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From the Top Shelf - Naughty at Dinner

Tales of Naughtiness is an excellent though little-known blog written by a male student from Texas. The author recently reached his first blogaversary and has decided it call it a day. Why not drop over and wish him well, and while you're there, take a look at some of the delightfully naughty spanking stories he has written. I'll give you a sample right here.

Naughty at Dinner

Leo and April were in an expensive restaurant. Leo had a striking, powerful suit on, black and white with a bold, solid colored tie, while April had a more subtle, feminine, also black and white, blouse and skirt. It looked conservative at a glance, but the blouse was cut just low enough and the skirt just high enough, and they hugged the right spots and flowed in the right spots, so that a subtle, but very present sexuality surrounded her. Leo thought that she seemed like a perfectly refined and well-mannered woman with courtly and elegant behavior who could turn into a savage sexual beast at any moment, and, moreover, could do so without ever betraying her charm. So he was a bit aroused and wanted to play.

They sat across the fancy, ornate table from each other, mostly empty plates between them. Leo leaned over the table and said quietly so that only April could hear, “I intend to make you wet before we leave.”

She grinned a little bit and looked around. “But, here? How are you going to do that?”

“Well, you’re going to submit to me and do what I say.”

“I am?”

“Yes you are.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you’re a very bad girl and you need to be strictly punished.” She blushed slightly and her eyes darted around, wondering if anyone could overhear them. They hadn’t played in public before. The idea made her nervous and, she quickly realized, very excited.


“Yes, what?”

She squirmed in her seat and whispered, barely audible at all, “I’ve been a bad girl and I need to be punished.”

“Louder.” Her cheeks darkened and she glanced around. The room was full of chatter and talk and no one was paying any attention to her, but still. There were waiters and servers walking around and if someone overheard her...

“Do I need to give you lines?”

Her eyes got big. “No, no sir.” She hadn’t meant to say sir, not really, and Leo grinned at her, almost triumphantly, as she finally said the one line, loud enough for him to hear clearly and, consequently, anyone who happened to walk by at that moment to overhear.

Of course, no one did, but April was still incredibly aroused by the thought of it, and her face still pink.

“You naughty girl, I should spank you right here. Let everyone see your naughty butt get turned red, I’m sure it would do you good.” She had to put her fork down and clench her hands on her legs. “Think about it, you brat. I would bend you over the desk, lift your skirt, and…what underwear are you wearing?”

Her mouth made a few false starts before she finally put words together. “Umm, just, normal...”

“In detail, April, or I’ll make you show them to me.”

Her mouth worked quicker this time. “They’re blue, with little wavy gold stripes across them...and they don’t cover...everything, just about...maybe two-thirds...”

“Two-thirds of what?”

“Of my…bottom.”

“Of your naughty ass?”


“Say it.”

“Of my naughty ass.” Her face was quite red by now, and her hands were squeezing her thighs as she tried not to squirm completely out of her seat.

“So, everyone would see your panties, and a third of your naughty butt. Are you picturing it?” She nodded, biting her lip. “And then I would explain to everyone that you had been a very a naughty girl, and so you needed to be punished, and I would tell everyone that I was going to spank your naughty butt until it was red. But first, I’d make you beg for your spanking, in front of everyone. So beg, April, beg to have your panties taken down and your bare naughty butt punished and spanked in front of everyone.”

She was convinced everyone could hear every word they were saying, and she wasn’t convinced that this begging was just hypothetical. But she had no other choice...well, she did, but damn she was horny.

“Please, Sir...take down my panties and punish and spank my bare butt in front of everyone.”

“Not enough, I’m not convinced yet.”

She groaned. “I’ve been very, very naughty and bad, and I desperately need to have my butt turned red for everyone to see. Please punish me.”

He nodded. “And then, after I made you repeat it loud enough for everyone to hear, I would pull down your panties and show everyone your naughty, bare butt, and then I’d turn it red. And you’d squirm and yelp and squeak and dance and everyone would see just how naughty and bad of a girl you are. I’d spank you until you didn’t have any modesty left, and then I’d make you stay in position, your red butt on display as you wiggle it around.” She was already wiggling her butt around just from his description, and was mostly glad and a little disappointed he wasn’t really doing it. She knew her face was red, and that was enough...maybe.

read the rest here.

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Aimless Rambling said...

Ooooooh,too erotic for a Monday morning. Not fair.

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What a delicious story, thanks for the recommendation!

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Yes quite delicious and hot. Thanks for sharing this one Hermione.

Shame he's stopping, will pop over.


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Sunnygirl - I hope this started your week with a bang:)

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