Sunday, November 12, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #513

Lest We Forget

In many countries around the world, we honour those who fought in the two great wars on November 11. 

Now on to our friendly discussion of spanking, which is also enjoyed all over the world. (Just scroll down to the bottom of this blog to see how many countries I've had visitors from.)

Are there any regional spanking customs or traditions that you incorporate in your sessions?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation. Thank you, Bonnie, for the idea.


Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Nothing regional just a very traditional spanking. My wife/mommy will always pull down my pants, underpants, depending on what I did to get a spanking, it will be right over her lap or stand there and get a long scolding, which means a very long spanking. Wall time always follows, and will not move from there until told and does not matter if someone drops in. If I'm told to step out of my pants and underpants I know that will mean early bedtime, bath, and worse of all wear my jammies no matter time of day, sometimes must put them on when I come home from work, mostly for a week. Bath brush is always used. Jack

WendelJones said...

For traditions we always spank each other on our birthdays. In the birthday suit.
Not sure if is a custom but the paddle hangs proudly in the kitchen of our Irish home. Just like the olden days it is easily retrievable for spanking when naughty. It is not removed when people come over. Very few have ever made a remark about it hanging on the wall.

KDPierre said...

I'm 100% Polish and am well aware of smigus-dyngus day tradition on the Monday after Easter, but not only is my wife Peruvian, but she is the spanker in our relationship so the tradition which typically plays out in M/F fashion just doesn't click for us. So, aware? yes. Participate? Unfortunately, no.

Anonymous said...

Well Irene takes on many personas in her role play. She doesn’t plan ahead, but sometimes she’s decidedly British. -maybe a governess, sometimes a senorita, sometimes French. And I did buy her a sexy dirndl a few years ago so sometimes she’s a luscious Madchen. She also does various American roles - cheerleader, southern belle, teacher etc.

It’s all pretty spontaneous and I can’t imagine her thinking a senorita would spank differently than a governess.


Roz said...

No regional customs or traditions here. Our spankings are spontaneous, in the moment and we go with the flow.


Prefectdt said...

Back in my early days, as an adult Spankee, I used to do the adult schoolboy thing. Right up into the 1990s. I think that many other countries do this around the world, but it was highly prevalent amongst UK adult role players. I know that schoolroom stuff is a bit looked down on now, but it was a lot of fun at the time. In the low countries, it does seem to happen a lot, that at the end of an F/m OTK spanking, that the guy gets shoved onto the floor. I am not sure if this is a tradition or not, but I have been shoved onto a lot of floors. Never had that happen in the UK or Germany.


Anonymous said...

I love American style funishment spankings especially bending over for swats utilizing wooden paddles and over the knee for a good hairbrushing on a deserving bare bottom.


Bonnie said...

Here in the US, we have lots of spanking traditions, some being more authentic than others.

We have birthday spankings with one swat per year plus one to grow.

There are school paddlings where spankees lean forward and places their hands against the wall.

There are sorority paddlings too. Those paddles definitely got used. Kinky college girls!

There is the tradition of paddled cheerleaders which I suspect was propagated by video producers.

There are southern whoopings with a belt, strap, or switch.

Next, we have domestic spankings delivered OTK with a small paddle or hairbrush.

In school, we played a game called spanking machine where the honoree crawled between the legs of a series of classmates who swatted them as they passed.

Our mainstream movies and TV from the sixties and before contained lots of spankings and spanking references.

I'm sure there are more, but these come to mind.

Anonymous said...

We have birthday spankings. One swat per year and one to grow. I also get the same when it's P's birthday.