Monday, December 9, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 8

What are your spanking rituals?

Roz: Great question! It used to depend on the nature of the spanking. If it was for role affirmation/maintenance, whatever you prefer to call it, the spanking was preceded with discussion and naked kneeling. If it was discipline it was preceded with discussion and no rituals as such if for play.

Peter: Spankings from my wife occur on Friday evenings.Our kids go their grandparents on Friday for an overnight. When I get back from work I go at once strip naked and wait standing in the corner, with nose pressed against the wall. Often I have to wait as much as an hour before she comes into the room. She sits on a chair near the window and I kneel before her and confess to any wrong doings. Then she chooses what sort of punishment if any I deserve.

Wendel: We do not have any real ritual. The closest would be that the spanking is announced and shortly after given.

Rosco: Irene usually directs some sort of role play, with a number of variations. Yesterday she was especially enthusiastic because the leather ping pong paddles we ordered from Orvis had arrived at last.

Irene instructed me to go into the bedroom and wait for her. When she arrived, she told me she’d heard reports that I’d misbehaved, had been trying to peek up girls’ skirts when they went up the stairs. Laura, Irene and Sarah had reported me. (Irene herself was playing the part of Ms. Smythington - perhaps a teacher but not authority figure at any rate.)

First came the lecture, then the paddling. Ms. Smythington then made me sit on a hard chair in her dark closet with a hot bottom while she took a shower. When Irene returned and opened the door, she played the part of all the girls who had been invited to see the spanking I’d received and to add a few swats of their own.

This routine is one that’s developed over time. Originally based on my fantasies, Irene really loves it. It’s a very fun game. Conversation pretty much comes to a halt when she’s ready for my tongue, but picks up again after during intercourse.

Barrel: Like Roz, it depends on the spanking about to be given. If it is just part of our normal intimacy play, then my wife tells me “I deserve the hair brush, please get it for me”. She occasionally tells me how many I will get or how red she wants it before she is done. Not much more than that.

However, we plan “sessions” in advance. Our sessions are longer and more intense, so she gives me a week to get my head ready for what is to come. The day of the session, we go for lunch or happy hour where my wife will openly discuss the implements she will use, how many strokes of each and the severity. At that point, my apprehension is building and she will calmly look me in the eye and tell how she knows I really want to be thrashed. She will hold my hands and comfort me until I admit I want the session and am ready. We then return home, I prepare the bench at the end of our bed with restraints, pillows and towels. We then hug and over the pillows I go. Once securely bound, she will tell me how much better I will feel when the stress is relieved with the whipping and caning I am receiving. This is repeated during pauses as she changes from one implement to another to another. My wife doesn’t scold or lecture during the punishment, but will tell me how red it looks, yet not red enough, and she continues. She will ask how I am doing. To date, my responses are, “Fine, thank you Miss”. I haven’t tapped out yet as I do feel less stress when she is finished. We just had one on Friday and it was glorious.

Prefectdt: Unless requested otherwise by the woman doing the spanking, I usually put on a man thong. As the majority of my spankings are with non-sexual playmates and it just feels inappropriate to have boy parts swinging about. Does that really count as a ritual or is it a courtesy? I'm not sure.

Hermione: Ron chooses three implements, then I am allowed to choose a fourth. I remove clothing below the waist and bend over the bed. Sometimes Ron scolds me while spanking, but more often not.
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