Saturday, June 13, 2009

Salad Days

While browsing in one of my favourite home furnishings stores, I saw this lovely bamboo spanking paddle spatula. It's beautiful to look at, sturdy, and produces a nice sharp noise when... (Yes, I did try it on my palm when I hope no one was looking!)

I was shopping with an older female relative, and while buying the paddle might not have raised any eyebrows, I might have been questioned about why I needed more utensils for the kitchen. So I decided I wouldn't do it, and told myself the usual. Didn't need it. Had enough implements. Too expensive.

The next day, I was driving past the store, alone this time. Well, I wasn't exactly going past it to begin with, but it wasn't too far out of my way. I had a few minutes to spare, so I pulled into the parking lot, headed inside and wandered over to the kitchen department.

No one had bought the lovely paddle. It was still there. I picked it up, stroked it, hefted it for weight, and checked the price tag. It was smooth, solid, a decent weight, and not very pricey after all.

Lying on the shelf above was a pair of bamboo salad tossing implements. Mmmm, just the right size for.... And the wooden fingers would feel so nice....

At that point, my willpower dissolved and I scooped them up as well, then headed purposefully toward the checkout. The next time Ron suggests salad for lunch, we might have quite an adventure!

From Hermione's Heart


Fabsterrant said...

Yup, "willpower desolved" and "noise" sums it up other than the "yeowitch". Similar problems with trembly fumbly fingers in reloading the band, but the bite is there,lol.

Brambleberry Blush said...

You are much more brave than I. I would crumble at the sight of those fearsome implements. I hope you get what you want from them.


Julie said...

Ohh, those look lovely. I had a similar moment today when I walked past some amazing men's belts on sale.. now, that would have been seriously suspicious, though.

Hermione said...

Fab - I'm so pleased to hear it.

Carly - I hope so too.

Jules - You could say you were shopping for Father's Day.


Penfold said...

lol, well we hope you get them "used" soon Hermione.

Happy spanking. I personally want to bann Bear from the utencil tub for that same reason of having to many "toys" at his disposal. lol

Bear and Penfold xx

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you guys have just got to stop seeing the pervertible potential of everything...

Next you'll be going, "Oooh, we could use this as a paddle. Oh, hang on, it IS a paddle!" :)


Will you be doing a report on these new toys? Shaped bamboo, I'm so curious :)


Master Retep said...

They look lovely, there are times when you should just go with your instinct.

Its easy to get self conscious when you spot pervertibles in a shop but you must remember its a shop, they want you to buy the merchandise. Presumably, unless its THAT kind of shop when the courage is in walking through the door, the pervertible does have a use. Though I do remember my B stuttering into a confused explanation involving a nephew she was visiting who she thought had recently been given a pony, while I sat outside the tack shop in the car waiting for her to return with the riding crop to replace one which had been broken (don't ask).

Here's to some memorable Salad Days. Have a good summer.

ronnie said...

Oh I do love these Hermione, You have just given me an idea, thanks.

I hope you will give us a detailed report on them when Ron get to use them, for the the salad I mean :)

Enjoy your Sunday.


Abby Williams said...

Hi Hermione! I am envisioning the marks those salad tools will make - I hope you like them after the fact! They're very attractive, though, even just as utensils, as is the paddle/spatula.

Mr. W and I were at a Barnes & Noble recently, and we noticed that they had a display of bamboo cooking utensils. Now, as he and I met working at B&N, albeit in another state, the idea of such things in the store is just delightful/horrific. I can only imagine the trouble we'd have been in if we'd had those at our disposal!


Hermione said...

Penfold - I hope so too.

Subtletimes - Welcome! You mean they sell paddles just for spanking? Who knew?

Prefectdt - I'll let you know what I think of them. And what Ron thinks too.

Master R - I agree, it does take courage to go into "those" shops. I wrote about it here.

Ronnie - I'll tell you all about the er, dressing.

Abby - They are gorgeous, aren't they?

You and Mr. W would have had a wonderful time in B&N. There's always the stock room for a little quick fun.


Angie said...

Oh gosh, bamboo stings So horribly!

Good luck!

Hermione said...

Angie - Welcome! And thanks for the warning.


Rainer said...

what do think, I think I watch the pics?

Mrs M said...

Those implements look delicious, I can just imagine the tasty products that come from such implements ;-)...

I prefer the first one I think, as it really is a pretty paddle or rather salad tosser.

Great post, thanks for sharing!
Mrs M

ps...I loved Master Retep's comment about the crop and tack store, nothing better than the smell of leather!

Hermione said...

Rainer - Willcommen in meinen Herz.

Mrs. M - I agree, the first one is much more suitable for spanking. And I love the smell of leather too.


Miranda said...

Nice fish slice, or spatula, or what to call it...smiles. Hope you had fun with it. Those things are inspirational...giggles.



Hermione said...

Miranda - Welcome! I'm glad you like them. They do tend to bring out the creativity in a person.