Monday, November 13, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 12

This week we discussed regional spanking customs.

Jack: Nothing regional just a very traditional spanking. 

Wendel: For traditions we always spank each other on our birthdays. In the birthday suit.
Not sure if is a custom but the paddle hangs proudly in the kitchen of our Irish home. Just like the olden days it is easily retrievable for spanking when naughty. It is not removed when people come over. Very few have ever made a remark about it hanging on the wall. 

KDPierre: I'm 100% Polish and am well aware of smigus-dyngus day tradition on the Monday after Easter, but not only is my wife Peruvian, but she is the spanker in our relationship so the tradition which typically plays out in M/F fashion just doesn't click for us. So, aware? yes. Participate? Unfortunately, no. 

Rosco: Well Irene takes on many personas in her role play. She doesn’t plan ahead, but sometimes she’s decidedly British. -maybe a governess, sometimes a senorita, sometimes French. And I did buy her a sexy dirndl a few years ago so sometimes she’s a luscious Madchen. She also does various American roles - cheerleader, southern belle, teacher etc.

It’s all pretty spontaneous and I can’t imagine her thinking a senorita would spank differently than a governess.

Roz: No regional customs or traditions here. Our spankings are spontaneous, in the moment and we go with the flow.

Prefectdt: Back in my early days, as an adult Spankee, I used to do the adult schoolboy thing. Right up into the 1990s. I think that many other countries do this around the world, but it was highly prevalent amongst UK adult role players. I know that schoolroom stuff is a bit looked down on now, but it was a lot of fun at the time. In the low countries, it does seem to happen a lot, that at the end of an F/m OTK spanking, that the guy gets shoved onto the floor. I am not sure if this is a tradition or not, but I have been shoved onto a lot of floors. Never had that happen in the UK or Germany.

S: I love American style funishment spankings especially bending over for swats utilizing wooden paddles and over the knee for a good hairbrushing on a deserving bare bottom.

Bonnie: Here in the US, we have lots of spanking traditions, some being more authentic than others.

We have birthday spankings with one swat per year plus one to grow.

There are school paddlings where spankees lean forward and places their hands against the wall.

There are sorority paddlings too. Those paddles definitely got used. Kinky college girls!

There is the tradition of paddled cheerleaders which I suspect was propagated by video producers.

There are southern whoopings with a belt, strap, or switch.

Next, we have domestic spankings delivered OTK with a small paddle or hairbrush.

In school, we played a game called spanking machine where the honoree crawled between the legs of a series of classmates who swatted them as they passed.

Our mainstream movies and TV from the sixties and before contained lots of spankings and spanking references.

I'm sure there are more, but these come to mind.

Hermione: Way back when I went to school, the strap was in common use for disciplining naughty boys. They were used by the principal in his office, while teachers wielded wooden rulers to maintain discipline in the classroom. Even though girls were never sent to the office to "get the strap" it is still my favourite implement. Rulers not so much.

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Glory to Ukraine

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Anonymous said...

No matter how one is spanked, or why, sexual fun or other, it is important to know you have found a person who understands, and accepts.
My spankings are traditional, but I don't know how many males have a wife who knows that at times their husbands can be a little boy, a naughty one and that the Mommy in them needs to come out.
My wife/Mommy I was lucky to find, or it was meant to be. When I get out of line, a trip over her lap, feeling the sting of the bath brush on my bare bottom I hate, but know my wife/Mommy needs to get me back in line and to remind me who is the head of this home. Jack

Anonymous said...

A question since more females being spanked is really what most readers talk about, is there any one thing the females do that get them a spanking for sexual pleasure? And does the male know when the spanking is done and the fun begins?
I know female enjoy teasing the male to get what they want, but what is the One Thing that works the best? Jack

Hermione said...

Thanks, Jack. That's a good question.

Norse Cavalier said...

I noticed there wasn't a "Love our Lifestyle" post this year. Was there a particular reason? I haven't put up one myself, either - I've unfortunately been rather busy lately, as well as having a cold that lasted almost a month, and I'm afraid I've slightly neglected my blog.

Hermione said...

I decided to end the tradition of LoL because there wasn't much enthusiasm for it last year, even with the change of focus. We had only a few participants, and I feared there would be even fewer this year. You are the first to ask about its absence, so there's a sign that the time had come to put it to bed.