Monday, December 4, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 3

Orgasm during a spanking? I'm quite surprised at the responses. Who knew?

Jack: My wife/mommy will insure I don't leave a mess on her lap. She will have me 'perform' for her or she will quickly address it herself. As for her, I don't know, if I was to guess if she did have one it would be when the spanking becomes very rapid and really hard. Good question.

Rosco: I’m pretty sure the answer is never.

We tried a few times, but it didn’t seem to work.

Irene and I are both 68 now and Irene has been spanking me 45 years. We mix it up with role play and assorted details, but 95% of the time she disciplines me, then climbs on top so I can lick her til she comes. Once she catches her breath she really wants to fuck me.

I’ll confess that I’d be less enthusiastic about the cunnilingus if I’ve come first, and Irene would be disappointed if I weren’t ready after her orgasm.

But the ideal does appeal to me. If circumstances permit, we’ll give it a try.

Graham: Absolutely! Me on several occasions, and my wife at least twice. She gets close often but finds it more difficult to orgasm w/o some direct stimulation. In the latter cases, it only takes her a few seconds! 

Roz: Great question! It has been close on occasion but no, neither of us has orgasmed during a spanking.

Wendel: No, we always save that for after. 

Bonnie: My answer is yes and no. I've never experienced an orgasm solely because of a spanking. But if he mixes in other simultaneous activities, it can and has happened.

Prefectdt: Orgasm, no. I did a boy squirt once. For anyone who does not know what that is, it is when a man squirts a fluid that is similarly to what female urethras are thought to shoot. Unlike a female squirt, it is not usually associated with orgasm. I had no erection at the time, did not know that it had happened, until it was pointed out to me. I was mentally deep into the play that was happening at the time. So I am presuming that it had something to do with the chemicals, produced in my own body as the result of playing, that had something to do with it.

Ronnie: Yes I've had an orgasm through spanking alone. 

Barrel: Regrettably, no. My wife doesn’t peak easily and spanking doesn’t do it for her. When she really lays into a thrashing, she concentrates on the pace and where she lands each stroke, not wanting to wrap the implement but deliver nicely spaced welts or stripes. However, she does become excited. Me, I just try to hold on, breathe and let it in. My moment comes when she is done.

Wolfman7446: I have had two girls orgasm during an OTK Spanking. Both were stimulated with verbal stimulation "you are a very naughty little girl" and achieved climax while OTK. The second girl also had OTK digital stimulation and she climaxed several times.

Hermione: It has never happened for me, although on occasion I can feel myself getting excited. I suspect it would take a very long, not too hard spanking to make me achieve a climax. I am impressed that some of you have experienced it.

That's all for this week!

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KDPierre said...

Yes, but it happened a few times over the course of decades, which is an extremely low O to spank ratio. The conditions seem to be having not had an orgasm in a long while coupled with repeated spanks over a long period. They also have seemed to be triggered by repeated clenching rather than anything sexual. More of a physical 'misfire'.

Anonymous said...

I got busy (Christmas stuff!!) and missed responding to this one. It's late but what the heck...

My FIRST spanking GF - in our FIRST otk spanking play - had an orgasm worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records! I credited myself for this accomplishment, but it was more her fantasy being fulfilled than my physical skills. (Dammit...).

The caveat I add is that when her arousal almost peaked, she got off my lap and jumped my bones to get to completion. Does that meet the spec of the question?

Other times I would have her straddle a firm bolster and then spank her bottom while encouraging her to "Let'er all go!" And she would! But does that count?

NB: A tip: Sometimes I would put a plastic water bottle (one with ridges!), tightly sealed and filled with hot water from the tap and wrapped in a SOFT dish towel on top of the bolster and placed ...right...there...and watch her buck n' rear! as I spanked. But does that count?


Hermione said...

Yes, A.J., that counts!