Saturday, November 28, 2009

The View from Here - OTK

The traditional position for spanking is over the knee. Although we have been engaged in "the sound of one hand clapping" for many, many years, we just never did it in that position. Why? I suppose because spanking wasn't a thing we did in isolation; it was always an extension of foreplay. I got kissed, caressed, fondled and spanked, in no particular order. So we never made special preparations or bothered much about technicalities.

Not that I didn't crave it. The thought of being across a lap or over a knee pressed all the right buttons for me. But I never spoke up. Oh, the odd time when we were fooling around on the couch I might have maneuvered myself into that position, but I don't recall staying there for long. Ron simply wasn't interested in doing it that way, and I suppose he had his reasons. It might have seemed like discipline or age play to him, and he doesn't care for either one.

Then came the revelations that blogging and the internet provided, and I was reborn. All of a sudden I was inspired to try new positions, new implements, new everything, with my patient but unsuspecting husband. I discovered that there was an over the lap variation that sounded like just the ticket.

And so, at my instigation, we did it, and I told you all about it. I was spanked while across my husband's lap. I loved the idea of it; there I was in the position of all my fantasies. I thought I really had arrived. Now we were finally doing it right!

But deep down, I was a tiny bit disappointed. It simply wasn't very comfortable. Okay, I know the spankee isn't supposed to be comfortable. A spanking hurts, right? But I mean in the sense of lying on top of hard, bumpy legs instead of a nice, soft pillow. Ron's legs are slender and not overly padded, and while my tummy has plenty of padding, it wasn't enough. I felt an uncomfortable pressure that made me squirm, and not because of the swats.

For that reason, I hesitated to try it again. Ron never suggested it, which led me to think that perhaps he hadn't enjoyed it either, although at the time, well, it sure looked like he was having fun. But after a decent interval, my craving for that position got the better of me and we experienced OTK, take two.

Again I thought that it wasn't the pleasantest position. Although the thrill of it made me ignore the discomfort, it was still there. Ron always leaves the choice of position up to me, and I let several months pass before I decided to give it one more try.

But they say the third time is a charm, and so it was for us. I don't know why. I had taken steps to reduce some of the excess baggage around my midsection, and possibly that made our bodies fit together more snugly. Maybe I was more relaxed and less worried that Ron didn't want to spank me in that position. All I know is, once I settled in, it felt fine. Until the paddle descended on my bottom, that is. But that was an entirely different sort of discomfort that I was quite happy to endure. As far as being over his lap was concerned, I never wanted to leave it.

Perhaps it's a simple case of practice makes perfect, or of getting used to something different. It doesn't matter. Our version of OTK is something I look forward to now, and I know Ron will gladly give me all the ouchy attention I need.

From Hermione's Heart


Red said...

In my humble opinion, OTK is the most intimate of positions, where the two people are in greatest contact with each other. Feeling my wife's body warmth while over my knee, or vice versa, makes a very intimate connection. More loving than being spanked without any interaction except implement and bottom.

Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione,

When I read or hear the word "spanking," the mental picture I usually construct is being across Randy's lap and attracting his savage attention. It's traditional. It's submissive. It's effective. It's intimate. I love everything about receiving an OTK spanking. That must be the reason we do it so frequently!

Even if a spanking destined to end up in another venue, it generally begins OTK.

I'm happy to hear you finally found the right formula. Enjoy!


Meow said...

I also love OTK and get nearly all of my spankings that way. Because of those discomfort issues we use the bed to support my upper body and legs and use a pillow to pad his bony knees. It feels safe, loving, intimate and vulnerable and it's our very favorite position. Glad you discovered the joys of OTK. Meow

Hermione said...

Redxxx - I agree, it is a very intimate position.

Bonnie - "savage attention" - I love that. You'd better copyright it! "Spanking" says OTK mentally for me too. And as for enjoying, I will!!

Meow - Using a pillow for padding sounds like an excellent idea. I will give it a whirl.


ronnie said...

I'm the same spanking to me gives a mental picture of OTK. My favourite position and one we normally start with.

Happy to hear you've worked what's the best way for you to enjoy it.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I intend to keep on enjoying it too!


Fabsterrant said...

You both have a remarkable relationship. I always enjoy your special ways of getting the job done right!,lol.

Hugs, Fab

Hermione said...

Thanks, Fab. We do our best!