Monday, December 30, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 29

Does the spankee wear special attire? Here's what you said:

Ed: She expects me to wear low rise briefs daily and I am spanked in whatever I am wearing which is usually a low rise. The exception is that I am put in a pair of her panties after a punishment spanking about a third of the time washing them every night until she gives me permission to wear my own underpants.Getting caught without them on when she has ordered is punishable.

Anon 1: Indeed! I love my wife to be in stockings/suspenders when she spanks me. Doesn't always happen, of course, but it enhances to the scene when she does. Not only is it sexy, but it makes her look even more strong and authoritative to me. Especially the wide-ish suspenders rather than the skinny ones!

Anon 2: My wife has had me wear my pajamas after a spanking no matter the time of day. Just recently I have had to put on my pajamas prior to a spanking. She could care less if I'm seen getting spanked in my pajamas or afterwards. Act like a naughty little boy, get treated as such. I hate the pajamas, I feel so little, and especially when she pulls the bottoms down before going over her lap. I have kicked off the bottoms and stood facing the wall with just the top on.

Roz: No specific requirement for dress. However I usually know when a spanking will be forthcoming and ensure I am definitely not wearing every day underwear lol. I usually ensure I am wearing a nice, low cut brief and bra set.

Yorkie: Nope. We only have one outfit - our birthday suits!

KDPierre: :-( When I was first reading this, I thought you were going to ask if we had any special clothes we traditionally wear for Christmas Eve or Christmas and instead it went to general "spanking attire". All I can say is what I choose to traditionally wear for the holidays with my family is way more interesting than the total absence of attire normally associated with spankings. (Some of our more interesting quirks and habits may very well transcend the limited scope of 'all things spanking'. Why limit it? It may well have been a more "colorful" rather than fleshtone response to hear what people choose to wear for Christmas. LOL)

Because this is a spanking blog, I try to keep our discussions related to that subject.

Joe: As with some others my spanking attire is no attire.

Rosco: Irene will sometimes require me to wear a pair of girly panties - mostly nylon pettipants these days. Sometimes she’ll make me where them all day.

Irene herself often changes clothes several times during our “dates”. She has several costume dresses - flamenco, drindl, etc. as well as lots of fun lingerie, short skirts, a crotchless fishnet bodysuit and much more. She’ll tie me down, spank me, and change her outfit several times before deciding it’s time for cunnlingus. Fun times.

Wendel: Once a year the birthday suit is required for the spanking. For the Halloween season we dress in costumes and usually test them out for spanking.

Barrel: Not normally, but when we plan an extended or intense session, she will have me wear something appropriate for the day to further my mental preparation for what is to come. Usually pantyhose without socks for a half day at work or if we go out for lunch. She likes to make me lower them to mid thigh to mark her “lower limit” of the spanking range as I kneel on the bench just before I am restrained. My wife likes to torment me by saying, “no, a little lower because I want the tawse to really mark those thighs”, or “a little higher since I want to concentrate the hard strapping to just below your cheeks to maximize its intensity”. She knows it makes my mind race wildly just before she starts.

Occasionally or when it is really hot, she will make me wear one of my three pairs of sheer, female thong panties all day. These are usually not removed before the spanking, just snugged up to mark the “upper limit” of the spanking range.

We are planning just such a session in a couple of weeks after I see the doc.

Bonnie: Yes! Dressing me for the occasion is one of my husband's favorite aspects of spanking. I should write an entire blog post about this topic. When we have time to play, he likes all sorts of different themes - just a bra and thong set, a cheerleader uniform with pigtails, form-fitting blue jeans, pantyhose, a bikini swimsuit, pastel leggings, a short nightie and thong set, white nylon briefs with a garter belt, stockings, and heels, a very short pleated wool tartan skirt and coordinated sweater, and more.

Other times, he just lifts my skirt or drops my slacks and goes for it. As for me, I am pleased to indulge his fascination. As long as I get my spanking and all of the adult fun that follows, I'm all in.

Hermione: Ron sometimes asks me to put on a teddy or a short, lacy nightgown if he has plans for after-spanking fun. But usually a bare bottom is enough for him..

Thank you all for revealing your outfits, and Bonnie, we want to read that post:) Happy New Year everyone!
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Anonymous said...

great question - Bonnie please write your posts on spanking outfits. Hermione I would love to hear a detailed story of a spanking you received.

Roz said...

Happy New Year to you and Ron Hermione. Hope the year ahead is a wonderful one for you.