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From the Top Shelf - Jennifer's Shame

This is a rather sweet--if not so gentle--story from that bygone era of American spanking stories where uncles and aunts had control over their nieces and were within their rights when they exercised that control. If the idea of this offends you, please stop reading now. This fairly long tale of domestic discipline is by a lady named Janice Gold, from a collection aptly titled Good Old Fashioned Spanking Stories.
Jennifer had no idea that things would take such a turn. It was obvious that there would be quite a bit of an adjustment to go through, but had she known that he would do this to her, she probably would have fought against the change entirely. But is that true, she asked herself. If she really had known that he would literally assume the role as her father, would she really have been against it from the beginning? She doubted it, as she made the long and painful climb up the stairs to her bedroom.

It all started only three months ago when her father found out that he would be transferred. William Barrett, Senior Engineer at Argyle Dynamics, had been informed that his expertise was needed in the South African office, at least for a year and possibly two. His wife, Marge, a petite and quiet woman, didn't really want to pick up and move, however she would do whatever her husband deemed best.

And so three months ago, Mr. Barrett sat down with his wife and daughter and explained that the transfer had gone through. Then he brought up the sensitive issue about what to do with Jennifer. There was a mood of excitement and sadness in his voice. He did not want to separate the family, however he felt stronger about not wanting to take Jennifer out of her senior year in high school and put her in a foreign country. And the problems that had been going on in South Africa only seemed to compound this feeling.

It seemed that a temporary separation would be the only alternative. Finding a second home for Jennifer would not be a problem, and for this William Barrett was grateful. Jennifer had always had a second home--her Uncle Tom and Aunt Elaine lived across town, and Jennifer had always been very close to them. Mr. Barrett knew that Jennifer would not be too much of a handful for his brother and sister-in-law--she was a good daughter, though sometimes stubborn in wanting her own way.

They kept a closer than normal eye on her, especially since it was evident to them that Jennifer was turning into a real beauty and capturing quite a bit of male attention. She had a dark complexion, large beautiful green eyes, and soft thick brown hair that just curved past her neck and rested lightly on her shoulders. She was petite like her mother, and she looked more like an angelic child than the young woman she felt herself really to be. Mr. Barrett was lucky that his daughter, so far, had turned out pretty well--respectful of her elders, a good student in school, and one who had a good sense between right and wrong.

Tom and Elaine Barrett, William's older brother and sister-in-law, had lived in the same town ever since Jennifer was a small child. The two brothers had always been very close to each other, with William looking up to Tom since he was the older brother of seven years and was worldly and well-rounded. Tom and Elaine did not have any children of their own and they regarded Jennifer like their own child. Jennifer remembered quite a few occasions when she had had a fight with her mother or father in her early teenage years and made the great escape by taking the bus across town to be comforted by her "second parents".

And so it was decided that for at least the next year until she would graduate high school, Jennifer would live with her Uncle Tom and Aunt Elaine. This didn't seem too terrible to Jennifer; of course she would miss her parents but after all, she did love her Uncle and Aunt very much. The only problem that Jennifer anticipated was that since Uncle Tom and Aunt Elaine never had any children of their own, she would have to "break them in" and make sure that she would have the same privileges and allowances that she was used to. And maybe, just maybe, Jennifer thought to herself, she would even have more than her own parents allowed. Perhaps her curfew could be extended, her allowance increased, and her responsibilities lightened.

At the airport there were many hugs and kisses. As Jennifer's parents were about to board the plane, her father said, "Jenny baby, now your Uncle Tom is your father figure and I expect you to listen to him and be on your best behaviour, okay?" Now that the moment had arrived, Jennifer, for some reason, felt a twinge of discomfort. She smiled, nodded, and gave her parents one last hug.

