Friday, March 28, 2008

The Club

One of the first comments I received on my very first post was from swan, who welcomed me to the club.
That really got me thinking. I'm pretty much a loner, and usually do my best to avoid group activities. And now here I am, a member of a club, feeling comfortable about it, and enjoying being part of the blogging world that up till now I had only peered into from outside.
The last time I really felt like part of a group was during the year after graduating from University, when I returned to get a Bachelor of Education degree. For that single year, we were all equals. There were no in-crowds, no established cliques, no seniors and juniors. We were a very mixed group of students of all ages and from all parts of the province and beyond. Our single shared interest was education, although each of us majored in a unique combination of specialties, based on individual expertise and interests. We shared our triumphs and terrors of the student teaching rounds, and got through the year by supporting one another.
Until today, that year had been the best year of my life. Now I feel that, as a blogger, I am again on a level playing field. We live all over the world, with unique lifestyles, perspectives and opinions. Our common enthusiasm for some form of spanking is what binds us loosely together.
One of the terms I learned in my first month at the college was 'isolate'. An isolate is a child who stands by himself at recess, eats lunch alone, and is always chosen last for teams. When our professor first explained that term, a chorus of murmurs rippled around the room. Many of the people in my class had been isolates. When we discussed it, we found that it was partly what had motivated us to become teachers. Almost unanimously, we wanted to prevent other children from suffering as we had.
It's pretty easy to feel like an isolate if you're interested in pursuing a spanking lifestyle and can't find someone to share it with you, or even to understand where you're coming from. It's not easy for many of us to explain or even understand why we are the way we are, and why we do that thing we do.
The other remarkable thing I remember about that year at teachers' college was the fear that had been instilled in some of those young teachers-to-be by their past teachers. In my elementary education classes, it was startling to see educated young adults afraid to play with fingerpaints, make a collage, shake a tambourine, or mime a day at the beach. It was so hard for them to let themselves go and 'colour outside the lines'.
As spankophiles of various persuasions, we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, colouring outside the lines. Our preferences aren't necessarily something we want to advertise to the world, but the blogosphere gives us a safe environment in which to talk about our lives and our preferences. It's okay to 'let go' here.
All in all, it's a pretty great club. Thanks for making me feel welcome.


Terpsichore said...

I agree that it is such a nice feeling to be a part of this wonderful, sharing, and understanding club! :-) As for fingerpainting - I highly recommend it! When I went to school for teaching I had so much fun returning to childhood and seeing things through a cild's eyes... :-)

Greenwoman said...

I too grew up an isolate. This is a lovely post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I also grew up as an isolate and this is a good post. It showed me I wasn't alone in feeling that way when I was growing up. Since becomeing active in TTWD I have grown close to several people who I have never met and most likely won't ever meet since we are so wide spread! Ahhhh, the wonderful world of the internet that can join us all closer together!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thank you.

x said...

Lovely post, hermione. The best part of blogging for me was the social aspect and finding others who understood my spanking and bdsm lifestyle. I think blogging can be so much fun and great to meet so many other people.
padme amidala

Dragon & Tiger said...

This is an awesome post. Thank you so much for putting into words what I think a lot of us feel. It really is a good feeling to know you actually belong somewhere. *hugs*

PK said...

I love my friends in real life. When I came here to read about spanking I was not looking for friends, it never occurred to me. But what I found has amazed me. I feel like my friends here are the 'real ones'. I don't hide things from my friends here. I don't need to. They understand. And even we we don't all want the exact same thing we are happy for each other as we continue our search. I have never felt more accepted. This is the best club ever!


Paul said...

Hermione, it is a great club, I love it and my friends here.
Glad that you are enjoying it.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What you write is so true.
I've met so many great people reading blogs~particularly, the spanking blogs!

I've been inspired & comforted by
the many I've read, and chatted with.

Happy to find your blog...

..I'll be back again.


david said...

A wonderful post. The club is special and glad that you are part of it. I went back and caught up on all your posts. I will be a permanent visior.

Hugs and grins*

Hermione said...

Thank you, everyone, and welcome to my new readers.

Your comments brought tears to my eyes. It seems that many of us are kindred spirits in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

There must be something funny in the water at the moment.

You put this post - very nicely written, I liked it a lot - up at very nearly the same time as I wrote my last post, "aliens" on exactly the same point, the comfort I derive, though my blog, of knowing I am not alone in this lifestyle. Mina (Whilelmina Dreams) put up something quite similar on Friday, about the same time also....she's in Australia, I'm in the UK, you are in Canada, three posts on the same thought on the same day .....definitely something in the water (or in your case, snow)

I expect we all go to the same length to keep our secrets, and it is nice to know there are others with the same secret, and to share it.

We like being in this club also.


Bonnie said...


Our club is stronger now that you're a full fledged member!