Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guess the Implement

It's time to get out your crystal balls once more. Any guesses on what this lovely object might be used for, besides reddening my bottom?

Please leave a comment with your opinion, suspicion or inspiration.

I'll leave you in suspense for a day or two before I reveal the true nature of this beast.

From Hermione's Heart


subtle slavegirl said...

A coaster? A rather large thing to put under a vase?

ronnie said...

Hi Hermione,

I do like your "Guess the Implement" posts.

I would say a coaster as well.

Look forwarding to finding out what it is.

Scunge said...

Hard to guess the size but I think it is a plaque or maybe a trivet.


Well I would say either a budding woodworkers hand held false mustache gone wrong or it has an aardvark painted on the other side with the wood shaped to match.


turiya said...

It actually looks like the backing to one of those wood clocks... just not yet completed. Or maybe something to put hot pots on or something.

B. Iddy said...

Cheese board?

Charlie said...

I believe we are looking at the bottom of some sort of tray for chips.