Sunday, November 25, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #254

Welcome to another weekend spanko brunch. I'm sorry it was pre-empted last week for Love Our Lurkers, but I'll try not to let that happen again. Please help yourself to a turkey sandwich while I introduce this week's topic. It was submitted by Jack, a regular reader and commenter here at Hermione's Heart.

I would like to hear more about those women who do spank. I talk about my wife spanking me but seldom hear from women who spank their husbands or boyfriends. I have learned from my wife that spankings and sex are not one. So just asking if women would speak up.

How about it, gals? I must have some female readers who spank their partners, so if you are reading this, I would love to hear how you feel about the experience. Is it domestic discipline, foreplay, or a combination? Men on the business end of the paddle can speak for their wives and sweethearts if that works better for you. Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

I am the spankee in our relationship but have on occasion spanked Rick in play, nothing serious. It was fun to be on the other end lol


Sara's Hank said...

Hank is disciplined most weeks. We agreed to a set of rules.
If the rule is broken Friday while kids are out he will be kneeling
on the bed naked. He will be spanked till tears. Real tears!
It works for us both.

Anonymous said...

I’ll speak for my wife Irene since she doesn’t read these blogs - though she does read sexually explicit stuff from time to time.

Spanking is pretty much a sexual thing. That doesn’t mean every spanking is followed by sex or that the spankings aren’t intense.

Many years ago I asked her if she’d like to try spanking. Took a lot of nerve to ask her. She said she was fine to try it so long as she’d be doing the spanking. She was initially tentative but soon sent me out to buy a riding crop. She prefers leather to wood it seems. She seems to get more turned on even than I do these days - after spanking me she gets pretty wild.

Most of our dates involve spanking, reverse cowgirl cunnlingus then intercourse - in that order. Many also involve bondage, pedicures etc.

About one out of three spankings aren’t followed by any sex. Usually these are at bedtime. I am dozing off and Irene will come in and whip me soundly. It oddly relaxes me and I wake up ready to please in all ways.


Anonymous said...

My husband Jack has posted on this sight, his spankings are punishment, sex does not enter the picture at all. He must have mentioned that he wanted to be spanked and I was not in to spankings. I caught him masturbating, looking at spanking magazines prior to our marriage. I was so disgusted with this little boy behavior I grabbed his arm and to the kitchen we went. I pulled a chair and said if you wish to be spanked then you will be and really spanked him hard, did not know that was in me. My mother has spanked him, her house her rules her punishment. He is learning us females are more complex than males knows. The one thing he hates the most is when he needs a spanking I’m not the wife, I’m the Mommy and he must call me Mommy. He does wall time, I don’t care who sees his red bottom. If asked why he was spanked he must tell the truth and say that Mommy spanks naughty little boys. I will show this to Jack, since he is still asleep, but this Mommy prefers not to mention that I spank my husband, have a couple of ladies where we live, also spank their husbands so it is more common than one would think.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add to what I wrote above the above comments that Irene and I decided long ago she wouldn’t spank me if she was really annoyed. She does it only for small transgressions - general insolence, not folding her panties correctly etc. We also do a lot of role playing where I caught peeping in the girls locker room or a million other scenarios.

That said Irene says she like to make it hurt. And it does, especially when she takes a full swing with the two tailed tawse. But the intense pain quickly subsides into a delicious glow.

The only time it’s not sexy is when she misses. If a switch wraps around and strikes the far hipbone, or she gets the tailbone. I even love being smacked (more moderately) in the balls - something I never would have guessed.

But for us it’s all about sex and there’s never any mommy/daddy stuff.


Anonymous said...

My wife showed me what she posted, I'm Jack the husband. Since she spanked me the first time she has improved and not what I wanted. She has taken charge of the household and I admit she does a better job than me. The spankings, always over her lap, she states naughty little boys are put across Mommies lap for spankings. What she has done that I really don't like, is the spankings are not confined to the home. I have been spanked in hotels, taken to her old bedroom at her mother's home and spanked. Spankings take place then and there. I will be facing the wall after the spanking, most times with my pants and underpants around my ankles. If I really messed up, I must undress, get a very long scolding and then face the wall naked.
She reminds me she was not into spankings, and she still is not. What she means is it is not a sexual foreplay, spankings are for punishment and punishment only. So trust me when I say she has improved on the spankings, my bare bottom will attest to it, and also I do as told then and there when I've earned a spanking.

Barrel said...

I am Barrel and leaving this post as my wife is not as far out with our lifestyle as I am, although she finds inspiration in links I share with her, especially this one.

My wife spanks me as discipline and punishment. Her spankings are always followed up with some form of sex, but not all of our intimate sessions include spanking. My spankings are always hard but a few, the punishments and response for insolece, are intense. In fact, I mouthed off a bit yesterday and she told me to prepare for a long and hard whipping with the strap later today. She also uses spanking to relieve stress for both of us. I’m not sure how that works but I feel better after a long session with several of her implements.

I can attest her confidence and skill has been enhanced over the 40 years she has been spanking me.