Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Miss Granger, Assume the Position

For Harry Potter fans who would really like to see my alter ego get her come-uppance, you can read about Hermione's encounter with Professor Snape after she resorts to dishonest means in his class in A Private Lesson.


Anonymous said...

Incorrect though it may be, who has not wanted to see Miss Granger get her comeuppance..........and I always knew Snape was misunderstood!


Indy said...

I'm not buying! I'm all for Hermione getting caned for breaking some rule in the service of the greater good, but not for *cheating*. That's something Malfoy would do, not Hermione. As if there were a lesson at Hogwarts for which she hadn't prepared at least two weeks in advance. Hmpph. OK, like bossy good girls everywhere, I identify with Hermione! Fun read, though.

Dragon & Tiger said...

Good story though I would agree with the above statement about her being ready for ANY quiz 2 weeks (or years even) in advance. Still a great story though!

Anonymous said...

Very good story, Hermione. I am not up to date on the Harry Potter characters but I am familiar with Professor Snape!

Hermione said...

Recidavist - that's so unfair. Of course, there's a lot of Hermione in me.

Indiana - I think you're right. Hermione was always ready. But she probably knew there was still a bit more to cram in.

D & T - 2 years in advance would be pretty good for a muggle-born witch.

Pest - The books are not just for youngsters. Try one!

Serpent's Embrace said...


I really enjoyed the story. Thank you! The Harry Potter books are amazing. I am reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince next. My reading list is huge, and college doesn't leave me much time.

I also know how Hermione might have felt in the story. Last week, I read the wrong material for my history quiz. It was horrible!


Hermione said...

Marcus - I once got the date wrong for a seminar I had to conduct at University. I only had an hour to prepare and all the books I needed were checked out. Luckily, the topic was Dadaism so a slightly surreal seminar was quite appropriate.