Sunday, December 22, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #310

The holidays are upon us once more and we are all busy, busy, busy!

How do the holidays affect your spanking routine? Does spanking take a back seat to other activities? Do you celebrate with a special spanking? Has this changed over the years?

If you have a spare moment I'd love to hear from you. Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation before St. Nick arrives, I promise!
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Nothing really change, I do get stressed, at times not really in the mood to celebrate, visit people. My wife has learned that a trip to the bedroom, a hairbrush properly applied does wonders. My mother-in-law knows when we visit if I've been given a spanking. Other places I try not to act like I've been spanked. If I'm really trouble visiting my wife waits until Saturday or Sunday morning and prior to church I'm given a spanking that insures others will know. So this time of year nothing changes. Jack

Anonymous said...

More than ten years ago, one Christmas eve, we were spending the holidays at my Mother in laws home.
At dinner i consumed more wine than i should have. After dessert while the men gathered for a Braondy or
two, my mother in law asked me to give a hand with something in the garage. My wife and two other females
were there and before i knew it i was leaning over an automobile and my pants and boxer shorts were
around my ankles, as my wife's mother delivered a caning to my bottom.
Thankfully she allowed me to leave with my wife.If the men knew I wouldn't have to face them.
The following year my wife casually told me we needed to be at her folks an hour early. MY mother in law was
in the garage and my father in law was in the same position i had been the year before. He had received his
what the ladies referred to as " A REMINDER " He watched as i was given 25 with the cane. We never mentioned
to each other, but each year we both received "A REMINDER."
A couple of years later my brother in law joined us.
Currently before any family gathering such as Christmas, 4thof July or Thanksgiving, the three of us meet
and our mother in law canes " her bad boys"
Neither my father in law, brother in law or I have ever mentioned it to each other. Its like it never happened

QBuzz said...

We don't have a tradition (yet) but this year my girlfriend is planning to dress as Mrs Claus and (with me in my striped naughty-boy pyjamas) give me a sound seasonal spanking with her brush, strap and paddle. I'll let you know in the Recap if it happens!

Anonymous said...

We have occasionally used New Year's to "clean" the air from the preceding year. We jointly made a list of things I did that either of us feel were not adequately addressed earlier. Making the list is actually lots of fun, as we both inevitably learn something.

My spankings may occur all in the one day or may be spread over several days.

It's a wonderful experience that we highly recommend.

Happy Holidays!


Unknown said...

Christmas is usually too busy for much of anything, but for the past few years we have done a "close out the old year/warning to behave in the new year" collaborative punishment. There are three external parties involved along with my Rosa as the primary ....but not sole...enforcer.

This year however, I have seriously considered dropping part or all of this though due to my persistent negative feelings towards punishment lately. But Ana is home and she seems interested and I am OK with her input. I wish I could see something to help me shake off this mood though, but so far nothing. A bit of teasing innuendo from the other parties would go a long way.

Roz said...

There is usually no Christmas spanking here, spanking did tend to take a back seat. However, recently spanky action has slowly crept back in after a loong hiatus and I guess you could say I had a Christmas spanking last night :)


Anonymous said...

My wife well this time of year gets carried away. Spends too much, parties alot and she saids she gets into the tradition. It was a few years back she was brought home by the police, too drunk to drive, her and her girlfriends each got a ride home from the police. The lady cop who brought my wife home said no charges, but hope you address the problem. It was Saturday night and in the morning we were going to church and I addressed the problem, my wife just shrugged it off. I was mad, and she was just in her panties when I pulled her across my lap. Don't you dare she said, we are going to church and I pulled her panties down, and applied several hard spanks to her bare bottom. Stop she said and I saw the hairbrush in reach, No you don't, and I soon was applying the hairbrush. Oh she squirmed at church, gave me the look, but she did calm her tradition down. This year like every year I lay the hairbrush out in full view and place our bible beside it. It works wonders, most of the time.

Barrel said...

We don’t have any special or unique Christmas spanking traditions. We do get very busy with parties and try to play as much golf as we can with my time off work which consume lots of time and energy. This year, we have a child who lives on the other side of the country visiting for an extended time, which is putting a damper on our normal routine. We are planning an extended session when he leaves...I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas!

WendelJones said...

Every year we have spankings under the mistletoe.

Joe said...

I am hoping to start a tradition of getting a sound spanking on Christmas day.

Yorkie69 said...

There is no alteration to our spanking activities at all, it is situation normal which means RARE. However, it was two years ago we tried the 12 days of spanking which was fun but our circumstances have changed and, even with half the “kids” moved out, spanking activities are still at minimal to non existent at home. :(