Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Shoemaker

With apologies to The Spanking Writers

Recently I stopped in at a small shoe repair shop on the way home from work to have a leather garment repaired. I know what you're thinking, but it wasn't anything kinky, only an ordinary jacket.

I had never been to this particular establishment before since I usually patronized one close to my office, but this shop was the only one in town equipped to handle all leather items, not just shoes.

The front of the shop looked like an ordinary shoe store; the walls were lined with shelves full of shoes and boots. On the whole, the merchandise seemed functional rather than fashionable.

At the back was a service counter where the repairs were handled. Behind the counter was a large window that permitted an unobstructed view of the workroom beyond. While I waited to be served I watched a white-haired man busily stitching away at an ancient sewing machine. Next to him was a rail upon which were draped what looked like belts, straps, and a couple of two-tailed tawses. A young woman, dressed in a sweater and pleated skirt, stood beside the man, watching him somewhat nervously.

This, I imagined, was the room where the special orders for disciplinary implements were handled. In my mind I saw what would happen once the man finished the item he was working on.
He would gesture to the young woman to take her position at the work table. She would bend over, lift her skirt and lower her knickers, then hold firmly to the far edge of the table and wait for the master shoemaker to perform the quality control test required for all items that were produced in his shop. Six hard strokes were usually enough to confirm the excellent quality of his workmanship.
The shoemaker stopped his machine and looked up.

What do you think happened next?


Jessica said...

Hmm, it's fun to entertain yourself with naughty thoughts, isn't it? Sometimes at work someone will be going on and on about something mundane and my mind will drift. I'll look at my desk and wonder what it would be like for my husband to come into my office and make me bend over my desk and lower my panties and lift my skirt. He would then proceed to spank me over my own desk. I'm the boss, too. What do you think your boss is thinking while you're chatting with him or her in their office? :-)

Indy said...

Excellent, Hermione-- I really like this one! Did you rescue the poor girl Tom Sawyer_style or were you sternly summoned in because the shoemaker knows all about you...

I like Jess's fantasy, too. There's something about that big desk, isn't there?

making note to self to schedule all future meetings in conference rooms

Dr. Ken said...

With my luck, he'd see me standing there and say, "We're closed!"....

Dr. Ken

Paul said...

Hermione, neat idea. Cobblers being magical creatures, (and no, that isn't a deep pie or a drink or a rude word, it's what a shoe maker or one who repairs shoes is often called in England).
He looked up with his piercing blue eyes, and seeing Hermione standing there, said, you look if you need some "Quality Control".
How many strokes of the Lochgelly Tawse do you think will meet your need.
Did Hermione leave or answer, if she answered, how many did she ask for? Chuckle.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Jess - My boss has a framed motivational poster titled "Discipline" on the wall. All sorts of thoughts come to mind when I see that.

Indiana - Yes, a lovely big wooden desk, with a blotter, pens, and no computer or monitor to get in the way.

Dr. Ken - Not if you say you're there to place an order!

Paul - Oh, Paul, I think six would be plenty for a start.

Terpsichore said...

Hmmmm I totally live in my imagination these days... :-)

Anonymous said...

I would think the shoemaker would look up and see you Hermoine and ask if he could help you with a wicked grin since he saw you looking at all those straps and belts! I am sure he would ask you if you needed some other service than a jacket repair!

Of course the young woman would be nervous since I am sure she did something wrong to deserve a good tanning like hiding his tools! *WEG*

dwcmike said...

I was wondering why you didn't volunteer to test future products, or at least be placed on the waiting list? :-)