Monday, January 1, 2007

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Overheard at the Office
Terrible Trio
Whack that Chocolate
The show must go on

What does a girl have to do?
Swat This
Who's Vanilla?

What a Job
Positions II
Positions III
Latest Fashion

Romantic Fiction
Pleasure and Pain
Wedding Cake Toppers
Spanking While U Wait
Beyonce does it Better

Carved in Stone
Sixties Spankos
Sweet Mixed Bums
Wednesday Win - Gel Seat
Decisions, Decisions

Under Our Tree
Romantic Fiction
From the Top Shelf - Sci-fi I
From the Top Shelf - Rocking Horse
From the Top Shelf - Sci-fi II

Sweet Bottoms
From the Top shelf - Peach II
Birthday Spanking
April Fool
9 1/2 Weeks

Spot the Bottom

Spanking Tourists
This will hurt you more than it hurts me
9 1/2 Weeks Revisited
Who; Whom

Artistic Licence
From the Top Shelf - Maid's Night In
Butt Busting Activities
Victorian Souvenirs I
Victorian Souvenirs II

Pyramid of Spanking
You Donkey!
Consensual Spanking Day Captions
Naughty Words
Whacking Songs

A Book Worth Reading
Victorian Souvenirs V
Romantic Fiction for Fall
More Romantic Fiction for Fall

I'm Going to Spank some Ass
A Poem from The Pearl
Tai-Pan III 
Spanking Encyclopedia - Discipline

An Impressive Collection
The Tutor
Disciplinary Kitteh
The Tutor, Take Three

What if...
Location, etc.
Under the Weather
A Christmas Cracker

From the Top Shelf - The First Half-Dozen
From the Top Shelf - The Second Half-Dozen
From the Top Shelf - Twelve More Strokes
Lucky Thirteen

Colouring Outside the Lines
Private Lesson
Outlander II

Spanking on the Air
Elegant but Ineffective
When the Master Speaks
From the Top Shelf - Another Letter

He Keeps Me Guessing
Rules of Engagement
Rule 34, Expanded
Romantic Fiction for Summer

Letting Go
What Not to Read
Friday Fail (Butt Slasher)
Gilt and Midnight

That Hit the Spot
Your bum is completely exposed

MBS Spanko Brunch - Sounds of Spanking
Two Swats on the Street
That Eye
On your mark, get set, shop!

From the Top Shelf - At Home
Spanko Bracelets
We're not in Kansas anymore
Buried Treasure

Not What it Looks Like
Chance of a Lifetime
A Newspaper Startle
Bottom Blushers

From the Top Shelf - Military Discipline
There's an app for that
Wednesday WIN
Spankus Interrruptus

Meet the newest member of the team
The Maid Takes Charge
Creative Writing
Sticker Fun

Truth or Dare
Dare to Surrender
How they handle pain
This Artist's Passion

From the Top Shelf - Octavia 
Good Advice
Betsy Fry

To Each His Own
Friday Fail (50 Shades)
Wednesday WIN (50 Shades impressions)
Breakaway Paddle

Which One is Yours?
Music of the Spheres
Wednesday WIN
The Spendthrift Wife

Spider on the Wall
Wednesday WIN (Ping pong)
The Amorous Professor
Spanking for Beginners

Ellen's Story
Ellen's Startling Discovery 
Ellen's Civil Disobedience 
Ellen and Roderick 

Wednesday WIN (bottles) 
You Completed the Caption
The Baker's Dozen

Fifty Years Ago 
In with the New
A Tale of Two Sisters, part 2 
The Careless Maid 

The Latest Trend
Come Spank with Me Again
Welcome to the Board
A Peach of a Bottom 

On the Bare 
Guns and Beaters
The Fortunes of War, part 1
The Fortunes of War, part 2 

Friday FAIL
Friday FAIL
The Expert
A Cheap Alternative

Friday FAIL (50 Shades)
Red or Black?
Juliette Takes the Strap
Joanna's Turn

Spanko Brunch - Favourite Implements
Spanko Brunch - Provoking the Spanker
Sebastian's Verdict
Spanko Brunch - Favourite Room

You Completed the Caption
A Nurse's Mistake
Painful Pleasures
A Haughty Young Lady

Old Friend
Ronnie's Been Published
The Note
Friday FUN

Which one?
Spanko Brunch - Reactions After a Spanking
Fetch Me a Brandy
A Picnic Spanking

From Hermione's Heart

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