Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Tingles

This is one of the gifts I gave Ron for Christmas. It's a scalp massager called the Tingler. It's made in Australia, and all I can say is WOW!! it was a last minute impulse buy, but it was the biggest hit of the season.

It really feels wonderful, whether you use it on your head yourself or let someone else do the honours. It's another great way to unwind after a hard day at work--besides a spanking, I mean. Canadian shoppers can order it from Added Touch.

The one thing that puzzles me is the name it was given in this British gift website. Orgasmatron? Um, I don't think so. Unless I've been using it on the wrong part of my body, or Ron's. it's not exactly suited for "down there."

And yet, the first thing Ron asked me, after he had been given a thorough tingling, was if it came in a vibrating model. And yes, it does. So maybe we need to investigate further.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

I've seen this product but never used it, Hermione. It really works and relieves stress? I agree it doesn't look suited for use down below; too many pointy bits. I remember the Orgasmatron from the hilarious Woody Allen movie 'Sleeper.'

Tiggs said...

Oh my gosh... the Orgasmatron... what? Is the thing automated to do all the work for you? And anything that sharp and pointy looking isn't going anywhere near my girlie bits!

Ms. Betty said...

Oh dear.

We've gotten a few of those in at the store. Having no idea what they were, our manager ended up dubbing them "kitchen whisks".

The scary thing is people have bought them labeled as such.

Guess I'll have to have a talk with her.

Ms. Betty

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione:
That looks absolutely kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and we would "crack an egg" on each others head. We wouldn't really use an egg, but would use our hands to mimic doing so, and it was sooooo relaxing. And I too remember the orgasmatron from Woody Allen's movie also.
Take care

Hermione said...

Michael - Yes, it really works, and feels heavenly. I saw Sleeper but don't recall the Orgasmatron.

Tiggs - I think that's just sales hype. If you read the testimonies, you'd think it really produced orgasms. BTW although it's pointy, it isn't sharp at all.

Ms. Betty - How hysterical! Hopefully you will have a chance to try it next time one comes into the store.

AG - Now I really have to rent that movie and watch it again.


ronnie said...

Hi Hermione, thanks for this post, I saw one of these at Christmas and nearly bought it for P, wished I had now. Didn't know they had vibrating ones, you'll have to let us know if you do get one.

I thought comment by Ms Betty very funny, I can see those poor women standing in their kitchen trying to whisks their cake mix :)

Hope you both have a good weekend

Hermione said...

Ronnie - Do get one; you and P won't regret it.

I have seen a vibrating one in a local shop, so maybe I might indulge!


Mina said...

Considering I live in Australia, I have never tried one of these though I have seen them for sale. I think your review has me sold and I will have to purchase one. Love a good scalp massage...who doesn't?


Hermione said...

Mina - I thought of you when I wrote the post. Finally I talked about something you'll be able to find easily.