Saturday, March 28, 2009

Midsomer Masochist

Midsomer Murders is an entertaining drama about a fictitious English county with the highest murder rate in the country. Over the past ten years, two to three people per week have died under suspicious circumstances in one of the tiny Midsomer villages.

Victims and perpetrators alike tend to be wealthy, eccentric, or obsessed with unusual hobbies and pastimes. In each episode, quaint and old-fashioned but otherwise reasonably harmless individuals are gradually exposed as sinister, greedy, jealous or sexually deviant as the plot unfolds and the murders continue.
The distinguished Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and his equally handsome young assistant, Detective Sargeant Troy, manage to unravel the strings of deception one by one, and the mysteries are revealed when the criminal is confronted and confesses.

An episode that aired recently (probably a few years old for British viewers) called Country Matters was unexpectedly but delightfully kinky.

In one scene, a lovely young woman in full riding kit, carrying a riding crop, walks into the stable and confronts a man sitting down beside a saddle and bridle. He explains that he was only resting for a moment, but she is obviously displeased that he has not done his assigned tasks. She orders him to stand up and bend over a table, then goes to a rack on the wall where she hangs the crop and chooses a dressage whip instead. There is a closeup of the man's bottom, with trousers stretched tight across it. Then we see his face, and watch as the woman swings the whip and it connects. The expression on his face is a mixture of shock, excitement and pleasure; his eyes widen and his mouth forms an O.

In a later scene, the same man is hard at work cleaning tack when the two detectives arrive to continue their investigation. He apologizes for not having finished, then stands up, goes to the table, drops his trousers and bends over, saying "Oh well, variety is the spice of life." The detectives exchange startled looks.

There's also a kinky reference in a short conversation between Barnaby and his wife as she considers helping out at a cooking school. "[D]ishing out a bit of discipline, that I could handle."

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Wow! We don't have thing that good on TV here!


Tiggs said...

Sounds interesting, and damn funny with the guy just dropping trow like that!

dwcmike said...

hip hip hooray for the BBC. (or whicever British network who showed this.

Jay Walker said...

And the next day, Midsomer Murders was absolutly trashed by irate viewers.
They complained in thousands. Aparently the program used to be suitable for family viewing.
It was in all the papers and on sevral news programs.
John Nettles (DCI Barnaby), was trashed too since it was his idea to 'Spice up the show'.

On a personal note. We used to watch MM every week. Now mam has declared it 'filth' and its now banned in our house.

I rather enjoyed it though.
Hugs, Jay

Hermione said...

PK - We are fortunate to get a lot of British shows, which I love.

Tiggs - It was quite a surprise. I didn't expect a second scene.

Mike - Three cheers for the spanko Brits. I believe the series is over now, and something else has taken its place.

Jay - I didn't know that. Thanks for the inside information. Too bad you can no longer watch it.


ronnie said...

Hey Hermione, I didn't realise you got so many British programmes. Can't comment on this one, not seen it but does sound like it has some interesting scenes.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - We do get a pretty good assortment, here and there on various channels. They are between 1-5 years behind, but never mind.

I think we are 5 years behind Eastenders but at least we get it. Emmerdale was just cancelled.


Mr.C. said...

The worry is that it's so true to English country life.You can't poke your nose out of doors without either getting clubbed round the head with a candlestick, or affronted by trouserless submissives. I remember when I first moved here a copper was what your mum did the washing in, now you can't move for bodies and policemen.

Also, have you noticed that the butler never does it?

Hermione said...

Mr. C - You've burst my bubble. I've always dreamed of living in a tiny English village with ponies and hounds everywhere. But I suppose the riding mistresses were the first to go!