Saturday, March 17, 2012

Complete the Caption

Warm sunshine, soft grass, gentle breezes and bare bottoms. A perfect setting for...?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your summertime suggestions in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


Spankedhortic II said...

Sun tanning competition BEGIN. Last one to get tan lines get's the walloping.


ronnie said...

The girls were pretending to practice sun worshiping but really they wished the boys in the next field would come and spank them.


Michael said...

Here are a few captions and a poem, Hermione.

"Worshipping at the altar of Spring."

"Okay, girls, get into position for thong inspection here at Camp Naughty Imp."

"The Ostrich Club meeting is now in session."

"Straw hat and a thong,
That uniform is NEVER wrong,
And I must stay strong,
Like the mighty King Kong,
And strive to prolong,
The spanking of this throng,
And make them sing an ouchy song!"

Bonnie said...

"We're not worthy!"

or "A tribute to the three of hearts"

Anonymous said...

What are these pool cue holders doing out here?

Kingspan said...

These ladies were determined to get their bottoms tanned one way or the other.

sixofthebest said...

My hats in the ring, for opening up a new 'talon salon, if these three naughty beauty 'butts', are my first customer's.

vfrat25000 said...

I am beginning to think our new male yoga instructor may have something in mind beside meditation.

Officer Trimble could you check the park for a report of three ladies in big hats, wearing thongs with their rear ends stuck up in the air. Oh sure, right after I check for that navy battleship someone saw in the city pond.

Megan, I think we may have been tricked. I don't see anybody else in the park in the tornado safety position. I think that civil defense guy may be from the Delta Theta Fraternity.

The last three contestants for the new 2012 Jaguar still remain in position after the previous 97 finally gave up.

Quit complaining Marilyn. We have tried finding rich husbands every other way possible and this may be our last chance.

Becky I am still really hungry. Why don't we blow off this Rear End Elevation Diet and go get some Steaks. That is the last diet plan I buy off of an infomercial

Jackie. I am going to strangle you the next time one of your ideas gets all three of us spanked by our husbands and we have to cool our bottoms this way.

Peach said...

I like Michael's above poem, A LOT. :) Thanks for sharing.

A. Lurker said...

1/ All hail Lord Spanko! All hail Lord Spanko!
2/ Desperate Housewives?

Emen said...

The start of the Season of the Switch.

As in hearty young plant life capable of burning love songs on these beauty butts with laserlike precision.

Or, in the case of Tops and Bottoms out there contemplating crossing the streams, Happy Season of the Switch to ya.

Spanky said...

I spotted a girl with two friends,
Displaying their perfect rear ends.
A pose sure to please,
on elbows and knees,
I'm glad that I brought my zoom lens!

Unknown said...

Why is the photographer taking pictures of our hats???

Galwaygiirl said...

What beautiful matching.............hats