black Friday sales are on, so I hope you have found some good bargains. But there's no cost to visiting this blog; food and friendship are always free. Now on to today's topic.

Do you sometimes feel a desire to be humbled? How much does humiliation play a role in your spanking? Has this changed over time?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has joined in, I'll publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Roz said...

Humiliation is something I struggle with at times so it's not something I really desire as such. However Rick does enjoy adding a little humiliation at times.


Jean Marie said...

Of all the many spankings happening around my home, most of them are playful, or as the prelude to frolic. But, when Robert thinks I'm in need of "being brought down a peg" and/or punished, humiliation usually has a part. I've found I like having to grovel a bit, it puts me in my sub space all the quicker. But I MUCH prefer the spankings to be joyous, exuberant, sexy instead!
Jean Marie

Sore is more said...

Chiming in my 2 cents. The last few months I spent an unhealthy amount of time reading spanking blogs DD, D/s, M/s, and anything in between, so the discussion about the humility and humiliation definitely rings the bell. Found it!
An excellent article on the now defunct Vivian's blog, and one more:

From what I see throughout the blogosphere, humiliation is a quintessential part of the punishment spanking. Many rituals, such as undressing not for the purpose of sex, fetching the implement, assuming the position, especially the more humiliating positions are specifically designed for that purpose - taking down a peg.

Shameless plug, I posted my first spanking fiction, May I have another?

Anonymous said...

In this family part of the punishment, not all, but when I have gone too far. My wife will insure I feel like a naughty little boy. It is when the spankings take place in the front room, no matter time of day, I'm told to undress, fold the clothes but leave the underpants on. I will face the wall, knowing what is coming. When she pulls the chair to the middle of the room and then she leave the room, I know the bath brush is what she is getting. I must stand before her, she scolds me, then slowly pulls down my underpants, told to step out of them and place them with the rest of the clothes. Once the spanking is over, back to the corner, does not matter if anyone drops in. I have leaved that her friends could care less that I'm naked facing the wall, they enjoy seeing my very well spanked bottoms and make comments. My wife also points out that I'm just like any naughty little boy getting a spanking from 'Mommy', kicks squirms, pleads. Jack

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. The lecture is essential. I’m often also dressed in frilly panties, put in the corner or tied up. Irene will often threaten to pants me and spank me in front of “all the girls” (just pretending). She make me drink tea made from her worn panties. She’ll make me confess. The physical spanking itself is important but only a part for me and for us.



Not really, although some of the play situations that I take part in might be seen as humiliating, CFNM play for example, which I seem to be involved in a lot of times, in my mind I just see it as a test of my mental endurance and part of the ceremony of the spanking play. Brushing these, supposed, humiliations off and not letting them get to me, makes me feel a bit proud of myself, not humiliated.


Anonymous said...

It's not something I'm particularly fond of. But yes humiliation is an essential part of my spankings which are all punishment, no play. I have to stand naked in front of HOH wife's desk on Thurs. evenings for my weekly behavioral review while she reads off the infractions I have incurred in the prior week and passes down my sentence that will be carried out on Sat. I'm always squirming through the entire event and hoping no will be visiting Sat. when I'll be marched naked from upstairs bedroom to basement. Extremely humbling but pain without humiliation just is not effective for us.

Barrel said...

Yes, as in the form of submissiveness. Ours begins with asking for a spanking, supported then with a reason. If she agrees, I am put in panties or thigh hi’s. Depending on the length and severity of the spanking, I may be asked to explain what implement I think should be used and why. If a session is planned, I must set up the restraints on the bench. Last evening, I had to deliver the black riding crop to my wife and then ask her to whip me. Definitely humiliating.



Anonymous said...

I dislike the word humiliation because contextually, it implies malicious, demeaning, and destructive attacks on someone's sense of themself and self-esteem. But “humbling “means the discipline of the ego and acceptance of another person's disciplinary authority and is often necessary for disciplinary spanking. What humbles one person may humiliate another, so nuance is essential for any disciplinarian to consider. For some, getting a disciplinary spanking is probably enough to bring about the necessary humbling. But others probably require more such as being required to ask for it or verbalizing their behavior, Everyone is different, but some humbling is perhaps necessary for anyone to get the most benefit from a disciplinary spanking

Anonymous said...

Never been humiliated when otk; and never tried to humiliate my GF’s who let me take them otk. On the receiving end I be pushed and come back at them; on the giving side of the lap, that’s just not me.
I want it all to be fun and sexy play!


KDPierre said...

I agree with Alan as far as semantics go. In fact. it's quite common to hear someone who bristles at the negative implication of "humiliation" assert their punishments lack this aspect, and then go on to say the things they DO do.....which ironically fall right into that category. So better just to say "humbling" and more folks would likely feel more comfortable. (Of course, hardcore humiliation folks have no problem with other terms. LOL)

As for us? Well, sure! Heck, what about a punishment spanking ISN'T humbling?! Being open here has certainly added an even more humbling aspect, since Rosa has no problem openly threatening a spanking if I'm acting in a way she disapproves of. My in-the-know neighbors are particularly 'treated' to such amusement at my expense with Marta often joining in with such 'warnings'.

In the past, if I had a punishment coming, particularly for something that affected someone in the household, I had a handmade sign I would wear (like the old "thief" signs worn as punishment during the Civil War), that said: "Spank me, I've been a bad boy."

Another effective practice for post-punishment embarrassment was/is the use of me wearing these open-seated chaps type jeans along with thong underwear. Instead of idle corner time, I could then be made to do chores or attend to Rosa's wishes while my reddened cheeks would be on display to anyone who happened by......including said neighbors who have seen me in that state more than once!

Enzo said...

Sorry I missed this brunch, Hermione. In particular, since humiliation is a topic I have spent plenty of time contemplating and discussing with others. To me, it is an essential ingredient. Maybe I should answer your brunch topic via a dedicated post on my blog.