Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Positions III

Here's the third set of stick-figure drawings, called "bed positions and restraint." Some of my favourites are here. For those of you who missed the first two posts on positions, you will find them here and here.

I'm throwing out a challenge today. If anyone has actually tried each and every one of the positions on all three posts, please let me know. Leave a comment in this post, or email me at
I'm dying to know if there is anyone has ticked all the boxes.

I went in search of a set of Tinkertoys, and found myself in a toy store for the first time in many years. Did you know you can still buy Sea Monkeys? I also saw Mecanno sets; I had no idea they still made those.

The modern equivalent of Tinkertoys is called Makit Toy. It's similar, but the pieces are much larger.

From Hermione's Heart


Penfold said...

Hi there Hermione,

sory havnt been around, been a bit busy and my next post will explain other things clearer of why I havnt been on so much.

Bear uses the first 2 of these for both DD and play. We are not into restaints so the other ones probably wont happen for us lol

take care and have a good few days

Hugs Bear and Penfold xx

Mrs M said...

Hi Hermione, my husband and I have tried a fair few of all 3 position pages. However the 'bicycle' position we have certainly not tried, and it looks incredibly uncomfortable - but then again spanking was never meant to be comfortable right? LOL....

Great idea, and thanks for all the new positions to enjoy ;-)

Mrs M x

Eliane said...

Not tried them all, but I now have a check list to use!! Thank you very much ;-)

Angie said...

was doing pretty good, until we got to the restraints portion...

Meow said...

At our ages, OTK bed (#1) works best and we're sticking to it!! Our variation has one of his legs over mine - very snug and cozy! Meow

Scunge said...

Um you CAN still buy tinkertoys! And they are still called tinkertoys too! Try Toys R Us,Sir bought some just two weeks ago in the all wood style(there is also a plastic style)he needed them to make a dark spot to take pictures of his art work in. Oh and we did the OTK on the bed just today! Scunge/Kate

ronnie said...

I do love these Hermione.

We have tried a lot of these, the OTK, my favourite position. I'd be interested to hear if anybody had tried the armchair bicycle position. What about yourself?

Did you buy any of the toys?

Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Anonymous said...

My tally was ten out of the total positions...seems I'm still got a long way to go too :)

Hermione said...

Penfold - The first two are our favourites too. I'll be visiting your blog soon.

Mrs. M - Exactly. It isn't supposed to be a comfortable activity.

Eliane - Keep us posted on your progress.

Angie - restraints aren't for everyone.

Meow - Sounds delightful!

Kate - I did try Toys R Us. They didn't seem to have any toys that weren't related to current cartoons or movies. I found the other type in a shop that carried simple, creative-type toys.

Ronnie - Yes, I did. (I passed on the Sea Monkeys!) I will have to experiment and see if I can make some little people.

subtletimes - Ten is impressive! Well over what we have tried.


Anonymous said...

(I posted this on Spanked Hubby but think it fits here)


Thank you for the fantastic "positions" posts and after reviewing the positions numerous times I came up with a fantastic idea. I am Canadian and tomorrow is Canada Day so I told hubby we are going to have a Canada Day Marathon. Throughout the day tomorrow I am going to spank him in every one of the positions that you posted. I have not decided on all the details for example I was thinking 10 smacks in each position but maybe more not sure as we have all day for the spanking and if I should just use my hand or?

Should be fun.


Hermione said...

Lisa - what a great idea! It sounds like the fireworks will be starting early at your house.

I suspect your hand will get sore after a while, so perhaps an implement or two to give it a rest?


Anonymous said...


Again thank you for the position info. I decided that I would use a number of implements. I made a screen shot of the positions and cut them out Wayne will draw one out of a container. He then will draw another paper from a different container that will have sheets of paper with my favorite implements including my hand. Only detail left is number of spanks. Suggestions?