Saturday, November 29, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Thanksgiving will never be the same! Here are your captions:

Nina: Nothing to worry about, dear. This Thanksgiving will be so delicious! First we'll have roasted turkey, then I'll roast your tushy.

Simon: "I think you've misunderstood the basic concept of Puritanism. It's a church meeting, not an orgy I'm afraid".

Ronnie: Come on Martha, you know the tradition, we roast the turkey and then all the women get spanked.

King Marshal: And this how the tradition of the Woodshed began.

A. Lurker: Little known fact - The first Thanksgiving Day feast started with a community "rump roast" and ended with "just desserts".

Ricky: The first Thanksgiving perhaps? And certainly not the last.
Happy Thanksgiving America!

Sir Wendel: The First Black Friday.

Dr. Ken: "Be thankful you have a husband who is willing to chastise your bare hindquarters in front of the entire town. It just proves how much I care."

Anon: It's a little known fact that the Puritans celebrated the first Thanksgiving by taking their naughty wives, daughters, grandmothers, into a woodshed, upturned their clothes, took down their bloomers, and spanked their bare bottoms, blushingly red.

Katie: "I don't care what the other wives say! I expect you to behave yourself during dinner! Or when we get home, I will add to the already burning bottom that you have presently!"

Jimisim: "I'm really looking forward to giving Ruth the first ever paddling in Wellbeloved, the Pastor said to the Elder, as they walked into the Community Hall."

Jon: Somebody out there is set on defaming American men, me thinks. Since when does it take two men to take one woman for a well deserved trip to the woodshed?

Or are you trying to suggest that American women are so tough that it takes two strapping men to complete one strapping?

Vfrat25000: I don’t know what is dear. All I know is they call it a "Walmart".

I hope that Hettie James doesn’t make those gosh-awful deviled eggs again this year. I had gas for a week!

Whose bright idea was to build the town hall so far out in the woods? I am freezing my ass off and I can’t feel my feet.

We have to invest in at least a couple more televisions. Walking halfway up a mountain to watch the Super Bowl sucks!

Hey Prudence…how about we sneak out to the woodshed. We are 5000 ft up the mountain. Have you ever heard of the “Mile High Club?”

Oh cCrap….we walked a half mile up this fricken freezing mountain, in the snow and I just realized we left the paper plates in the buggy!

Kingspan: Of course I'm certain, my dear. He said we were all to come to the meeting house to give spanks.

Hermione: No matter how many times they had seen it, the community always flocked to see another showing of McLintock.

For more Spanksgiving fun, please join us for brunch. It's being served in a few hours, so stick around.
From Hermione's Heart

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