Thursday, February 12, 2009


A recent study carried out at Albright College found that it is often difficult to tell whether the expression on someone's face is one of pleasure or pain.

Ninety-one participants were shown pictures of the faces of men and women expressing either sexual pleasure or pain. Women were better at identifying pain, while men were better at recognizing arousal. The expression of pain was correctly identified more often than one of arousal. (Read the full story here.)

It would be even more difficult if they had been asked to examine the faces of people being spanked. Pleasure? Pain? Where does one end and the other begin? It's not just facial expression, either. The whole range of emotions and physical sensations that we spankees experience is hard to pin down and identify, never mind explain to the uninitiated observer. It's a continuum of delight and aversion that fluctuates and contradicts itself even as it's happening.

This thing we do is complicated.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hi! Yup, its those short gaspy breadths that are a giveaway,lol. said...

Hi again, having troubble posting with the word verification and not putting up my name. The above post is mine,

Kate said...

Very complicated! Asking him to stop then after a small breather asking for more! What are we thinking?! LOL


Jflame said...

the problem i had on tues while being spanked is that I kept laughing.
Yes I was enjoying the spanking, but i was kinda nervous too and when i'm nervous or in pain i tend to laugh or smile.
Phil assumed that he was'nt spanking hard enough.
Of course the spanking that followed was right on the mark and exactly what I wanted.
Er what was the question?
Hugs, Jay

pammie said...

Interesting post. I've often thought about this while being spanked or while enjoying some other type of rough (but pleasurable) bedroom activities. Do I look like I'm having fun-- even though I may be screaming or grimacing? (Because, I am having fun.)

Jay, I know what you mean about laughing during a spanking. Once I was giggling with delight at the beginning of a spanking. S remarked, "You're laughing! While I'm hitting you! I guess you're enjoying this too much." As the spanking progressed, there was an abrupt cut-off in the laughter, as I drifted into subspace. We talked about it afterward because we both noticed the how quickly my demeanor changed. It's all fascinating and complex, that's for sure.


A.S.S. said...

Suzy has gotten the giggles during a spanking before... including once during a discipline spanking. It almost feels like her nervousness reaches a point that there is no where left to go except to a different type of expression. As for pain and pleasure, not surprised by those study results.

Todd & Suzy

Dante d'Amore said...

When Tiggr laughs during a spanking I know it's not her nerves. It's because spanking always seems to give me dozens of things to make jokes about, and I can never let such opportunities pass.

I think that's a big reason I've always hated punishment spankings. I have to be serious and when it's serious it's hard for me to reconcile the fact that there is something pleasurable about it for my wife with the fact that it's all about me causing her pain.

I'd say that I joke around during spankings because it allows me a comfort zone by feeling that it is "fun" vs. hurting my wife (an issue it took me a long time to get around) except for the fact that I would be doing a stand-up routine even if that didn't apply.

But, I realize now, thanks to reading this and commenting, that the joking does have a powerfully positive effect on me and helps overcome the reluctance I always had problems with.

Hmmm. I'll have to give this more thought. It's an interesting idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione:
An excellent post, you've brought up a subject that I have given a lot of thought to recently. I also find myself laughing during a spanking...sometimes it's just from the fun and joy of it. Other times I laugh when it is too painful, and I also laugh when I am nervous, at the start of a spanking. I have even been thinking that the sounds for pleasure and pain are starting to sound very similar to me.
Thanks for sharing, it's very interesting to see all the different comments here.
Take care

dwcmike said...

Interesting post... you are doing excellent research at work...tsk tsk...La explanation etre vrai et simple...toute etre dans la tete!!!
a la prochaine
les fonds en haut

Hermione said...

Expressions, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder, and in the mind behind the face.


Mina said...

Indeed Hermione, an excellent observation.

Spanking one of those things that is desired and feared at the same time. You don't want it but when it is over you can't wait for the next.


Dr. Ken said...

One of the joys of watching a spanking is to see the facial expression of the one being spanked. It usually speaks volumes. Pleasure, pain--I think very often it's a little of both at the same time. No wonder it's hard to read!

Dr. Ken