Friday, December 1, 2023

Home for Christmas

Happy Holidays!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

We make a point of safely putting incriminating implements, equipment and clothing away when we have visitors - especially curious young kids.

We did once leave a riding crop out, but that’s been about it that we know of.


Anonymous said...

I have asked my wife/mommy to put away the bath brush that hangs in the kitchen. I told her it is well known that I'm spanked, but should it be on display. She just smiles and saids it keep me being a good little boy. Jack

Prefectdt said...

Brilliant! Best laugh that I have had in a while. There should be more adverts like this one :)


Roz said...

Brilliant, I love it! Great catch line too. Thanks for the laugh Hermione:)


KDPierre said...

That was great. As for hiding things? Well we use our heads while maintaining our commitment to living openly. So, if something seems like it might be too over-the-top, we will move things around or put them away depending on who is visiting, but otherwise, we have stuff that is pretty obvious to someone with a clue but blends in enough not to be too overt. ( an old 1700's print with a spanking them, a picture of a medieval plate with a spanking theme, and a wooden spoon hanging openly under a plaque that if you have any sense of reading between the lines, tells it's not for cooking.) We refuse to be ashamed of who we are, but we also do have brains enough to be reasonable. At Halloween we put out our village and that is pretty over-the-top BUT is IS Halloween, so let the viewer beware. Too offended? Don't come.