Sunday, September 27, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #350

Let's have brunch! 

Have you or your partner ever hidden an implement to prevent its use? Was it eventually found? Was the hunt part of a pre-spanking ritual?

Please leave your answer as a comment below. I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation after everyone has had a turn.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

I haven't deliberately hidden an implement to prevent it's use, but I have been known to 'move' them on occasion lol. Usually during cleaning/tidying.


willie said...

B used to spank me over the chest freezer in the basement. He bought a bathbrush-like paddle from Blondie's. It's his favourite to hold, it creates a sensation in me I am not find of. I e day when I went to retrieve something from the freezer it was sitting on top. I opened the freezer and it fell behind :).

He didn't ask about it and I didn't offer it up. Truth is I forgot about it after a while. When it did reemerge a long while after ( I pulled it out while gathering errant socks) he commented on how it magically reappeared. No real consequences however.


Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law had given her daughter, my wife a large hairbrush. The first time my wife used it I swore I was going to get rid of it. I did such, I was of course asked if I had hidden the hairbrush by 'Mommy' and I admitted I had thrown it away. She called her mother told her what I did, just wait I was told when she hung up the phone. Sure enough my mother-in-law showed up, bath brush in hand. I was soon over Mommy lap, bare bottom, kicking and squirming and pleading, as she applied the bath brush. I was dancing around rubbing when my mother-in-law grabbed my arm, over her lap and spanked for throwing out the hairbrush. I wished I had not got ridden of the hairbrush, the bath brush hurts alot worse, Mommy as said my dancing around afterwards proves it does the job. Jack

Anonymous said...

Very early in our relationship I hid a thick hardwood brush she had custom ordered from Etsy that I dreaded. She was angry at first but didn’t find it very difficult to find it. So I received a serious spanking for hiding it and it was forgotten. Months later we broke up for several weeks and that brush at the time was in my apartment where she had left it the last time she used it. I was hurt and mad about the break-up and very impulsively I put it in the trash. When we got back together, she remembered where she left it and asked me to bring it to her. Initially I lied about not being able to find it but eventually told her the truth. She was livid because she had bought it custom made and it was pricey. For my punishment I had to order and pay for three new ones all the same as the one I tossed. When they were shipped I had to take them to her house one at a time three days in a row and ask her to spank me with it, so all three of them were used in less than a week. She eventually forgave me for tossing the original but I never forgot the lesson she taught me and I have never again tried to hide an instrument.

Bonnie said...

Yes, I have, but it does no good. For every implement I might hide, Randy has ten more more that hurt at least as much. I can't get out of a spanking that way. There are no consequences for hiding an implement because he probably wouldn't even notice or care.


I have never hidden a toy from a spanker but I have, accidentally on purpose, left behind toys that I was supposed to bring with me when travelling for a play date. There is especially one synthetic white cane that often tends to slip my mind :)


WendelJones said...

There was a time when the Misses was being a brat at mall. I whispered in her ear that i would paddle her good when we got home. Once home she quickly hid the paddle while I brought in a couple of bags. I went to retrieve the paddle to give her the spanking I promised but could not find it. When I asked her, she denied doing anything. I started to take of my belt and told her that I just whip her instead. The Misses played along and pull her pants down and bent over the back of the couch. I asked one more time what happened to the paddle but she still denied hiding it. I gave her bottom he first smack of the belt. She cried out, got up and retrieved the paddle. I spanked her good with the paddle then we held each other tight and eventually made love.