Tom Barrett was a handsome man, tall and distinguished looking, approaching forty-seven years, with an athletic build, and stern but friendly features. His trim moustache and dark brown hair were the only common features that he and his brother shared. The two men were very different in demeanour. Tom Barrett had a strong air of authority about him, almost an air of power. He was a true leader; he had always been put in command and was used to making quick and sound decisions. This was natural for him, not only in his personal life but in his professional life as well.

Within the first few days in her new home, it was established by her Uncle that she would keep her weekday and weekend curfew hours that had been previously set by her parents on her seventeenth birthday. Jennifer really had hoped that her hours would be extended; ten o'clock on weekday nights and eleven-thirty on weekend nights just seemed too early for her to be in. Nevertheless, she thought in due time she would have it extended, if not by requesting it--then by practicing it.

Although Jennifer's Uncle did not have reason to show any anger towards his niece in the first few weeks of her stay, she could clearly sense a strong and powerful side to him. She remembered the first and only spanking as a child he had given her when she was eleven years old. The details were vague in her mind, but as she thought about it, she felt herself get dizzy and bothered. She was aware that her memories and the impressions he made on her only served to subconsciously reinforce her feelings of respect for him.

Jennifer heard something "extra" in his voice when he reprimanded an employee on the phone, or when he had a disagreement with Elaine. She also heard this when they had a simple discussion on political or current issues. She felt her heart skip a beat with excitement when her Uncle subtly projected his authority. Unknown to Jennifer at the time, she would grow to be very attracted to strong and authoritative men. But at this time, all she knew was that she was full of feelings of love and respect for this man, and don't all nieces have these feelings toward their uncles?

One day, during her second month in her new home, Jennifer was invited to go out with a new group of kids from her school. This particular group had a reputation of being rowdy and somewhat delinquent, yet on the other hand, they were associated by most of the other students with being very 'cool'. Jennifer knew that they weren't as clean-cut and academically oriented as most of her other friends, but she believed that perhaps they weren't as bad as everyone made them out to be. It was a Tuesday evening in November and they were all going to the movies and then out for some hot chocolate at the local diner.

After dinner, she walked into her Uncle's study and told him about her plans for the evening. He responded, "have fun, Jennifer, but do remember that it's a school night and you've got to be back by ten o'clock." Jennifer knew that this group would laugh at her if she got up and left before ten 'because of my Uncle's silly curfew'. She decided that tonight she would set a precedent with her new guardian and compel him to change her curfew to a more reasonable hour.

The evening passed very quickly. Her new friends were funny, uninhibited, loud, and sometimes a bit crass. This was new to Jennifer and somehow seemed refreshing for her to be around her peers that were so unlike her and so relaxed and at ease with each other. Nine forty-five approached and it seemed that the evening was just getting started. They had just arrived at the diner and it was obvious that they were the loudest group there.

At ten fifteen Jennifer started to become conscious of time and began to worry how her Uncle would react when she would return home. She dismissed the thought from her mind when her new friend, Crystal, asked her if she wanted to go with them to the mall on Friday after school. Jennifer responded, "sure, sounds like fun," and then wondered to herself if that was a 'cool' answer.

What stood out in Jennifer's mind was how the evening ended. At about eleven o'clock the leader of the group, Jack, got up and told everyone to meet him outside and wait in the car. A few moments later, he came out, jumped into the driver's seat and then sped off. They all laughed together and remarked that they deserved the free meal. It was obvious that no one had paid for their snack at the diner.

Jennifer laughed with them but inwardly she felt very uncomfortable. This was a form of stealing and they knew it and did it voluntarily and jokingly. Jennifer was comforted by the fact that she was to be the first one dropped off at home. They said good-night to Jennifer and drove off with the tires screeching and the muffler sounding throughout the neighbourhood.

Jennifer felt a knot in her stomach. She looked at her watch and saw that it was almost eleven thirty. She wasn't so upset that she was nearly an hour and a half late getting home, but she was sure that her Uncle would have heard the car, the tires, their voices, and their general rowdiness. She walked to the front door and into the house and saw the light on in her Uncle's study. The study door was open.

