Saturday, June 27, 2009

Corrie Kinkiness

I've been watching my favourite soap - Coronation Street - for kinkiness, and haven't seen anything good lately, so here are a few snippets from a while back that I've been saving until I had a good collection to post. If you missed my first post on Corrie spanking, here it is.

Sean, the gay barman, casually says to Norris, a straight-laced shop assistant "What can I get you, love?"

When Norris objects to being called "love", Sean snaps back, "Well beat me on the bottom with a rolled up [newspaper]!" (I couldn't make out the last word, even though I played the scene three times. Sometimes the accents and vocabulary are beyond me.)

In a discussion about redecorating the pub:

Decorator: "I'm thinking leather."
Pub landlady: "And that's for staff."

A restaurant owner (formerly a prostitute) is in the corner shop, asking if she can put an advertisement for waiting staff in the window. The bookie from across the street, who happens to overhear her, queries, "Advertising your services in the local shop window?. What is it - French polishing* or touch typing with shorthand?"

* The vanilla meaning of this term is applying a coating of shellac and alcohol to wood to produce a high gloss. However, it also means administering a methodical and thorough spanking with a leather strap, so that the end product is a pair of buttocks that are uniformly and evenly dark red. Nicely finished, as it were.

The same pair of characters later meet in the restaurant. The bookie orders a bottle of champagne and asks the restaurant owner to help him drink it. When she says, "You're a bad influence" he replies cheekily, "Well, if I'm naughty, feel free to punish me."

I can see where this is going! And by the way, a giant wooden fork and spoon hanging on the wall are very conspicuous in this scene.

Speaking of hanging on the wall, the sign on the cab firm's wall reminds everyone:

Wherever there's a belt
Wear it

It refers to seatbelts, but I thought it might be more fun if the sign said "Use it".

From Hermione's Heart


Angie said...

Thank you for sharing, always so nice when you not only hear a little bit like that, but that it happens in a show you really like.


Hermione said...

Angie - that makes it so much more fun to watch. I never know when I might hear a gem.


Mr.C. said...

That Emily Bishop, she's a one. Butter wouldn't melt.

I haven't got a television, is she still in it?

Her and Ken though, nudge nudge, wink wink.

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing Hermione. To be honest haven't seen corrie for ages, have to start watching it again :).

LOL to Mr. C's comment. Is Ken and Emily still in the soap?


Hermione said...

Mr. C - Yes, Emily is still going strong. Norris Cole is her lodger. And no, I don't think Ken would go for her at all. Nice thought, though. He's had about half of the ladies on the street so far.

Ronnie - Yes, Ken's still there, married to Dierdre (again). He'll never leave the show. Loads of new characters too, and sometimes I start to wonder which is which.


Suze said...

I'm glad I kicked the habit about 15 years ago. I don't watch any soaps now, I fill my time with other things.

I can't believe that Emily is still in it!

Hermione said...

Suze - If we miss Corrie one day, we go to the CBC website and watch it there. It's the only soap Ron and I watch, but we're hooked.