Sunday, March 11, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Here is how some clever person captioned this photo on Now here are your suggestions:

Simon: Having tried to explain the new drought regulations three times Simon decided that an old fashioned spanking might reinforce the message.

Although her new bubble bath had promised to make her irresistible to men Hermione hadn't expected quite as quick a response.

James: "That bath brush hanging on the wall might help in drying your bottom."

Michael: "Hermione, how many times have I told you to close the window shade when you bathe? Now poor old Mr. Peepers from across the alley needs a doctor because his blood pressure has gone through the roof. Step out of the tub, young lady, and hand me that bath brush."

Kitty: "I told you to be waiting for me, in bed, when I got home from work. Now, because you've disobeyed, your bottom is going to pay the consequences. Hmmm, I'll use the bath brush," he says.

Words on the Bottom: "Are you paying too much for your car insurance?!"

Six of the best: "After you have finished brushing your teeth Hermione, I will use a much larger brush, to reddened that voluptuous naked rear end of yours with a good spanking," said hubby.

Ronnie: "Out you come and bring the bath brush with you - I think you need a little reminder that it goes in the toy bag not on the wall."

Prefectdt: Prefectdt cannot do the caption competition this week cause he's sick like, wiv sneezies and spots and stuff and the dog ate his homework, so you can't have that eiver.

Signed Prefectdt's mom

Sorry to hear you aren't well.  I hope you feel better soon, then we'll discuss that caption.

Vfrat25000: Sorry, apparently I am in the wrong building. Do you think you could give me directions to the Gotham Towers? Don’t bother getting out, I’ll bring you a pen and paper.

Hi, I am the neighborhood Peeping Tom. This sure is a lot better than hanging around outside some window. My name is Paul. What’s yours?

OK Sweetie…Tonight we are going to play WATER RESCUE..I am the heroic fireman and you are the woman who can't swim. Prepare to be rescued!

Bite me lady. I am the BUG GUY and I have been trying to get in to spray this apartment for weeks. Just lay back and relax and I will be finished in here in a few minutes.

Sorry to bother you lady…I am missing my pet snake and he loves water. He isn’t in that tub with you is he?

Mollie, I just opened the Niemen Marcus credit card bill. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had a spanking on a wet bottom?

Daisychain: I'm a little early home from work, darling. Move up, and I will get in with you, maybe we can have some fun with that bath brush....

Autumn: "Don't give me that 'innocent over-the-shoulder glance.' I told you not to dawdle. Now, UP out of that tub and OVER THE BED like I told you...and while you're at it, bring that bath brush you seem to be so found of. I'll show you the proper use for such things."

Lea: "When I said to prepare yourself, I meant to get the bathbrush, NOT get in the bath."

Next week's photo will be a real challenge.  See you then!

From Hermione's Heart


kiwigirliegirl said...

LOL at Lea - good one
fabulous funny answers :)

Hermione said...

They sure are!