"Jennifer, come in here!" his voice sounded angry and sharp. Jennifer felt the goose pimples on her arms rise up and catch the cool air.

"Yes, Uncle Tom, I'm coming." She replied

She put down her coat and pocketbook and slowly stepped into the study and saw her Uncle sitting at his desk in his big leather chair. His face was stern and there was a spark of controlled anger in his eyes. He stood up. "What time did I tell you to be home, Jennifer?"

"Um, ten o'clock Uncle Tom, but I was with other kids and they um, weren't ready at ten and I was getting a ride with them ... " She could feel her face get hot and flushed. Her Uncle was angry and disapproving.

"I heard your friends drop you off, as I'm sure the entire neighbourhood heard the same. Aside from that, Jennifer, an agreement in this home is sacred and binding, and we had already agreed that your curfew on weekday nights is ten o'clock, is that not true?"

"Yes, Uncle Tom, that's true but I think ... " she got flustered with her words and thought that perhaps this was not a good time to suggest anything. She continued, "I think that maybe we ought to change my curfew ... I mean, none of the other kids my age have to be in by ten o'clock!" As soon as Jennifer finished speaking, she saw more anger in her Uncle's eyes and regretted not listening to her own initial advice.

"Young lady, I am not concerned about other kids. You disobeyed me and took it upon yourself to break an agreement between us without consulting me first."

Jennifer felt his anger and disappointment penetrate right through her. She didn't know what to say. She was frightened and felt powerless in his presence.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Tom. Please forgive me." Tears formed in her eyes and she couldn't look at him.

"Jennifer, I don't believe that ten o'clock on school nights is an unreasonable hour for you to be in by. And I will not have you disobeying me while you are here. This time, I will let this incident slide." She finally looked up at him. He continued, "but you ought to know that if anything like this happens again, I will punish you".
I thought a spanking was coming next, but it seems not. We must wait a bit longer for that. Or imagine one in your mind (as I did!)
Their eyes locked with each other and Jennifer felt her skin crawl with an embarrassment she'd never felt before, and also, oddly enough, a strange sort of excitement.

There was silence in the room. 'I will punish you' she heard him say over and over in her mind. How, she couldn't help asking herself. How?

During dinner the next evening, nothing more was said about Jennifer breaking curfew. She looked at her Uncle, almost observing his every move, and wondered why she felt so compelled towards him. He moved with such grace and confidence. She realized to herself that she was filled with layers and layers of different feelings towards her new guardian.

"Why do I feel such a strong pull towards him?" she asked herself . "After all, if anything, I should feeI horribly embarrassed and terribly angry at his treatment of me as though I was a child." But Jennifer didn't feel that way. If anything, his treatment and his words and his anger seemed to make her more intrigued with him and curious about how he would .... She couldn't even finish the thought.

* * *

Friday, Crystal reminded Jennifer that they were all going to the mall. Jennifer at first thought that maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea, would there be a similar incident as what happened at the diner? But then she thought that perhaps she'd give them another chance.

After school, they all met at the mall. The boys went to look at sports clothes and Jennifer and Crystal went to look at women's clothes. As they moved around looking at various items, Jennifer turned to Crystal and saw her putting something in her bag. It dawned on her that Crystal was shoplifting. Jennifer was horrified. She had never taken anything from a store.

"What are you doing?!" she whispered to Crystal.

"Shhh!" Crystal whispered back, "keep your voice down, for Christ's sake!" Jennifer was embarrassed.

"You CAN'T do that, Crystal, this is REALLY stealing!"

Crystal looked at her as though her friend came from another planet and said, "so what? Do you think they're REALLY losing money from this ... " and she paused, "donation? They won't even feel it, dummy, they must make a mint here." Jennifer looked confused. Crystal continued, "anyway, Jen, everybody does it, you know." Instinctively, Jennifer looked around to see if anyone was looking at them. Crystal then suggested, "you know, it's really easy, Jen. You just pick it up as though you're a smart shopper and you know, you're checking the goods out for quality, damage, and style. Then you just open your bag and PLOP!"

