Monday, December 2, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 1

How do you feel about spankings that break the skin or cause bleeding?

Bonnie: If others find blood appealing and that's their kink, so be it. But it's a hard stop for us.

Xen: It’s not really something that specifically draws me, but it doesn’t repel me either. In stories I’ve read it signals severity, and severity does play a big role for me in fantasy (and sometimes reality).

We’ve had broken skin a few times... only once that was full on bleeding I think. He was much more worried by it than I was. It’s only occurred with more severe punishments, but the bleeding/broken skin isn’t in itself a measure of severity... it’s just a sign that he hasn’t taken his ring off. :-p I don’t think we’ve ever had broken skin from a cane or other similar implement beyond the typical welts. We may have had a bit of bleeding from paddling on top of blood blisters? But I can’t remember any specific times that’s happened, so if it did I was beyond caring.

Kiwigirliegirl: I've had broken skin from paddling and also from a home made implement that was two green plastics strips banded together. At the time, it didn't bother me, but looking back on it now, it was foolish of me to allow it, because he got too much of a kick out of leaving marks and breaking skin and the relationship became abusive. So now, I'd not allow broken skin, but the odd bruise is welcome. A good reminder fir the next few days.

Bernie: If it was purely accidental - and only on my backside - I guess I'd be ok with it. No desire for it in stories, or real life, at all.

Roz: I don't enjoy anything too extreme in life, stories or pictures. It turns me cold. Bruises and some marking in real life however are welcome.

Barrel: The business side of my wife’s favorite hair brush has ridges, like thick corduroy, that when sternly applied can leave long blood blisters under the skin. Her 27” (68 cm) thin delrin cane imparts deep welts that very rarely, but occasionally, breaks the skin.

No, that is not a place we like to play, but then again, all marks left from a vigorous thrashing are badges of honor I wear proudly, just not in the shower at the gym.

Rosco: I’ll agree with folks above. I’ve bled a few times when Irene has been particularly enthusiastic. Not a big deal. But I’ve seen a video and a few photographs where it’s over the top, unappealing to me and perhaps unhealthy.

Irene is well past menopause, but a bit of blood down there never stopped any of out activities.

Peter: Well in close to fifteen years of her discipline, there have been more than a few times
that I did keep my bruises and broken skin for more than a day, but to me they became
a badge I wore proudly.

It has been thrilling to see my wife take on an assertive role in life as well as with me.
More than once those spankings kept me from the brink. Even her harshest discipline
i always knew were made in love.

There is also be bonus of laying on your stomach as she applies a salve.

 Ronnie: Everyone to their own. For me I don't like to see pictures of really bloody bottoms. A few bruises on my own bottom I like.

Prefectdt: In real life - I do like to play hard sometimes, so the occasional bleed is inevitable. But I am the kind of wimp who wants a sticking plaster put on it before play continues, to stop it becoming a large wound.

In fictional stories - I can't see the problem, just so long as no ink or paper was harmed during the writing process.

In pictures and videos - This does worry me sometimes but as long as the recipient was fully consenting and no long term scaring resulted, I cannot object. Although I might look through squinty eyes sometimes.

Graham: We're just the opposite of most of the comments above. For us, bruising is definitely out.

However, she has occasionally drawn blood with the cane, which when light is OK but definitely a sign to slow down.

We've seen photos with over-the-top bleeding, and that is not at all appealing.

Simon: Over the years I've developed a number of weak spots presumably from the sheer number of canings, strappings and paddlings my poor old bottom has received. As a result almost anything except a spanking results in bleeding which is a shame as I do enjoy a severe punishment. Normally the application of a few plasters does the trick and I can travel without getting blood on my trousers which can be very embarrassing.

Hermione: If Ron ever breaks the skin of my bottom with an implement, or sees a blood blister starting, he stops immediately. We aren't into that kind of harsh punishment. I also don't care for it in stories, pictures or videos. But I can understand that for some, it's an important part of a D/s relationship.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Let's be careful out there!
From Hermione's Heart


Xen said...

@Kiwigirliegirl hmmm... unless he was an actual shark, I doubt the sight of blood turned him abusive. It’s much more likely he was always that way, but managed to hide it for a time.

willie said...

Years ago I started to blister grey blisters. Some contact dermatitis, allergic reaction to a cream I was using. Ever since then I bleed. It isn't a goal of B's but it happens. It can be distracting and very messy. But we go with the flow- no pun intended. I just call him Dexter.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Totally agree with you Xen xx its partly why the relationship ended.