Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sleepy Spanking

This weekend has been absolutely phenomenal in terms of weather. The temperatures are seriously higher than seasonal, and it feels like midsummer instead of early spring. We have all been spending long hours outside, and after a frigid winter of staying indoors where it's warm, we are intoxicated by the fresh air and sunshine.

Fluffy, our crazy young dog, runs laps around the yard when he isn't chasing squirrels and robins. Fang, a sedate older canine, enjoys strolling and sniffing for squirrel poop. When he finds some, he rolls in it blissfully. Crookshanks the cat watches them both disdainfully from the window. Ron and I have been raking, cleaning, and otherwise preparing for another busy season of gardening, barbecuing and enjoying the backyard.

All this sun and exercise takes its toll. By late afternoon we all feel quite exhausted. It isn't so much the activity as the fresh air. We have had our fill of moving around and doing things. We will adjust to outdoor activities in a week or so; it's only the first few days that affect us this way. But I suspect that any spanking I receive this weekend will be delivered and received by two sleepy people with their eyes half-closed, stifling yawns between the swats. And the dogs won't even notice; they'll be fast asleep!

Instead of hunting for Easter eggs, you just might find me curled up under a bush beside one. Happy egg hunting, and happy Easter!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

You must be doing something wrong,if you would fall asleep during a spanking!!! The garden is never finished, weeds will always grow, so I hope this Easter you let your bottom glow :-)
Happy Sunday

Daisychain said...

Oh for the days when I had time to be gardening...over the last few years, my garden has fallen by the wayside and now looks ummm....very natural! xxx

Hermione said...

Red - A poem! what a lovely treat!

Daisy - The birds, animals and insects love 'natural'.


B. Iddy said...

I can't say there's been anything sleepy about the delivery over here. Quite enthusiastic, in fact.

Happy Easter!

ronnie said...

I can't wait for the warmer weather when I can get out into the garden. I think today we maybe able to actually give the lawn it's first cut.


Hermione said...

Biddable - Sounds like you've had an exciting Easter celebration!

Ronnie - We are still a couple of weeks away from resuming that chore.