Jennifer felt a surge of adventure run through her veins. Crystal impatiently said, "come on, Jennifer, you can't be all that prim and proper, why don't you try it? A free ride every now and then ain't so bad ... ". The girl strolled to the next counter of clothing.

Jennifer could feel Crystal's eyes on her with the expectation that she perform and take something from the store. The two girls exchanged glances. Her heart was beating fast and she could hear in her mind her experienced friend say 'you just pick it up as though you're a smart shopper .... ' and Jennifer found herself holding an elegant gold belt. Crystal approached her and whispered, "see, iust put it in your ... you didn't buy anything, you need a bag ... here take mine" and the girl gave Jenny her bag.

Crystal daringly looked at her friend and Jennifer felt herself succumb to the pressure. She did not want her new friends to laugh and mock her innocence. She slowly opened the bag and put the belt inside. Her heart was beating so fast, she didn't hear the man approach.

"Girls! Wait right there one minute!" Jennifer heard his voice and a split second later realized what was happening. Crystal whispered "oh, shit!" and Jennifer had to grab onto a rack to balance herself from dizziness.

The man brought the two girls to the Senior Manager's office across the floor.
"Mr. Grant," the young man said sharply, "I saw these two ladies take something without making a purchase." Both men looked at the two frightened girls.

"Oh? Well, let's open their bags and see." Jennifer felt the floor move. Her legs and arms trembled. She couldn't breathe and she felt perspiration burn on her forehead. The two men opened the bag.

It was evident that the receipt on the bag reflected only a small part of its contents. The younger gentleman said, "I saw her" and he turned to Jennifer, "take this belt, but I can see now that they've been all over the store."

Jennifer felt the need to say something. "Please I've never done this before and, and ... "

She was cut off by the older man who interjected, "well, young lady, you certainly picked the wrong store to start in!" Her eyes welled up with tears of embarrassment and fear. She found a chair a few feet away and sat down. Crystal remained standing with her hands on her hips trying to look as tough as possible. Jennifer wondered if her friend was as frightened as she was.

Mr. Grant removed his eyeglasses and continued, "You see, we don't tolerate shoplifters here. I don't care whether this was your first time or if you do this as a profession. We do not let shoplifters go because we know you will come right back here and do this again."

Jennifer cried out, "no, we won't. I swear we won't." Crystal softened a bit and exclaimed, "hey come on, just let it ride and take back the stuff, and we'll get outta here and never come back, we promise, OK?"

The man responded, "No, that's not OK Miss. I'm going to call both of your parents and then the police!"

Jennifer wanted to die. She began to cry. She hated what she had done. And she hated the reasons for which she had done it. Mr. Grant looked at her and saw the tears streaming down her face. Sympathetically he said, "I wish you girls would have thought about the consequences before you went on this shameful shopping spree."

Jennifer could not answer. She just sat there and cried softly and bitterly. She knew she was in real trouble. Her Uncle would be absolutely furious with her. Then to make matters worse she would have a criminal record. She looked up at him and asked him between her sobs to please call her Uncle first. She explained that she lived with her Uncle and Aunt and that would he be so kind as to call her Uncle before he called the police. He agreed to do so and asked both girls to give him their phone numbers. He then asked the girls to step outside his office so he may talk to their parents in private.

There were fifteen minutes of waiting. Jennifer wondered, what could be taking so long? She listened for police sirens but didn't hear any. Then Mr. Grant came out and told them both to come back in his office. He dismissed the younger man to go back and supervise the store floor. The girls sat down in the chairs facing Mr. Grant's desk.

He paused for a moment and then said, "I've spoken to your Uncle and your father and I've decided not to call the police." Jennifer sighed with relief. He continued, "they should be here any moment to pick you up and they've assured me that this won't happen again."

