Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Touch My What?

Before a caning, I am led to believe that "assume the position" means that the recipient of the strokes is to bend over and touch his or her toes.

Really? All the way down there? Just touch, or hold? Could it be ankles instead? What about knees? Do you get extra strokes for inflexible joints? Do you just go down as far as you can and hope for the best?

I've practically never been able to touch my toes. Not even as a child. I could sort of bounce downward and tap them, but couldn't hold the position for more than a second or two. The only time I was reasonably successful was during a summer of daily ballet, jazz and modern dance classes when I was at University. For a brief time, I could reach distant parts of my anatomy with my hands. But that didn't last. And now, there's a lot more of me in front; it pretty much rules out any finger-toe contact.

Touch your knees doesn't have the same ring to it. Touch your thighs...nope.
I guess I wouldn't be a suitable naughty schoolgirl, then. 

From Hermione's Heart


The Headmaster said...

Oh, I don't know. Touching one's toes is a very desireable position, but not - in my experience - essential. One can effectively administer the cane while a girl grasps her ankles or even rests her hands upon her knees. 'Bend over' are the only words she needs to hear.

Fabsterrant said...

Geez, why do I know you didn't really mean not suitable,lol. What about "hands on da calves"? Just tryin' to help.

pammie said...

Now I know why some Doms are surprised that I can touch my toes. LOL. I always say, "No problem. I do yoga! There are all sorts of wacky positions I can get into."

I think it has to do with how long your legs are-- in addition to flexibility. I have a long torso, so "assuming the position" has never been a problem. Maybe you have long legs-- or at least you could use that line.


Michael said...

"I guess I wouldn't be a suitable naughty schoolgirl, then."

Oh, I don't know about that, Hermione. Like The Headmaster says, bending over is key and resting your hands on your knees is perfectly acceptable. Plus, I bet you look really cute in a schoolgirl uniform. *G*



The touching toes is usually grasping ankles instead but they are both meant to stretch the buttocks as tightly as possible to make the caning more painful. The other traditional position for a caning is bent over the Masters desk, with the torso in full contact with the desk rather than palms and forearms on the desk, as is usual for a paddling, this is far better if you are getting the cane for the first time.


Hermione said...

Headmaster - Those words definitely push my buttons. Thanks for the reassurance.

Fab - That might work.

Pammie - Why yes, I do. Thanks for the excuse!

Michael - I do look fetching in knee socks.

Prefectdt - Bent over a desk - now that's the perfect position!


Julie said...

This makes me chuckle. I can not only touch my toes, but place my palms beside my feet. :-p Not because of flexibility, though. I have short legs.

dwcmike said...

Hermione: in terms of keeping you healthy, and thus keeping your blog alive, i suggest that you should recommence exercises. Ron could reward you after a long walk, or jogging, or working out at the gym. Or conversely, he could withhold spanking you if you didn't!
Stay healthy my friend.

Hermione said...

Miss Jules - That's quite an accomplishment!

Mike - You've inspired me to go for a long walk. Thanks!