Friday, January 29, 2010

Guess the Implement

It's time again for the monthly Guess the Implement contest. This one won't be as easy as some (although I've said that before and have had to eat my words!) I'm not giving any clues as to its real size, although that in itself might be a clue. You also see only part of the implement.

Leave your guess as a comment, and I will reveal the true identity of this little beauty in a day or two.

From Hermione's Heart


Cookie Crawford said...

Looks to me like a salad spoon. Or a wooden shoe horn type thing. Do they even make wooden shoe horns? LOL. Not sure Though spoon came to mind as soon as I saw it.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

What Cookie said

ronnie said...

I thought a shoe horn when I first saw it but you say not an easy one to guess so I reckon it can't be a shoe horn.

You got me on this one then Hermione.


Anonymous said...

I would say a bath brush.

Janet said...

Okay I wanted to say shoe horn as well but that would be way too easy. So I will go with petrified chicken leg...LOL. At least its an original guess.
You always get us on these!!!
Thanks for the challenge.

Dr. Ken said...

An incense burner?

I really have no idea, and I wanted to say, "shoe horn", but everyone else beat me to that one.

Maybe an old-fashioned door knocker?

Can't wait to find out!

Daisychain said...

It LOOKS like the salad serving spoon that Davey uses on me when its a real punishment spanking. If it is, though, then you would have burned it not photographed it, because it is truly evil. The first swat has me in real tears of acute pain.
Strange though, it seems to widen out again a little too quickly on the handle...(which is why you didn't show us the full pic?)
So, is it an old fashioned paddle, for making butter or churning cream or something?
Your guess the implement articles are fab...well done! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

It looks like a rotor blade. Like for a wooden model airplane maybe?