Mr. Grant stood up and turned to the open door. From her chair, Jennifer looked to her right and saw her Uncle Tom standing in the doorway. His face was set and severe. Jennifer could feel stronger tears begin. Her Uncle looked down at her with anger and extreme disapproval. He didn't say a word. His right eyebrow was raised somewhat just as it had been right before he spanked her when she was eleven years old. She felt herself trembling.

On one hand she felt safe now that Uncle Tom was here, nobody would put her in jail, nobody would brand her a criminal. At the same time she realized she was very frightened of him. She could see that he was so angry at what she had done. Mr. Grant asked Crystal to wait outside in the lobby for a moment. When the door closed, he sat down in his chair and said, "Mr. Barrett, I wanted to have a few words with the two of you. I can see that Jennifer is not the kind of girl that we normally have in here for these kinds of problems. And she did tell me that this was her first time of ever doing something like this. While I am not exonerating her, I do believe that she committed this crime more out of peer pressure than out of her own nature."

Tom Barrett just stood and listened to the man speak.

Mr. Grant finished by saying, "I don't think that she is a criminal, she just made a bad mistake, and that is why I decided not to call the police."

Tom Barrett finally spoke. His words were sharp and crisp. "Thank you for your consideration. But .." and his eyebrow lifted higher, "my niece knows better". And that was all he had to say.

Tom Barrett walked alongside his niece, out of the building and to his car, without saying a word. Jennifer truly felt sorry and so ashamed of herself. He let her in on the passenger's side and then walked around to the driver's side. He started the car and drove home without looking once at her. She started to cry again and wondered what he would say when they got home. Amidst her sobs, she softly said, "Uncle Tom, please ... Uncle Tom, I'm so sorry for what I did." There was no response.

When they arrived home her Uncle turned to her and finally spoke. "Get out." She got out of the car and followed him into the house. Elaine was waiting in the living room. She looked at her niece, shook her head, and said, "Oh dear, what made you do it?" Jennifer looked to the floor. She couldn't face her guardians. Her Uncle flatly said, "Jennifer, go to your room." She ran upstairs. She lay in bed crying. How did I get into such a mess, she asked herself. How could I have been so stupid? A new wave of guilt flooded her mind. She had committed a crime.

Eventually, as she feared, there was a knock on her door. Elaine entered and told the crying teenager that she was being summoned to the study. Jennifer expected this. She knew that her Uncle was not like her own father. There wouldn't simply be a warning and a scolding. Her Uncle had greater expectations of his niece.

She couldn't move. Elaine took her hand and gently pulled her up. Neither of them said a word. Jennifer hesitantly walked down the stairs and into the study. Her Uncle was standing to the right of his desk. That eyebrow was raised again. That spark of anger was present. Jennifer stood in the middle of the room with her eyes downcast, her hands clasped in front.

Elaine turned to leave the study but her husband stopped her. "No, she is your niece too. You will stay." The woman did not respond. She turned and nervously watched from the back of the room. She knew her husband had a low tolerance level for such childish misbehaviour. She felt empathy for the young girl.

He slowly moved closer to Jennifer. "Sit," he sharply ordered. She felt weak at the knees but managed to shift her body into the chair. She lifted her head to look at him and saw his angry eyes, his severe, disapproving expression. Her heart began to beat rapidly. He looked down at her and she felt like a small child. She wanted to run into his arms and beg for forgiveness, but she knew that he would not stand for that. Jennifer lowered her eyes again. But she couldn't avoid feeling his penetrating gaze.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself, young lady?" he demanded. She could not answer. It was obvious that she was guilty of doing something very wrong. She realized that she could not talk her way out of her predicament.

