Thursday, April 29, 2010

This will hurt you more ...

Yesterday Spankedhortic wrote about myths involving pain. You really have to watch his Mythbusters videos! Especially the one comparing men's pain tolerance to that of women.

My response to that post is a little discovery of my own. A recent article in the newspaper announced that our perception of pain is enhanced by talking about it. Saying "This may hurt" can actually make the pain more intense. Talking about pain stimulates a part of the brain called the "pain matrix".

What does that mean for those of us who seek pleasurable, erotic pain? During a spanking, the spanker can produce a greater effect with less effort by simply telling the spankee that it's going to hurt excruciatingly. The spankee will then experience more intense pain (along with corresponding enjoyment) without fear of excess bodily harm. How convenient!

From Hermione's Heart


subtle slavegirl said...

I have a question...

Is the pain actually nice for you or is it everything else above and beyond the actual pain that you enjoy?

Hermione said...

Hi subtle,

I'd have to say that I do enjoy the pain. Not just any pain though. Hitting my head on something makes me furious.

A spanking wouldn't do anything for me if pain weren't involved, and I crave that kind of hurting. The rest of it (ritual, position, words, implements) are all part and parcel of the total experience, but without pain, they don't hit the mark.



I wonder if this works the other way around as well. For example would saying something like "I'm sure this is nothing for a big strong boy/girl like you" to a recipient, poised over a knee, reduce the level of perceived pain?


morningstar said...

It's interesting (well for me) that just last evening I was having a similar discussion with a friendly group of BDSMers.

One commented that in her opinion a large percentage of "play" begins and ends in the mind. She can make a hard spanking feel like a wimpy one simply by implanting the thought that they could take it. And conversly she could convince someone that it was going to hurt a whole lot more than it did.

Some call it mind fucks.. shrug.. but I do believe whatever you call it - the mind does play a huge role in how we process the pain

just my 2cents


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - I don't know. You'll have to do a study and let us know.

morningstar - That's exactly why I like pain. It's a challenge to me to "take it". It never seems as bad as long as I control myself and my reaction.

Yes, the mind is very powerful.


Anonymous said...

excellent idea. Verbal like scolding makes the experience more personal and effective, if you are into discipline. Mental images can enhance the effect of what is to happen. Likewise, the mind can block out the event if it wants to.

brantwijn said...

Hello! I am dropping by, visiting you from a link on elisabeth's Writings on Domestic Bliss. I've read through a few of your posts but I wanted to stop and say this one spoke to me quite a bit. I enjoy your posts quite a bit!

Hermione said...

Red - I agree on both counts.

Brantwijn - Welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed this post and the others. Do come again.