Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday WIN

Today I have two book covers for your enjoyment.

This one is real, and available here.

This one is just for fun.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


"I was a Biker Gangs Plaything." Very, very funny. I am imagining my mother in law sitting on one of those bikes.

Thanks for the laugh.


Aimless Rambling said...

Thanks for sharing - both a win

Kitty the Submissive Wife said...

Oh, the bikes... I love it! Win!

ronnie said...

Both wins Hermione but the second one the best. Thanks.


Unknown said...

biker gangs of old... funny..

Anonymous said...

Love the 2nd one. I'm dying to know what Joey's mother-in-law looks like.


Dave Wolfe said...

My next nom-de-plume is totally going to be Hortense Honeybottom!

Or maybe, Hortense Hottenerbottom.


Dave Wolfe said...

(Slapping paw to head)

Oh wait, wait, "Hortense" is a female name, and even if I wrote as a woman in the grand tradition of Victorian Erotica and Penthouse Letters, those names don't go together for what I'd have in mind.

All right then, Thrashwell Hottenerbottom.

Blondie said...

Both pictures were great. Made me laugh

Erica said...


The first one seems almost as fake as the second one! Wonder what year it's from. Both are great!

Anonymous said...

Second one made me laugh out loud! Born To Be Wild!


kiwigirliegirl said...

LOL...funny and cute - I need that today , thank you x

Hermione said...

Real or imaginary, they're both great. Now I wish I'd picked Hortense as a pseudonym instead of Hermione:)

I'm glad everyone enjoyed these.