Thursday, June 11, 2009

Belt, Redux

The bed was turned down, the bedside lamps glowed, the pillows were stacked at the foot of the bed, and Ron was waiting. I love watching the look of pleasure appear on his face when he sees me wearing something sexy. I had on a very short, clingy slip - pale pink and grey, with tiny straps and a flounce at the bottom. It barely concealed the pink thong I wore underneath. I shivered, partly in anticipation of what was going to happen to me very soon, and partly because the weather had turned cool, and I was feeling somewhat underdressed for the temperature in the room.

Ron put his arms around me and proceded to explore. When he discovered my bare bottom, he lifted the skirt up so he could caress them it easily. Then he released me and turned to choose an implement, and the fabric stayed up, leaving my cheeks exposed. I couldn't help glancing in the mirror; this was SO hot.

It got hotter. When he turned around with the belt in his hand, my thoughts flashed to my last very exciting belt encounter (thank you, Spanking Blog, for featuring it) and wondered if this one would come close to matching it.

My mind returned to the business at hand as Ron bent me over the end of the bed. He pulled the thong down, but he left the slip in place. He rarely allows me to keep any clothing on during a spanking, and the thought of being partially clothed with my bare bum presented made the scene even more thrilling for me.

Then there was the belt itself. Always exciting. I buried my head in the blanket and squealed when it bit especially hard, but I wasn't too distressed. Ron knows how to space the hard swats with milder ones in between. Then he decided to move to the next stage of enjoyment; putting the belt down, he entered me from behind. As he started to thrust, he also rhythmically spanked my bottom very hard with his hand. OW! Now that did hurt. He couldn't reach my sit spots - for obvious reasons - so he swatted the upper parts of my cheeks, which he could reach just fine. My squeals became louder and more sincere, and I grabbed handfuls of bedding. I was impaled and couldn't get away, even if I wanted to. But I didn't.

When our fun was over and we had both enjoyed ourselves completely, I returned to the mirror once more while Ron dressed. Both cheeks were completely red from top to bottom. My goodness, he really had done a thorough job. I usually see red only on the lower portion. I rubbed gently; the skin was hot to the touch.

When the weather outside is chilly, my lover really knows how to turn up the heat.

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Your writing is the perfect temperature and duration to bring the smoke out of my ears. Of course I had to reread the references mentioned. Now of course I'll probably go insane before the day is out.

Brambleberry Blush said...

Quite a thrilling encounter for you and for us too! Your writing makes it come alive. Thanks.


Sara said...

Ooooh! :) And isn't lingerie fun?

Penfold said...

youve gotta love that belt Hermione... hehehe,

Hugs Bear and Penfold xx

Michael said...

WOW! That was a hot encounter for all involved, Hermione, and you really brought it alive with your wonderful words. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

that was hot...when you talk about Ron, i think of, well, never mind ;)

Hermione said...

Fab - You'd better drink a glass of ice water.

Carly - Thank you. It was too good not to share.

Sara - It brings out the best in men, don't you think?

Penfold - Well, it's more fun for me if I love it :-)

Michael - Thank you. I enjoyed it again as I relived it while writing.

Eternal - Ron Weasley?


Anonymous said...

Well he seem to have got the hang it. Clever fellow.

Can I commend to him "face up" and "armchair bicycle" from your recent post Positions II as being very well suited to that belt?

Just trying to be helpful H, you'd do the same for me I know!


Julie said...

I'm glad to hear you seem to have had a lovely time. And I wish my boyfriend could heat me up right now.. instead, a space heater will have to suffice, I'm afraid.

ronnie said...

Oh Hermione, that was a very good account, loved it, thanks for sharing.

Have you ever written any fiction Hermione? I think you would be very good at at.

Have a good weekend.


Paul said...

Hermione, A great and enjoyable post, thanks muchly.
Love and warm hugs,

The Headmaster said...

You must have been a very naughty girl!

Anonymous said...

A lovely account of a very hot evening. Belts can be very exciting. I like the look on D's face when she merely hears me pulling a belt through the loops. It's this delicious combination of dread and "bring it on" that really appeals to me.

I recently had a belt break (no, not on D) and I was about to trash it, when I realized, hey! it's still useful even if I can't wear it. It's in the implement drawer now, awaiting the right time.

If I catch her lounging in a slip and thong, that might be the right time!

Hermione said...

Miss Jules - Space heaters aren't much of a substitute.

Ronnie - I find fiction harder to write, but I did make one stab at it here. I have another story in mind for later this year.

Paul - Glad you see you here. I'm pleased you enjoyed my story.

headmaster - Oh, no, quite the contrary. I was a very good girl.

G - "Dread and 'bring it on'" is a perfect way to describe the feeling.

What a good idea - reusing an old unwearable belt. that's doing your bit to save the planet. I hope D appreciates it.


Hermione said...

Recidavist - Sorry, I left you out in my earlier response. And probably with good reason. Not at all helpful. I would not appreciate those positions in the least!

Hugs anyway,

Angie said...

oh my! Um, very warm in here, now, have to go find my Husband...