Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gerald's Game

It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it sure was fun!

My husband Ron is a big fan of Stephen King's novels. After finishing Gerald's Game, a horror story about a bondage scene gone terribly wrong, he gave it to me to read, assuring me that I'd enjoy it.

I sure did. Bondage is definitely something I have always wanted to explore with him, but I'd never mentioned it before. I will admit that when we bought our current bed, I had chosen a wrought iron headboard for its bondage possibilities.

I assumed that by giving me the book to read, Ron had made the first move, So after I finished it, I asked, "Would you like to play Gerald's Game?"

"I guess so."

That was all I needed to hear. The next time I found an opportunity to visit an adult toy store, I bought some elegant silver vinyl wrist cuffs. I then went a regular hardware store for some associated hardware, figuring that ropes would be too complicated. I also wanted to be sure I could free myself if need be. Not that I thought Ron would come to the same end that Gerald had, but still. So I chose double-headed swivel clips and two D-shaped clips. I put everything into a little white box then planned my next move.

I found the courage to take the next step as I was preparing for an overnight trip away from home. I wrote a note that said, "Want to give this a try?" put it on top of the the box, and left the box on Ron's nightstand.

When I returned home, the first thing I did was check the bedroom. The box, minus the note, was on the lower shelf of the nightstand, beside the riding crop. So, the ball was in his court, and I waited anxiously to see what would happen after he'd had a chance to think about it.

No mention was made of the contents of the little box, though, so after a decent interval I brought up the subject while we were having dinner out one evening.

"Have you given any thought to trying out the wrist cuffs?"
"That's really not my kind of thing."

Oh. Not the answer I had expected. He could see the shocked expression on my face. Okay, we were in a public place so I couldn't sulk and cry, and he couldn't shout and walk away. I put on a convincing smile and tried the mature approach.

"How about if we just have a walkthrough. No sex, no spanking. Just try out the hardware. You might like it."


Then, "Okay."


A couple of days later, Ron announced that we would have a date the next afternoon "to try out those handcuffs". And we did.

The butterflies in my stomach were really going to town by the time we were ready to start. We both undressed, I lay down on the bed and Ron opened the white box. It took a couple of adjustments before the cuffs were tight enough. Then the hardware had to be fastened to them, and to the bed. It was a little complicated, and that was when the laughing and joking started. I was nervous and couldn't stop giggling as he struggled to assemble the pieces. He had to straddle me to attach the second restraint, and managed to anchor me so that my arms were much farther apart then I would have liked, but that was okay.

"Are you uncomfortable?"
"Good. I'm going to go watch football."
"Hey! Come back here!"

Ron did get off the bed, and a mild wave of panic swirled through me. I couldn't see what he was doing, but heard a drawer open. He was back in a moment and I felt the leather paddle on my bottom. Then he began spanking me slowly. For a brief time the only sounds were the crack of the paddle on flesh and my gasps and moans.

Then there was another sound, low and far away. The telephone. Ron usually considers any phone call an annoying intrusion. This time, however, he was eager to get it. He stopped spanking and put the paddle down.

"It's probably for you. You'd better answer it", he told me, and proceeded to unfasten one of the restraints from the bed. Then he reached for the cordless phone, which wasn't there. I remembered where I had left it.

"It's in the kitchen."
"I'll go get it." Ron moved toward the door.
"That was the third ring. The machine will get the message."
"Don't you want to hear the message?"
"You wanted to answer the phone."
Huh? "No, I didn't. Now get back here and tie me up!"

Not the way a woman should speak considering the position, but necessary, I thought. Ron reattached the restraint, picked up the paddle, and resumed spanking. After a suitable amount of discipline, he put the paddle down, pushed my legs apart, and investigated. For someone who was doing something that wasn't 'his kind of thing', he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. Of course, it wasn't my bonds that had aroused him, but my rosy red bottom. He pushed himself inside me and enthusiastically reached an orgasm.

Then it was my turn, and I was very ready. But no sooner had he dipped his fingers into my wetness and gently explored the vicinity than we were treated to more unwelcome sounds. The dogs had started barking furiously.

Great. From were they had been sequestered before we adjourned to the bedroom, it could only be one thing. Ron stopped what he was doing.

"What's that?"
"There's probably someone at the door. Ignore it."
"Who do you think it is?" Oh, no, he was leaving again.
"Probably the same person who phoned. Maybe the mailman. Who cares? Just be quiet and they'll go away."

So we both held our breath and waited. The barking stopped. The caressing resumed, and I relaxed. Yes, this was definitely more like it.


After Ron had freed me, he quickly dressed and rushed off to release the hounds, check for messages, bring in the mail, and probably watch football. I rolled onto my back, slowly unbuckled the cuffs and thought about it all. It hadn't gone too badly for a first attempt. We had laughed a lot and broken the ice. I was pretty sure there would be a next time, if I asked for one. Maybe we weren't ready for ankle cuffs just yet, although I could always look, and if I saw some on sale......