"Get up," he calmly ordered. He took a straight-backed chair from the corner of the room and placed it in the middle of the large study. He went to his desk and opened a drawer, pulling out a large brown wooden hairbrush. This made Jennifer gasp in horror. He walked to her and took her wrist leading her to stand beside the chair. He towered over her and sharply said, "Now Jennifer, what you have done is unforgivable. I am going to make sure you never do this again." As he spoke, he rolled his shirt sleeves up past the elbow. Jennifer watched his every move in shock. She found herself taking short rapid breaths. He's going to spank me, she thought in horror. Oh God, he's going to spank me!

As he sat down on the chair, she quietly whispered, "Please, Uncle Tom, No. " She wanted so desperately to tell him, 'I'm too old to be spanked! I'm a woman! I'm 17! You can't do this to me!' but the words just couldn't come out of her mouth.

He grabbed her arm and roughly pulled her over his lap. He immediately lifted her skirt rolling it up slowly to her back. She frantically started to squirm. 'I can't believe this is happening to me! 'she cried to herself. Finally the words escaped her lips. "Please," she cried, "please Uncle Tom, don't do this to me! This isn't fair. This is horrible. I don't deserve this kind of treatment!"

He did not respond with words. She felt his fingers slide under the waistband of her pink panties. She screamed, "NO! NO! Please, don't take my panties down! I'll feel it over them, I swear I will!"

"Oh no, you won't!" he answered sharply. He put his thumb under the bottom of her panties by her right cheek and quickly squeezed the cotton undergarment into a small ball of cloth. He jerked them down with such a force.

"Oh no," Jennifer cried even louder this time. "You can't do this! Don't spank me on my bare bottom. Please! You don't understand ... "

With forced calmness, her Uncle spoke again. "Jennifer, I am going to give you a very long and hard spanking, and all sound spankings in this house are administered on the bare bottom."

She turned her head to the left and searched for her Aunt in the back of the room. From her sideways perspective, she could hardly see the woman standing and nervously looking on. She pleaded, "Aunt Elaine, please, make him stop! This is indecent! It's not fair! I'm not a baby!" There was no response. Elaine Barrett stood and felt sympathy for the girl, however, even she believed that her niece deserved to be severely punished.

Receiving no response from her Aunt, Jennifer pleaded again with her strict Uncle. "Uncle Tom, please, punish me some other way. Please! This is horrible!"

He calmly responded, "I know you're embarrassed, and rightly so, but you should have thought of that before you decided to go shoplifting!"

Tom Barrett lifted his right leg and lightly clamped it over both of her legs. He placed both of his hands on her waist, slightly lifted her up and shifted her further over to his left. Feeling his hands on her bare waist made Jennifer shiver with embarrassment.

Her bottom was now sticking straight up. She was mortified to be in this horrible position. He bent his right leg further in over hers, tightly securing her lower thighs. Her bottom and upper thighs were completely exposed. Jennifer was outraged and tried to move but she could not. She felt the cold air all over her bare bottom and realized that her private and most intimate parts were on open view to her Uncle. She wanted so desperately to kick and move and squirm, but his outer leg held her so tightly. She couldn't even kick at the floor. Her body was so petite that this position barely allowed her toes to touch the carpet.

He observed her pale and twitching bottom cheeks. "Do not try to cover your bottom with your hands, or I will have Aunt Elaine hold your wrists very tightly in front of you." Jennifer clenched her hands into fists and rested one on the floor, the other on the leg of the chair for balance. It would be too horrible if her Aunt were to actively participate in this too.

And then he went to work! His right hand rose in the air and came down with a whip-like force on her outer cheek. She sucked in air with the shock of the slap. He lifted it again and then spanked her on the left cheek with equal. force. She screamed "NO!!" and uselessly tried to squirm about. He raised his right hand again and began spanking her all over her bare bottom with short sharp slaps. She was helpless. She couldn't move and it was a pure struggle for her to prevent herself from screaming aloud. He continued with the spanks while Jennifer moved her upper body and "Oooh'ed and "Ahhh'ed with the discomfort. Soon the prickly heat turned into real pain.

