Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #47

Welcome one and all to our weekly brunch. Last night I was thinking about a topic for today, when it suddenly dawned on me that thinking would make a good topic, so here goes.

What thoughts go through your head during a spanking? Does your mind ever wander? Are there some thoughts you wish you didn't have?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.

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From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

It depends. If it is a fun or good girl I am relaxed and thinking i hope He keep going...until i start to feel that tingle...and then i start thinking how long can i let Him continue before i ask...or beg ...for a permission.
For a punishment, i am thinking, Enough...reminding myself not to move out of position...and then just OUCHING very loudly...void of thought, just caught up in the pain.
hugs abby

Annie said...

I think of nothing. It's absolute peace. I LOVE IT.

mostly mouse said...

It's completely mood dependent and perhaps the reason why mouse is being spanked (fun, pleasure, punishment) Often mouse is mentally present and enjoying every moment. But when mouse asked Daddy about it, he pointed a few times when he felt mouse wasn't connected to what went on -- at least in the beginning. In fact one of those times mouse is pretty certain she was going through a mental to do list. Which is absolutely terrible to admit -- but it felt rote. But Daddy switched to the leather strap and then mouse was all there with him.

Great discussion starter though!

Baxter said...

Well, I am thinking of the pain of the last spank and waiting for the next one to amplify the pain. And also glad I am being spanked after a week of no spanking.

Jenn said...

I'm wondering how hard it will be, how long it will last, can I take it?Sometimes (early on) I'm thinking that it feels like a good massage. Sometimes I wonder if he's enjoying it. If it's a punishment, sometimes I think that I should not have broken a rule.

After the last spanking, I realized I had been feeling like I was reaching and "getting" somewhere. So I was not really thinking about that during the spanking, but the almost subconcious thoughts were there.

Sir Wendel Jones said...

My first thought when I start spanking is how her beautiful little bottom turns red. After the first couple of minutes of her spanking my mind switches to making love to her afterwards. When I’m the one getting spanked I think of how sore my bottom is getting.

Roz said...

It does depend on the mood and reason for the spanking. Sometimes wishing it would end or sometimes wishing for more lol. Quite often I'm focused on anticipating the next spank.


Anonymous said...

Is it brunch time already? Wow does the weeks fly by. When my wonderful wife R is about to spank me, no matter the reason for the spanking, I'm excited and want it. I get in position and can't wait for the first spank. During the spanking I've got mixed thoughts. Why do I want this, and at the same time I'm thinking yes, yes spank me more don't stop.


At the start of a spanking I am usually thinking "Why did I want this to happen?" :) But after the mental chemicals start flowing, my mind starts flitting all over the place and what I am thinking about changes ever few seconds.


Dr. Ken said...

I'm mostly occupied listening and watching her body language. Lately, when I've had the chance to play, I've been thinking how beautiful her bottom looks over my lap and how lucky I am to have her there!

ronnie said...

For me it depends on my mood and what I'm being spanked for so could be excitement, wanting the spanking, not wanting it, wishing it would never end. Focusing on what P's saying.


sixofthebest said...

The thoughts on my mind, when I use the cane on a woman's knickers down bare bottom, is the sexual and erotic excitement that brings to me. Yes, giving this woman 'six of the best' strokes upon her naked rear end, is most heavenly.

Blackbird said...

Only ONE thought.....

"When is this going to stop!!!!!!"


Irish Lucky said...

Oh my goodness, my mind goes all over the place! I can start with the thing I am looking at, like oh wow this comforter needs replaced or the carpet needs cleaned. He had bare feet once and I decided his feet were unnaturally hairy and gave him a foot complex for weeks. But I can say my mind journey usually doesn't go very long and I get centered on the fact my bottom is hurting and the pain focuses me back. Then it's all about when is this EVER going to end! If he decides to lecture or ask questions it actually makes me focus in from the start (he doesn't generally do this), so thank goodness I usually get a bit of mind wandering before my brain catches up to my bottom's condition. :0)

Irish Lucky