Paul said...

Hermione, experimentation is always good, how do you know if you are going to like something unless you try it.
Nice post, glad you enjoyed it.
Mel liked light bondage and she had a sleep mask, that and four ties and we were away, always a happy evening when I could surprise her.
Warm hugs,

Serpent's Embrace said...


I like Stephen King as well. Gerald's Game was an interesting read. Bondage is something I have contemplated, but I am not sure how far I would like to explore it. I have had my moments with handcuffs in the past. However, I didn't really trust the person I was with enough to do anything more than kinky handcuffs. Now that I have Deborah in my life, I feel I could do more in the way of bondage. Perhaps, I could even delve into my fantasy of being tied to the ceiling and the floor before being flogged until my love, Deborah, feels inclined to stop. I trust Deborah with my life, and I don’t foresee a horror story happening. Put that way, there is nothing holding me back from my bondage fantasy. I think it is time to talk to her about it further. Thank you for helping me to reconsider my bondage fantasies. Your post was delightful!


Bonnie said...


If you're laughing together, you're definitely on the right path. Practice makes perfect (or something close enough to be fun!).

Thanks for sharing your story.


Hermione said...

Paul - I'm not sure how I feel about a blindfold, but you never know until you try! I'll keep it in mind.

Marcus - Good luck! I hope it works out well for you and Deborah.

Bonnie - Practice, and maybe some earplugs!


Unknown said...


Well, you do have lots of interesting things to say in your new blog. Keep it up, please. Funny, the Capt and I are newbies exploring spanking in this journey we are on (18 years and counting - OW! Eighteen and thank you, Sir) but with lots of years of being bound and restrained (Sailors are a dab hand with knots!).

But there is no doubt that when restrained, the telephone, the dog moaning outside the door, the teenager playing his XBOX downstairs can affect one's concentration - but there is nothing that you can do about them (physically anyway), so you have to let it all go! Otherwise, the only time to play ends up being 2 to 3 am during a blue moon and that's no fun, well a little, but not often enough, anyway. And try (not) explaining to a preteen what the ropes and shackles between the mattresses are! Just like the explanation we will undoubtedly have to have one day about spanking sounds. But our experiences with spanking sound like your story - giggles, adjustments, some good whacks and a couple of apologies and not quite the outcome anticipated (by me anyway - no marks to see in the mirror either). Anyway, great post!

First mate

Hermione said...

Jodi - Welcome to my blog!
You're right about the effect on concentration. I did have to run a few good scenes through my head to get my mind back on track, so to speak!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you blogging, hermoine. I've seen you comment on my blog a few times and other blogs. That's great you have started your own blog! :)
Welcome to blogging!
Great post! I read that book and it was very intense to read.
padme amidala

Michael said...

Thanks for the wonderful story, Hermione, sounds like there will definitely be a second time. :)

AS for the blindfold, I have used a silk tie on women and we both have found it very sensual during bondage, spanking and just vanilla sex, which is not so vanilla if you're using a blindfold.

Keep up the great work on your new blog. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione! I'm always looking for the plot in things. As I read your story, I found myself thinking that somehow Ron had arranged the phone call, the dogs barking, etcetera, all to keep you on your toes and to demonstrate just how difficult it can be to be tied up! Now, I'm not saying that's what he did, but I'm getting a grin out of the idea of: "So you want to be tied up, do you? Well let's see about that!"


PK said...

I love to be tied up! We sometimes use scarves and we would leave them tied to the bed if we didn't have a teen at home.

Now about the blindfold - I love it!! It lets my mind go to wonderful places. Try it with out any bondage first but I bet you will love it too. Grace at, A Day in My Life, wrote a great post on the blindfold a while back. If you try it let us know what you think.


Hermione said...

padme - Thank you for the welcome. I'm glad to see you here.

Michael - Silk sounds lovely! Maybe I'll see if Ron has any old ties he wants to put to a different use.

Abby - That's something I didn't consider, but you do have a good point. It's quite possible that's what he was thinking!

PK - Scarves are an idea. And I will definitely put blindfolding on my ever-growing list of things to do. Sounds like fun!

Terpsichore said...

Giggling is always great...playing and having fun with your partner is what it is all about. Now my husband is taking his sweet time feeling comfortable with the spanking idea...I wonder how long before he would be willing to try blindfolding me and using scarves to tie me up? :-) LOL Someday sounds like fun to explore...I have actually mentioned it to him before...but first things first need to get that first real spanking and need to get a head board for our bed... :-)

Hermione said...

Terpsichore - Good idea! A headboard is very useful for many things. And with a matching footboard, the sky's the limit!


Dragon & Tiger said...

That sounds very yummy even with the interruptions. I look forward to hearing about the next time!

dwcmike said...

bondage and spanking, sounds like a lot of fun for the both of you... I Just started reading from the beginning, so will enjoy the journey.