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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 9

This week's topic was aftercare, and here's what you said.

Minelle: Usually we move on to making love. There are those quick over the knee moments which just end in both of our attitudes adjusted. We may just cuddle or kiss after.

Dr. Ken: It depends on the lady I just spanked, since different people like different things. Usually I'll gently rub their bottom for a bit (after spanking it, the least I can do is rub away a bit of the sting). There's always a good hug afterward, and maybe some time just holding her or cuddling with her.

Abby: It depends. Sometimes we both are ready to make love, sometimes i just lie quietly while He rubs away the sting waiting for me to chat quietly. Often lately i end up on His lap for a long snuggle.
After a punishment, i get a hug but no rubbing or fun times.

Cutiebootie: After a spanking, I like when my guy rubs my sore backside. I will kiss him afterwards, which is a quiet way of thanking him for spanking me.

We often cuddle for a bit after I have been spanked, but it depends on how we feel. Often, we end up making love.

Arched one: After most spanking, we will cuddle and make love. Only a few times will she rub my bottom she likes me to feel the sting for awhile. If it's punishment then I'm put on the floor in display position (knees and elbows) and I better not run unless I want more.

Roz: It depends on the nature of the spanking. If it's a fun spanking we move on to making love. When we did punishment and role affirmation spankings, I would end up on his lap afterwards and snuggle.

Jan: We always cuddle after a spanking, no matter what kind! It's the best bit.

sub hub: Mostly, I am kneeling before her as she stands and I lay my head in her tummy. She holds my head while rubbing and we either talk through what just happened or we will just hold in our tender embrace.

I've noticed that I have been having some interest in those that require their submissive to endure some corner time after their spanking. Like real hard spankings that hurt, or the thought of consumming my own cum, corner time is one of things that although I am certain I wouldn't enjoy the activity while it was happening, it's necessary use would be something attractive.

Baxter: If it is a quick 10-15 stroke spanking, we will make love. If it is a longer one, typically my erection of before is a distant memory and the most I do is look at my butt in a mirror, then go kiss my wife and thank her for the spanking.

Ronnie: It depends on the type of the spanking. After a fun spankings we usually go on to have sex. Punishment spankings, sometimes no aftercare (that I like) and other times I will lie there with P stroking and rubbing my bottom. Other times cuddling and stroking.

S: After my bottom has been thoroughly spanked, there are only two ideas in my head; to grab and rub the poor smarting thing or get a really sexy seeing-to from D, but it is up to him which comes first, and I am often left bent over for some time, before either happens, which is even better if I am tied in place to savour my smarting cheeks, until her takes me, still bent over and helpless.

Six of the best: If it was a 'love' spanking, I would caress her bare bottom. If it was given as punishment, she would find herself standing in the corner.

Bonnie: Sometimes we make love. Other times, Randy will apply lotion to my sore bottom and then we make love. Or we cuddle before we make love. Or we engage in other sorts of foreplay then we make love. But mostly we make love. I think that's as it should be. :)

Anon: For my most recent spankings, we'd hug or sort of cuddle. The guy spanking me was not my boyfriend, and he doesn't do humiliation with me (yet).

Hermione: After a spanking I have a fragrant body butter rubbed into my sore cheeks, and a very nice back rub. Lovemaking is usually reserved for later on, but sometimes Ron will surprise me and interrupt the spanking to move on to other things.

Nena: If it was a fun spanking we move on to making love, if it was a punishment spanking I get corner time. After corner time we will hug and than we go on with our day.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Don't forget our ninth annual Love Our Lurkers celebration, on November 12 and 13.
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