After about twenty spanks he started on her thighs. This was too much for her to bear. She began crying earnestly begging him not to spank her there. Tom Barrett wasn't listening. He continued spanking her thighs and then started again on her bottom. By now the teenager's entire spanking area was glowing a rosy red. A new flurry of ten harder slaps addressed her bottom. "Oh, please Uncle Tom, I'm so sorry .... please stop now, please," but he continued peppering her bottom.

Finally the man stopped. He loosened his right leg and bent slightly to pick up the hairbrush that lay on the floor to the right of him. Jennifer thought that her ordeal was over. But when her Uncle's leg tightened back over her legs, she realized that he was just getting started.

Jennifer's Uncle pulled her body in even more tightly for he knew that the hairbrush would be overwhelming. His heart did not soften though; she had committed a grave act and he was going to make sure that he devastated her enough never to repeat this mistake. He lifted the hairbrush. Although Jennifer could not see behind her, she sensed that the real part of her punishment would now begin. Fear overwhelmed the girl. She sobbed ever louder now. She was filled with emotions of pain, fear, and pure embarrassment.

With the strength in his wrist, he snapped the brush down on the lower part of her right buttock. The shock of the hairbrush was too much for Jennifer. The upper part of her body lifted right up and she screamed, "NO! Uncle Tom, no, that's too hard, please, I can't take it, I can't take it!" and he raised the brush again and snapped it down on the left cheek.

Her body raised and lowered itself involuntarily. Her breasts strained in their bra with each deep intake of breath. Her tears were streaming down her face and falling onto the blurred carpet below. She had never known such burning pain before. Her legs, so stiff under his hold, could barely cross at the ankles. She needed to move, to squirm around, to fight this, but it was useless. She just had to take all that he felt necessary to give.

And Tom Barrett was giving her a lot! He spanked her with the hairbrush all over her tender bottom. He would slap it down on the right side, and then would repeat the same cadence on the left. Then he would hairbrush her thighs. Up one side, across,and then down the other side. He then would choose a portion of her bottom and would spank that same spot three and four times.

Elaine Barrett walked alongside the left wall of the study and quietly approached her husband. She softly said to him, "Tom, please, it's enough. The poor girl has had enough." Her husband looked her straight in the eye, took in a deep breath, and sharply spoke to his wife. "If you don't want the same, then you'll stay out of this!"

With a broken heart for her niece, she resorted back to her original place in the study while Jennifer's Uncle resumed the spanking. He was busy teaching this child a lesson. He was determined to spank out every ounce of possible delinquency in her. After spanking the entire lower portion of her bottom and thighs he noticed that her cheeks were now glowing a very deep red, almost taking on a light purplish hue. It was only then that he began to consciously hear her shrieks.

Tom Barrett could see that his niece was showing clear signs of learning her lesson. Her crying, her mumbling, and the trembling of her small body--yes, it was apparent to him that his naughty niece was finally learning her lesson.

Jennifer felt as though there was a raging fire in her from the waist down. She did not move or twist anymore. She just lay there slumping and softly crying her heart out.

Tom Barrett was finally finished with his niece's correction. He let her remain over his lap for a few moments of relief until she realized that her ordeal was finally over.

Uncle Tom removed his leg from over hers. Aunt Elaine approached them in the middle of the room. Jennifer wanted to get up but couldn't find the strength. Tom Barrett gently took his niece by the shoulders and lifted her up. They were now all standing but Jennifer could hardly balance herself on her feet. She was in a daze, still crying, still mumbling, her face so wet with streaks of tears and perspiration. Aunt Elaine helped her regain her balance by having the girl lean on her shoulder.

