Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Time

We have a regular date for spanking each Sunday afternoon at four o'clock. The time rarely varies, even during football season -- imagine that, fans! This arrangement works well for us, because I like being able to mentally prepare in advance. My anticipation builds throughout the day, and I sneak glances at the clock starting around 3:15. By 3:59 I'm both eager and apprehensive, and I shiver when I hear the words "it's time" at four o'clock on the dot.

The funny thing is, the dogs always know when it's time, even before Ron says the words. They will start with a fixed stare. This soon gives way to dancing and spinning, then they scamper to the living room, where they bounce for their biscuits before being crated.

How do they know when it's almost four o'clock? I'm pretty sure they can read minds, so that's possibly the answer. But last week we realized it was much simpler than that. We have a wall clock that plays a different bird song each time the big hand is on the twelve. And that clock is a minute or two fast. They obviously recognize the four o'clock sound and take their cue from that.

Once we figured it out, we started joking about our "four o'clock frolic", both for the way the dogs were behaving and for our own imminent activities. Other choices were "four o'clock follies", "four o'clock friskies", and another one that Ron came up with, which I won't type here but you can probably guess!

Even a routine can be lots of fun!

Oh, and the four o'clock bird?

It's a woodpecker!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione:
You know dogs are so smart, they pay attention to so many things that we miss or take for granted. I am so impressed with your Husband for keeping your Four O'Clock Frolic regardless of the football schedule! That's fantastic
Take care

Doc said...


Hermione said...

AG - I'm impressed too. He's so anal!

DOC - Welcome!


Florida Dom said...

I'm impressed that he sticks to 4 p.m. even during football season when the games are often on the line. I guess he likes a different kind of two minute drill (LOL) or however many minutes the spankings last.

Hermione said...

FD - Thanks for stopping by.

What can I say? The man has his priorities!

Jean said...

Dogs, and other animals are so smart. That's great you have a set time set aside for spanking each week.

Anonymous said...

We are creatures of habit so routine can work very well and it also means you always get something of what you like on a regular basis.

I look forward to a little routine myself.