Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm in Trouble - NOT!

In my eternal quest for the perfect belt, I found a lovely one at the local thrift store. It's quite similar to the one in the above picture: thick, black, reasonably wide, and just my size. This one is primarily intended to hold up my jeans, although if Ron would care to sample it as a spanking implement, he's more than welcome. Best of all, it's a genuine Versace, in excellent condition. The name is printed on the metal loop next to the buckle and embossed on the belt itself. And all for a few dollars!

One morning, I laid out my clothing on the bed, and this belt was somewhere in the pile. Fluffy was still snuggled under the blankets but watched me assemble my outfit. I then went to have a shower, and when I came back, there was Fluffy, contentedly chewing on the end of my beautiful belt. I snatched it away and examined the soggy, irregular end; it was now fat and puffy and wouldn't fit through the metal loop beside the buckle. Fluffy, who is not a puppy and should have better manners, sulked because I had confiscated his before-breakfast snack.

I showed the damage to Ron, who assured me that he would do what he could to repair the damage, or at least make it less noticeable. And he did. After letting the dog saliva dry, he trimmed, glued, pressed and painted, and a few hours later proudly showed me his handiwork. I thanked him and hung the belt up to wear the next day.

The following morning
again found me assembling my outfit. Striped pullover, grey pants, socks, belt and underwear. Then I went downstairs to get my first cup of coffee before showering. When I came back, Ron was there, and Fluffy was beside him on the bed. Both were staring at a very well-chewed belt, although for different reasons.

"You left your belt on the bed again?" It was a question I didn't want to answer.

"I only left the room for a minute. I didn't think..." I said contritely. Then, "Don't worry about fixing it again."

"I won't." Ron left the bedroom abruptly, and I recognized that tone of voice. Oh well, I could probably do something about the damage myself. I hung the belt on the back of the door to dry and headed to the bathroom to shower.

I considered tossing the belt out, but hated to part with it. It fit so well. After my shower, I dressed then turned to look at the belt and see what needed to be done. It was gone. I checked inside the closet, but it wasn't there. Then I peeked into Ron's study. There on his desk was the belt, a bottle of glue, scissors and black marker. He was ready to repair it all over again.

Awww. Isn't he good to me? Although I'm betting that he'd probably like to improve my memory by applying that belt to a certain part of my anatomy, once the glue dries. But that won't happen. Ron doesn't give discipline spankings. In our house, punishment means NO spanking. When I asked if I was in trouble, he said, "No, there will be no trouble." So I guess you could say I'm NOT in for it.

Maybe I'd better think of a way to thank him for his hard work, and ensure my bottom gets toasted on Sunday.

From Hermione's Heart


Dante d'Amore said...

There's someone else in this house who is gonna looooove this post. :)

Daisychain said...

what a naughty Fluffy! Woulda got a toe up his ass if he had been here! My dog isnt allowed...and has never so much as tried... to get on the furniture, and never chews anything except her own toys... which is amazing, because she has never been taught that...she just sniffs if there is something she doesn't recognise amongst her own toys on the floor... finds hers and takes them away from any others! Border Collies are tops!!! lol xxxxx

Radha said...

What a good find at the thrift store! It's bummer that the dog chewed it...oh well, better than chewing up a pair of shoes!

Fabsterrant said...

Hi Hermione, stole your meme from Maryann's blog, lol. Weekly ritual is a good thing!

Hermione said...

Dante - Great! Now I'm curious.

Daisy - Fluffy doesn't believe floors are meant to be slept on. And she doesn't chew everything. Only belts and Crocs. Yes, border collies are wonderful dogs.

Radha - Yes, much better and cheaper. And Ron has since decided the belt was a knock-off.

Fab - Yes, I saw that. And you're right about rituals.


Kate said...

I have a mini-border collie and had a standard. My mini loves her toys especially those loofa dogs! My standard when we first got him ate the top of one of my new slippers and one of a pair of pink socks. Today marks the third anniversary of our having to put our older border collie down. You know after chewing that one slipper and that one sock Max never did it again nor did he ever really have an interest in ANY toys. Weird. Hope you get to feel a belt soon very yummy when NOT done for punishment.

Michael said...

Thanks for the story, Hermione, and yes, you have to figure out a way to thank Ron and also get your bum toasted. Maybe go out and buy HIM a Versace belt as a thank you and he may then thank YOU with a bottom warming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione:
I am soo sorry you are Not in for it. Perhaps you could wear those Bear Bum Shorts and do some baking to make up for it?
Take care

Jean said...

Aw, fluffy sounds so cute. I know many a spankee that would want to borrow fluffy, lol.

Hope you aren't trouble by this weekend.

ronnie said...

Fluffy sounds lovely Hermione.
Think you should get Fluffy to chew it a little bit more and tell Ron not worth fixing again and ask if he could find some other use for it :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad Hermione, not just about the belt, but also about the "no discipline spanking". I think in this case, it would probably be justified!
Poor Ron doing all that work ;-)

Hermione said...

Kate - Sorry you lost an old friend. Those anniversaries are hard.

Fluffy has a loofah dog too; Fang lost his.

Michael - That's an excellent idea. Unless I have to pay full price for it, that is!

AG - I could try that. Chocolate chip cookies with double chips might do the trick. But it's too cold for shorts!

Jean - Yes, he could go into business as an implement eradicator.

Ronnie - Mmmm, I like that idea.

Mark - Oh, well, it's something I have to accept!


Mina said...

Oh dear, the belt got chewed twice and repaired twice. You are a lucky woman. I admit if F did such a thing he would get a spanking. Yet funnily enough I did threaten him with not getting a spanking as a punishment instead.