Monday, November 14, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 13

What have you learned about spanking that surprised you?

Terpsichore: I have learned that no matter how long it has been since I have received, written, or talked about spankings, that spanking are still very much woven into who I am. They are a part of me. 

Prefectdt: Immediately after my last spanking, I wandered into a specialist shop and spent money on something that I would never normally buy, which I will blog about after I have convinced myself that since I got it I must at least try it. So, what I learned was "Do not go shopping, whilst under the influence of a spanking induced endorphins high".

Nele: My husband and I recently dabbled in sensual deprivation, and we were surprised how different a spanking can feel if you don't experience it with all your usual senses. We had used blindfolds before, but this time he also put some noise-cancelling headphone over my ears and played some white noise. I couldn't see or hear anything going on. It was very disorienting at first, and I started to freak out a little until the familiar feeling of being led to our spanking bench and strapped down kicked in. He stated to hand spank me for a while, which didn't do much for me without the sound if I'm being honest. He then switched to the cane and that felt so much more intense. He took his time between the strokes and with the headphones on I didn't even have the split second warning of the familiar whoosh that the next one was coming, it was just the intense pain suddenly kicking in. I could even hear myself moan, but apparently I was also much more "vocal" than I usually are. All in all, it was an interesting experience and I think I would like to do it again sometime. My husband, on the other hand, didn't enjoy it much, when we switched roles a few days later. He told me afterwards he was mostly freaked out the entire time, couldn't focus on the spanking, and was close to using our safe-word a few times. 

Jack: Using the term corporal punishment is truly what my spankings are. I have said I wanted a woman who be my wife and my mommy, my wife is such. What I learned is that my wanting to be spanked and she knowing I needed to be spanked is at times one in the same. 

Wendy: Something I only learned relatively recently was how many fellow spankos get real punishment spankings. My husband always said that spanking couldn’t be a punishment for a spanko, but I’ve realized that with enough maintenance and “funishment” spankings in my life, a slightly different punishment experience could also be created where it made sense.

KDPierre: I was always so driven by this aspect of myself, with writing, drawing, and living it, that I could never have imagined that a lull would feel ok. I've had lulls before, and they always just fueled my desire for some eventual action. But recently I have discovered that I am capable of taking a break from it without the world ending or my sense of identity being dashed. It could be a product of age, but it's still nice to know that life can teach one new things about oneself. 

Barrel: I learned from a brunch or two ago how detrimental it can be if others find out that you like to be spanked. I don’t recall the exact details but during a marriage break up, the wife shared that the husband liked to be spanked, and it destroyed his job and friendships. That makes me sad. However our dialogues have helped me accept I am not alone in desiring to be spanked and punished and this is a welcoming forum in which to share and learn from each other.

SV: Great question, yes I have. I have learned a lot about my spanko self recently. I have been watching Jillian Keenan's videos. What I learned was that I would rather spank or be spanked by someone then have sex with them. I realized that spanking is way more important to me that I had let myself believe. I also realized that in addition to being a spanko, I also have a discipline fetish. I love scolding, corner time and other alternative funishments. 

Rosco: Irene has taken to slapping my balls, with her hand or a riding crop, or sometimes kicking me between the legs. Obviously (I think) not with the force she uses to whip my bottom. It makes me plenty nervous and hurts like the dickens. But it is stimulating for sure. I’d not have thunk that I’d like it.

Alan: I have become more aware that spanking , in my case being disciplined by a beautiful women who happens to be my wife, is a constantly unfolding adventure. Spanking is the frame within which you paint the picture of your evolving life, love and sexuality.

Roz: I have learned some things about the BDSM lifestyle lately, some of which I would rather not have lol. We have slowly been dipping our toes back into spanking after a long hiatus, not sure about a discovery, more re-discovering our spanko selves.

Hermione: I have learned that there is always something new I can learn about spanking, and that there are still things that surprise me.

Have a safe and productive week!

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