Finally Jennifer became more coherent. She could feel the fire acutely burn in her bottom and thighs. Her Aunt handed her a few tissues to wipe her face and then disappeared toward the kitchen. Jennifer slowly raised her eyes to look up at her uncle. She wanted to rub her bottom but was mesmerized and caught in his stare. Amidst her pain, and within his stare, she began to feel so ashamed at her behaviour during the last twenty minutes. She now just cried softly. She was aware that she had done wrong, very wrong. And she began to tell herself that she deserved every spank he had given her.

He continued to look down at her. His eyes softened, and he told her to go to her room for the rest of the evening. He spoke softly but firmly. She felt her bottom throbbing with pain, but now she also felt an unusual sensation in the lower front of her body and between her legs. She did not want to leave until she spoke a few words to him. "I'm sorry," she whispered. There was a moment of complete silence between them. He softly whispered back to her. "It's over now, Jennifer. Why don't you go to your room and rest."

She felt fresh tears burn in her eyes. She did not want to leave him. She wanted to make sure he still loved her. She felt embarrassed standing before him and looking so dishevelled, but she had to re-establish the security of their relationship. She struggled with her next words. Tears fell from her eyes and she whispered, "do ... do you still love me?" Another moment of silence ensued. She could see in his eyes that he did.

"Jenny," he softly said, "I do not like punishing you. But when you deserve it, I have to do it. And today you did something very, very wrong." She thought she saw something shine in his eye. It must have been her own tears. "We'll talk tomorrow," he said almost in a whisper. She lowered her head and nodded. She turned and slowly left the study. He was still staring at her as she left.

And so Jennifer carefully makes the long climb up the stairs and into her bedroom. As she peels off her clothes she finds herself feeling not only the fire in her bottom, but also a sense of warmth within her, a sense of security all around her, and the sense of parental concern and authority she knows she has always needed.
She looks forward to some much needed sleep. And she looks forward to talking to her Uncle tomorrow.

And somehow the fires in her bottom are not the only fires that burn fiercely inside her tonight.
From Hermione's Heart


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Mmm there's just something about uncles/aunts and nieces/ nephews in spanking scenes that I always enjoy. Would be great to hear more about Aunt Elaine's spankings too!

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I enjoyed this, and love the writing style. I wondered too if there was more to this story.


ronnie said...


Good choice of story. Enjoyed it. I like how it ended and I think the writer purposely left it like that, but I could be wrong. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Anon - I'm delighted that you enjoyed this story, I wasn't sure about posting it.

QBuzz - I hear you. And there's no doubt that Elaine is also on the receiving end from time to time.

Roz - Sorry, there isn't any more to it.

Ronnie - I agree, it was left to the reader;s imagination.


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) I too enjoyed the story. Poor Jennifer will never, ever steal again! I couldn't believe how long of a spanking it was! I liked how the author left it as well. Thanks for sharing, Hermione. Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Anonymous said...

I understand in today's world that this would not happen. But it did serve its purpose when properly given. I was dating a woman, had two daughters, 17, 18 and
learned that daughters were harder to raise than sons. She was fair with her daughters but she had rules. I can recall a couple of times sitting in the front room and one of them getting a spanking, both were very loud. I think the worse was just like your story they decided to do a five finger discount. We live in a small town and it just so happen the owner of the store was the best friend of the mother. They had to take back the items, say they were sorry and then she told the store owner, punishment is yours to decide. They ended up working after school for a good month.
They came home after working saying very little, we ate, they went to bed early. I learned that the woman took both to the store room and gave each a very sound spanking their mother approved.

Baxter said...

thanks for sharing this story. I have read variations on the theme, but this version was the best of all.

Hermione said...

Katie - It was a very long spanking!

Anon - That's a fascinating story:)

Baxter - I too have seen various versions, but this uncle was something else!


Belsteph said...

I've actually had several sessions with Janice Gold. I recall her remarking at our first session that I go "straight to the bare!" and she has a lovely bare bottom.

(I assume this is the same person who was associated with Shadow Lane. She moved to Florida from California after being very frightened by an earthquake).