Monday, April 26, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Mind Guest 3

Here is a third and final excerpt from Mind Guest by Sharon Green, a Science fiction novel with roughly equal measures of adventure and BDSM. Special space agent Diana has arrived on a distant planet that needs her help in resisting an invasion, and she agrees to take on the identity of Bellna, a princess who also happens to be a spoiled brat.

In our last installment, Diana was almost spanked by Fallan when the bad guys intervened. After some pretty intense experiences as a slave, she escapes, but is injured and falls ill. She is once more under Fallan's stern protection; he insists she stay in bed and threatens her with punishment if she disobeys. Naturally that's exactly what she does.

I reached through the dusty sunlight to the side of the window, opened the latch, then pushed the window wide against a small amount of resistance. My clothes in the wardrobe were probably still wet, so I'd be better off forgetting about them. The nightshirt covered me well enough, and would certainly do until I got where I was going. I leaned out the window to see how far it was to the ground, pulled my head back in and hiked up the nightshirt, then--

"There is clearly one of us who is incapable of understanding simple speech," Fallan growled from behind me, all traces of patience gone. "Take yourself from that window and do so now!"

I glanced back over my shoulder to see him standing there...his dark eyes flashing with such strength and dominance that my body attempted to respond...I turned back to the window and threw a leg over the very narrow sill, started to swing out--but was caught before I could free my second leg. Fallan pulled me back in with very little effort, his arm wrapped tight around my waist. I screamed and kicked, but he still reached out and pulled the window shut.

"You should be taught a good lesson for such foolishness," he growled, fighting to hold me still. "Were you not hurt I would--"

"Release me at once!"

"I am to release you so the long series of accidental mishaps which have descended upon me since we met might continue?" He demanded, forcing me face down across his folded legs. "It is now time to cause a mishap of my own, one that has been much too long in the coming."

He held me across his knees and pulled the bottom of the nightshirt up, and I didn't know what the hell he was doing. I struggled and fought to get loose--and then howled with the first swat from his big hand on my bottom. It stung less than the second smack, and the second less than the third, and after that I lost count. I couldn't believe he would do that to me, that he would dare spank me, but that's exactly what he was doing. It began to really hurt and I began to cry, but that didn't stop him. He continued to hold me down across his lap and spank me, and I couldn't stand any more. I had to get away--and then everything suddenly changed, but only inwardly.

Outwardly Fallon was still spanking away, but inside nothing I'd done seemed all right any longer. Somehow the Bellna presence had gotten the upper hand without my realizing it, and this time I was really stuck with the consequences. I'd never been spanked before, not even as a child, but it was much too late to stop it. All I could do was squirm against his leg as I stared at the dirty wooden floor, while Fallon paid me back for everything I'd ever done to him--and what Bellna had done as well. I really felt it every time his big hand reached my bottom, and it didn't stop reaching my bottom for what seemed like a very long time.

When the bastard finally let me go, I crawled off his lap and knelt there, with my hands behind me, the tears streaming down my face. Bellna had started the crying but I couldn't seem to stop it, not with the way my backside stung. It wasn't the pain that was so terrible--it was nothing compared to the way I usually got hurt on the job--but the humiliation was more than I could stand...

"You may now return to your bed," he said, sounding all through with playing games. "Should I find you out of it again without permission--MY permission--you will find sitting a [pony] even more difficult than it currently is for you. Now, go!"

Many pages and several adventures later, Fallan reveals his true identity. He is Valdon, the one who explained the concept of "swatting" in the first excerpt I shared with you.

"If stubbornness was a power source, you could handle a city," Valdon growled, narrowing his eyes and shaking his head at me. "A large city. If you're that dead set on taking the blame, maybe getting punished for it would ease your nonexistent conscience. Suppose I turn you bottom up again and find out?"

He began reaching a hand out toward me, but I knocked it away with a snort.

"That's not funny," I told him, remembering all too well the first time he'd done it. "I'm used to coupling crime with escape, not with punishment, so don't do me any favours. As a matter of fact, your--interesting--manner of punishment was a prime motivation for what happened later. Was that Fallan's way of doing things or yours?"

"Mine," he admitted with no backwardness or regret, but with a broadening grin. "I'd worked pretty damned hard pulling you out of that fever, and I was in no mood to see you wandering around. Just being out of bed so soon might have gotten you that whacking, but then you started pulling some of your fancy tricks. I suddenly remembered all the other things you'd done, and that clinched it."

So there you have it. The two eventually tumble into bed together and team up to work together doing whatever space spankos do.

From Hermione's Heart


Salvia said...

Hiya Hermione :)
Yeah! He finally spanked her! :) I've been waiting patiently. Thanks for the space spanko story, lots of fun!

ronnie said...


Thanks for the excerpt from this book. It's great, we get the good bits without having to read all the book.


Hermione said...

Salvia - I felt the same way while I was reading the book. Finally!

Ronnie - the rest wasn't worth bothering with. And for being so patient, I am posting a 9 1/2 Weeks excerpt next week.