Thursday, March 26, 2009

The View from Here - Who Decides?

Lately, while roaming through the blogosphere, I've enjoyed reading about creative husbands who come up with imaginative ways to spank their wives. Although I always enjoy the spanking I do get, I think it's time that I too am surprised by some innovative position, implement, clothing or dialogue.

Ron doesn't read spanking blogs so he isn't aware of the many possibilities. Furthermore, he isn't a mind-reader. So it's up to me to come up with some ideas, and I can either tell him about them or show him. Somehow, I think that showing him might be much more fun.

Last week, I thought long and hard about what I really did want. Then when our time for play was imminent, I was prepared. I slipped into some lacy lingerie, and piled the bed pillows on top of each other at the foot of the bed. When Ron came in, his eyes widened when he saw what I was--or wasn't--wearing, and glanced at the pillows. Clearly this was something different, and he was all for it.

He quickly disrobed then proceeded to help me out of my outfit, taking an amazingly long time to do so. Eventually it was done, and he motioned me to bend over the pillows.

"Which one do you want," he asked as he started to untangle the terrible trio.
"The black one," I replied, my voice a bit muffled from the bedding. This was really easy after all.

The black leather paddle stings a good deal more than the gentler dogging bat, and Ron seldom uses it because it isn't as stiff and he can't control it as well when I'm lying in my usual position. But since we were both standing (sort of) he had room to swing and it was much better. Actually it hurt like **** as the swats landed on the upper part of my bottom. Ouch! I buried my face in the blanket and squeaked each time the leather connected. After a breather, when my sore posterior got a gentle massage, Ron resumed his attack, and this time the swats were lower down. They were still hard enough to make me say "Ow!" but somehow easier to take.

Luckily, this spanking was a short one. Ron soon decided he needed to give my bottom and other intimate areas a different kind of attention while I was still in the same position, and I enthusiastically agreed with his decision.

Later that evening I asked him how he felt about the black paddle, and he said it was much better that way. I agreed that I had liked it too. Then quite unexpectedly, Ron asked, "Did it really turn you on, doing it that way?"

"Oh, yes! The position, the pillows, the paddle, it was perfect!"

"Good to know."

Fast forward to the following week, when I was summoned to the bedroom for a spanking. Ron stood at the door, grinning. Pillows were piled at the foot of the bed, and the belt lay beside them, ready for use.

It was my turn to look wide-eyed. What a surprise!

"Oh." It was all I could manage to say.

"You're in for a treat. I'm going to use the buckle end."

He wouldn't, of course. I burst out laughing and gave him a hug. And I was very glad that I had taken the trouble to show him exactly what I wanted the week before. He's a quick study, and this occasion was even nicer than the preceding one because he added his own variations to it.

Ron first positioned me on my knees in front of him so that I could show my enthusiasm for his new-found creativity. After a few minutes he pushed my head away. "We'll come back to this later." He helped me to my feet and motioned for me to bend over the foot of the bed.

Ron is an expert the belt. I think he practises when I'm not around. He has perfected his technique so that he no longer leaves marks on my backside. I found myself standing on tiptoe, arching my back and thrusting my bottom up to meet the leather on its decent. Each time he stopped to rub my reddened cheeks, my heels returned to earth.

When Ron decided my bottom had had enough entertainment, I once more knelt in front of him and finished what I had started earlier. Then we snuggled under the covers and I was well rewarded for my efforts. It was an afternoon to remember.

I now feel more comfortable introducing something new that I'm longing to try, and plan to do it again soon, so stay tuned for the next addition to our repertoire.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

I think that's great! In most of the blogs I read it is the women who have brought all this up so it is up to us to let the guys know that we are still interested in trying new things. So glad Ron is a willing and enthustic learner!


The Headmaster said...

Indeed, he appears to be a model student. Bravo!

ronnie said...

Yes your right it's up to us to give them ideas and hope they catch on.
Sounds like Ron is a very quick learner. Thanks for sharing Hermione.

Brambleberry Blush said...

Oh, yes, a HAPPY spanking story! Just what I needed to read today. And you win the prize for best alliteration--"The position, the pillows, the paddle, it was perfect!"
Thanks, Hermione.


Hermione said...

PK - Many of us do seem to be on the same wavelength. I just have to keep reminding myself that he won't mind.

Headmaster - Yes, indeed, he deserves an "A".

Ronnie - I really wasn't expecting him to repeat the experience, so that was a real bonus for me.

Carly - Yeah, sorry about that. I got a bit carried away!


dwcmike said...

GLad to know that you are both having so much fun. At some point you might consider emailing to Ron a link to a guide showing different positions to be spanked in, and simply let him take charge.
bottoms up

Tiggs said...

Oh, that sounds like a spanking good time for both of you, from a whole new perspective. My heart leaped into my throat at the insinuation that he might actually use the buckle, but that's just cause I had a run-in with the wrong end of an implement way back when.

Hugs and love and lots of encouragement! Too bad he doesn't read some blogs cause there are a ton of suggestions and different ideas out here, from the male eprspective as well as the female!

Hermione said...

Mike - I thought of hanging a whiteboard on the bedroom wall, and drawing diagrams.....

Tiggs - Yeah, I can see how that sounds disturbing. But I know I;m in safe hands.

Reading spanko blogs just isn't Ron's thing. He does read blogs on other subjects, though, and even leaves comments.