Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 4

Do you ever use a gag or similar device to prevent the spankee from speaking?

QBuzz: I never gag my partner. She sometimes makes me wear a ballgag when she's in charge but it's really just for the look as it doesn't actually stop me making noise, just stops me being intelligible.

Red: Never tried one, but always willing for a new experience.

Rosco: Irene does fairly frequently- often gagging me with a pair of worn panties, Esperanza after she’s been working out.

Sometimes she’ll do it while she's spanking me, sometimes when she’s tying me down after and ordering me to take a nap.

And she’ll pin me down with panties or a bra or whatever stretched across my mouth when she’s mounting me cowgirl style - which usually makes me come pretty quickly.

Sir Wendel: Never used a gag. We like the sounds each other makes when the smack on the bottom hits.

Roz: We don't use a gag and it's not something I would handle well at all.

Simon: I've been gagged during a punishment and I really don't like them. Gags I've discovered make me gag and feel nauseous. I wouldn't gag a lady I was spanking either, after all she might feel the same way as me and anyway I like to chat to the lady over my knee or bent over whilst her bottom turns a delightful shade of pink and then perhaps red.

Yorkie: Never. At first, I was my own gag. I'd keep quiet so as not to scare my wife but lately I've been quite vocal during my spankings and wriggling quite a lot more (as well as the usual sticking my butt out for the next swat ;))

I should also mention that my wife prefers it when I'm expressing myself during the spanking.

Katie: Rob and I have never used anything like that. I'm guessing that it is not something that we would do. I have a sensitive gag reflex anyway, so that might not be pretty!

Jack: Part of the punishment is being heard, my wife states. So she insures that I'm heard, if the walking afterwards doesn't give it away that I've been spanked.

Barrel: We do use a ball gag but only during longer, punishment sessions. It has a hole in it to allow easier breathing as I have learned controlled breathing is essential during any of her spankings. Breathing helps me remain still in order to avoid getting “extras” which are always nasty. The ball gag is also part of the mental build up to a punishment session, which I like.

Ronnie: P once used a pair of my knickers. Don't think I would handle a ball gag very well and not really interested in trying.

Joe: I have never been gagged during my spankings but always willing to try new things. Have mentioned to my wife she should try tying me down for a harsh spanking one day and a gag would seem very appropriate.

Hermione: We haven't used anything like this. I find ball gags somewhat repulsive, and my vocalizing tells Ron if I am enjoying myself or if he needs to lighten up. It wouldn't be much fun for either of us if I stayed silent.

Thank you Barrel for such an interesting topic. I always welcome suggestions for discussion topics, so put your thinking caps on.
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