Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's what I gave Ron for Valentine's Day two years ago, to celebrate our very recent return to spanking. I thought it was the perfect way to commemorate my introduction to wooden spoons outside the kitchen.

In one trip to a dollar store I bought all the components and assembled them secretly. I wrapped the arrangement in red basket wrap, tied a big bow on top and tucked a funny card inside.

Ron was surprised, to say the least. After he had admired it sufficiently he asked a practical question.

"Where should we put it?"

"In the bedroom!"

He had to ask?

13 comments: said...

Hi! Happiest of Valentines Hermione! You make so much sense as to location of implements. I only have three. A home made flogger from leather boot laces. A ruler of thin metal 18 inches long and a damn stick. I threw the damn stick away, can't find the ruler and the flogger is just a novelty and not used. Geez, I need another implement.

cookie said...

Happy Valetines Day

K said...

What a fabulous idea. Happy Valentine's day, Hermione. Hope it's a good one. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione:
Happy Valentines day to you and Ron. What a lovely boquet to send your Man, so very creative.
Take care

Jean said...

Happy Valentines Day - What a great gift!

ronnie said...

Great idea for a gift.

Happy Valentines to you and Ron Hermione, hope it's a good one.

Dr. Ken said...

Happy Valentiine's Day, Hermione! I hope you and Ron have a wonderful time celebrating!

Dr. Ken

A.S.S. said...

Happy Valentine's Day. We just got several new toys for the... errr... kitchen... and they certainly are nice to have.

Todd & Suzy

Hermione said...

fab - You do seem to be a bit short of implements.

Cookie - and the same to you!

K - Thank you. It was fun.

AG - Thanks, and Happy Valentine's day to you.

Jean - Thank you.

Ronnie - Thanks, I'm sure it will be.

Dr. Ken - I hope so too!

A.S.S. - Oh, sounds lovely. Enjoy er, cooking with them :-)

Daisychain said...

What an inventive gift! Hope Davey doesn't visit your blog, spoons and I don't get on!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kate said...

Happy Valentine's Day sorry I'm so late had to be to work super early today! Very creative and they look yummy. Yup I like wood one of the very few that do I think. :)


dwcmike said...

In the bedroom!!! As the younger generation might say...You Rock!!

Anonymous said...

very cute