Sunday, November 19, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #514

You're just in time for brunch, so come in and find a soft place to sit. Today's topic was first suggested by our dear friend Barrel, who I hope is feeling well and will join us today. It was subsequently suggested by Bonnie, so I think it's well worth discussing.

Some spankees experience a euphoric feeling after they have been spanked. Have you or your partner felt this afterglow? If so, how long does it typically last?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

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Anonymous said...

It is not happiness after a spanking, more or a feeling of relief. The reason for the spanking has been addressed and time to move on. My wife/mommy has a smile on her face, I've asked why and she says she was upset and now that the spanking is over, she feels good, a Mother Thing she calls it. Jack

Bonnie said...

Yes, whether you call it post-spanking euphoria, subspace, or spankee's high, this phenomenon is real. When my spanking begins, I feel overwhelmed by the intense pain radiating from my target region. But as the spanking progresses, the pain becomes less immediate. It still hurts, but it's now manageable. My mind slows and I drink in the spicy experience of being punished. I eventually surrender to those feelings, relax, and embrace my fate.

Punishment spankings have always been a huge turn-on for me, the best in fact. But I don't connect with that aspect until the festivities are well underway. At these moments, I am open to almost anything. Any residual tension and stress have melted. I am happy. I am at peace. I am willing. I feel love for my man. I am eager to show him.

Anonymous said...

I’d call the feeling delicious rather than euphoric.

Probably 2/3 of my spankings are followed by sexual activity within an hour. For those that aren’t, I’d say that delicious hot feeling lasts 6 hours or so.

The feeling varies slightly by implement - wooden paddle vs leather vs strap vs riding crop vs switch. The little welts left by the switch might last the longest.


Roz said...

Yes, I have definitely experienced a 'high' post spanking and there have been times we have both felt it. I think it's a mixture of reliev and a greater connection to each other. For me there is also a sense of dare I say pride? In having endured the spanking. There is nothing like feeling the effects of a spanking for some time afterwards as well.


Prefectdt said...

I most certainly do get a high after a spanking. Strangely, usually not just after (although sometimes that happens), but it usually kicks in twenty minutes to an hour, after the event. It is typically more intense than the high that I get during a spanking and it is what I crave most from a play event. How high I get and how long it lasts is frequently related to the intensity of the spanking. Anything from twenty minutes to the whole rest of the day, until bedtime. The most notable thing that happens during this high, is the loss of any sense of time. Back in the early 2000s I had a memorable pay to play, with a very talented, German Mistress. Afterwards I sat on a concrete bank, overlooking a river, feeling my pulse, through the welts across my buttocks and watching the boats go by. It seemed like ten minutes, but when the watch was checked, I had been there for over an hour and a half.


WendelJones said...

Always, that euphoric feeling is our favorite part of the spanking, even more so when spanking outdoors on a mountain trail. We just love the feeling of a sore bottom.

Barrel said...

I absolutely get a euphoria that is unmatched from anything else. The strongest feelings are the result of an intense and prolonged session. I am unsteady on my feet when I stand up off the spanking bench, with spinning sensations and full body weakness for about 30 minutes. While the physical effects may be felt for up to a week, I find I have a mental fog for an hour or so. However, the most pronounced feeling is an emotional cleansing and sense of well being that again, I do not get from any other experience. I am well…for the most part. Thanks for the thought provoking topic this week.

Cheers, Barrel

KDPierre said...

It's an elusive thing that needs very specific conditions to manifest, primarily a substantial length to the proceedings, pain which is significant but not so severe as to be distracting or turn into something else, and a receptive frame of mind. And depending on the reasons for the spanking, those conditions will intentionally be avoided. (It's pointless for a Top to conduct a punishment spanking and have it end up in blissful sub space. Punishment is meant to elicit contrition not euphoria.)

When this euphoria does hit though, in other types of spanking, it lasts first until the spanking that caused it lasts, and after the spanking stops extends a few minutes more, but not longer than that. It's an endorphin buzz after all, and those aren't prone to lengthy duration unless kept going with more spanking to keep the endorphins flowing.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing like feeling the effects of a spanking for some time afterwards...." - Roz.

I'm with Roz.

I'm a switch and don't give or take hard or punishment spankings. That said, on the receiving end I still, and often do, wind up with a pink-to-red tush. (Sometimes bright red!)

Not sure "euphoria" is the right word, here. I enter the moment knowingly, it was my choice, and the apprehension before is pounding in my head and, every time I am thinking, "What ARE YOU DOING???"

But to Roz's point, it is what happens after. The thrill of "It's over..." Bottom is tingling, a bit sore but nothing much. "Do I want a bit more...?"
It will not last too long; maybe an hour. Then I will concentrate to remember how it felt, and what it was like to be OTK, over her beautiful warm thighs, and how much I loved (Yup!) the women kind enough to do this.

MANY hours later, around midnight and in bed, tingling gone or near gone, I re-live it all over again in my mind. That's the impact (Sorry...) it had on me. "Euphoria?" Sure. But add "love" to it.

If it's me doing the spanking then it is always sensual. And memorable. I dream about that, too!


Anonymous said...

Have definitely experienced that feeling though, as noted above, it may come hours later or even the next morning. If we go straight to sex, which is most often, then it leads to the greatest orgasm imaginable!