Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The office would be a pretty lively place if I started using these sticky notes that I found in a store at the local mall.

Maybe I could use them as hints for a spanking, and stick one on the mirror before Ron shaves in the morning.

Any other suggestions?

From Hermione's Heart


Scunge said...

No suggestions but how cool,I really need to find those for Sir and me!

ronnie said...

Oh great find Hermione, love it.
As it says - message from a real bum, how about writing a nice note to Ron and sticking it to your own bottom before you bend down in front of him when serving his dinner, that should work :)
Thanks for sharing.

Serenity Everton said...

I was thinking... make his to-do list on it. You know, so he has to check it several times during the day to remember.


Maybe your to-do lists aren't that long, though :)


Hermione said...

Kate - happy hunting!

Ronnie - That might work, and I could back into the dining room to make sure he sees it.

Sparkle - That sounds good. We have HUGE to-do lists all over. The ones on that list would really be noticed.


Anonymous said...

I love the note pad. I will take two please! Of course I can only think of one thing to put on that to-do list :)
I Gal

dwcmike said...

Maybe you should color the black lines with a red marker, and give Ron the idea where to put four nicely spaced cane strokes, or am I reading between the lines... :-)

Julie said...

How lovely.. I am thoroughly envious. If my Master had those to put meetings on it, he would most certainly never be late for our dates again.

Hermione said...

I Gal - I bet your list looks a lot like mine.

Mike - LOL - That sounds like a plan.

Miss Jules - They are eye-catching.